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February 2019 ICF Colorado Newsletter


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February 2019 ICF Colorado Newsletter

Published in: Education
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February 2019 ICF Colorado Newsletter

  1. 1. View this email in your browser February 2019 IN THIS ISSUE Message from Chris Coward ICF-CO President Elect Message from Nikki Frontz ICF-CO Communications Director Message from Sarah Roberts ICF-CO Membership Director March 14, 2019 In-Person Meeting March 6, 2019 Virtual Program Latest News on Programs March 2019 Education Groups Credentials Corner & Notice About CCEs 2019 ICF-CO Leadership Team The Value We Bring to Coaching Clients Chris Coward 2019 President Elect, ICF-CO Greetings and I hope this email finds you well! Are those New
  2. 2. Year's intentions/goals/resolutions still active? Lately I've been pondering the value that I bring to my coaching clients. We all have experienced the power of coaching in our own lives and have experienced that amazing feeling when we know we have truly helped someone make an important change. But what about when we end a coaching engagement feeling meh? For me, the inner critic kicks in with questions like, "Did I provide value or enough value?" Or "Was this a good coaching match for me?" There might even be some blame of the coachee. I experienced the power of the inner critic when I coached someone hired by the organization that terminated them. I was hired to coach this person to secure a new job. I accepted the gig being clear that I would coach the whole person, provide relevant assessments and not take responsibility for them getting a new position. (Not to mention that I don’t review resumes in my coaching business). When the engagement completed, I knew that she had increased her self-awareness and took significant actions to find new work, BUT she did not secure a new job. I felt unclear whether the coaching was helpful, even though she reported it was because she wasn't where she wanted to be at the end of our engagement. Fast forward a year later, and she contacted me to say how helpful our sessions were and would I consider restarting coaching with her? She had secured fulfilling work and wanted to use coaching around some other challenges that arose for her. Of course, getting her request made me feel good, and it also had me reflecting on the lessons. Maybe you can resonate: Don’t underestimate the value of professional coaching.1. Trust the process, it works.2. The inner critic can be loud, and it seems to connect well with our wired in negativity bias; take it lightly and not as truth. 3. Coaching the person versus the situation is the more powerful aspect of coaching.4. I invite you to reflect on those coaching engagements that kick in your inner critic and explore what’s really true and there for you to learn. ICF-CO Communications Director Hi Inspirers! We as coaches speak life everyday. Why do we do what we do? What would it look like to speak life to each other? This is a call for you saying why you coach to us coaches in less than 300 words. Also, you
  3. 3. have the option of uploading a 1 minute video. These works could be posted on our social media, newsletter, and/or the ICF- CO website. Please submit your materials to Kelly Johnson, ICF-CO Virtual Assistant, on or before March 5. We are looking for contributions not only from our more established members, but also our newest coaches. Nikki Frontz 2019 ICF-CO Communications Director ICF-CO Membership Director Please welcome our newest members to our community: Monica Griffith - Colorado Springs Todd Hess - Utah Sue Taigman - Loveland Kandi Thomas-Schubert - Aurora Culum Walsh - Thornton Sarah Roberts 2019 ICF-CO Membership Director Creative Coaching with Images: Zooming In using Points of You® tools March 2019 In-Person Meeting Date: March 14, 2019
  4. 4. Time: 6:00-8:30pm MT Topic: Creative Coaching with Images: Zooming In using Points of You® tools Speaker: Terry Hildebrandt, MCC Location: CU Denver 1380 Lawrence, 2nd Floor, Denver, CO 80204 CCEs: 1 in Core Competencies and 0.5 in Resource Development Everyone will play the signature coaching game "Zooming In" using the Points of You® tool, called "The Coaching Game." Each step of the game follows the ICF competencies as you conduct a coaching session with a co-participant in a one-on-one approach. Points of View® is a powerful coaching game that allows you and your clients to tap into your intuition and creativity and a fun and new way. Using photography and words, we demonstrate one of the signature workshops called, “Zooming In.” The three objectives for this workshop include: - giving every single one of us the opportunity to let loose; - meet yourselves and the people around you; - as coaches, experience how you can use an innovative coaching tool with your own clients. The Points of You® tools are available to all coaches to use with their clients. What you’ll learn: Incorporating imagery into your coaching for greater intuition and creativity Integrating new tools into your own coaching methodology Practicing how this helps you ask powerful questions, use intuition, and design actions ======================== PLEASE NOTE: Everyone must register for the programs & events including ICF Colorado members Cost: ICF-CO Member - Meeting & CCE: No Fee ICF-CO Member - Meeting Fee: No Fee Non-Member Meeting Fee Only: $35.00 Non-Member - Meeting & CCE: $45.00 COCO Members: Rate listed on website
  5. 5. Using Design Thinking to Deliver Business Results from Coaching March 2019 Virtual Program Date: March 6, 2019 Time: Noon - 1pm MT Topic: Using Design Thinking to Deliver Business Results from Coaching Speaker: Dr. Jack Phillips, ROI Institute Location: Webinar; call in details sent upon registration CCEs: 1 in Resource Development Executives recognize that coaching is necessary to meet the challenges of a complex and global economy. And individuals recognize that coaching positively impacts their life when goals and dreams are realized. Unfortunately, there are some persistent concerns within the coaching community about how and when coaching should be evaluated particularly at the Impact and ROI level. Dr. Jack J. Phillips, Chairman, ROI Institute, will address this by highlighting the reasons why coaching is an absolute necessity; how it adds value to an organization's bottom line; and, using a methodical, multi-step, results-driven process based on design thinking, explain how to enhance the investment in coaching. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: This learning experience will teach you: How does Return on Investment (ROI) apply to coaching? The five levels of ROI evaluation The 12 easy steps of the ROI Methodology How to apply the Methodology How this will deliver results for growing your coaching business These will be explained, demonstrated through lecture, discussion, and hands-on examples
  6. 6. of business case studies. Attendees will also receive Jack’s e-book, Measuring the Success of Coaching. ======================== PLEASE NOTE: Everyone must register for the programs & events including ICF Colorado members Cost: ICF-CO Member - Meeting & CCE: $15.00 ICF-CO Member - Meeting Fee: $15.00 Non-Member Meeting Fee Only: $20.00 Non-Member - Meeting & CCE: $30.00 COCO Members: Rate listed on website Latest News on Education HAVE YOU PLANNED YOUR COACHING EDUCATION FOR 2019? In 2019 you can expect to see a diverse and powerful array of ICF-CO meetings, webinars, and Education Groups. If you’d like to present at an in-person meeting or webinar, please fill out the appropriate form on our website. And if you would like to be a part of our inspiring Education Leadership Team, please contact our Director of Education, Andy Scantland. ========================== Click the button below to register for Education Groups:
  7. 7. Upcoming Programs IN-PERSON EVENTS March 14, 2019: Terry Hildebrandt MCC Creative Coaching with Images: Zooming In using Points of You® tools Click here to register VIRTUAL PROGRAMS March 6, 2019: Dr. Jack Phillips Using Design Thinking to Deliver Business Results from Coaching Click here to register Questions or comments about programs? Andy Scantland / 720-493-8888 / Andy Scantland ICF-CO Education Director EDUCATION GROUPS (formerly known as Special Interest Groups - SIGs) Click the button below to learn more about each Education Group and Register! Credentialing & Core Competencies You are invited to be a part of the Credentialing/Core Competencies education group that meets on the fourth Friday of each month from 1:00 to 2:00 PM on Zoom. (The link will be provided by e-mail.)
  8. 8. Coaches of all skill levels are invited! The dates and topics for the year 2019 will be: March 22: Coaching Presence April 26: Active Listening May 24: Powerful Questioning June 28: Direct Communication July 26: Creating Awareness August 23: Designing Actions September 27: Planning & Goal Setting October 25: Managing Progress & Accountability November 29: Ethics & Standards Facilitated by: Walt Hastings, DMin, MCC | 303-526-9490 | Professional Coaches Mastermind Are you a professional coach (or want to be)? Aspiring for a goal? Launching or growing your business? Could you use a little support, accountability, or feedback? Would you love a personal board of directors that has your back, who will ask you thought-provoking questions, give you honest feedback and inspire you? How about a team who is rooting for your success, who will hold you accountable to your goals and who will help you figure out what to do and what is getting in your way? The Professional Coaches Mastermind is a safe space to talk about what you are working on, get ideas, feedback, support, inspiration, accountability and SO much more. Set meaningful goals and know that the space is set for you to really achieve them. And have a group to help you figure out what is in the way when you don't. This Mastermind meets the 3rd Friday of each month from 11:30am-1:00pm via Zoom from January to November. This group is currently at maximum enrollment; contact Sheryl to inquire about being placed on a waitlist. Facilitated by: Sheryl Zausen |
  9. 9. Experienced Coaches Salon This salon meets the Wednesday evening after the monthly general meeting. Time: 7:00-9:00PM If you are wanting to experience an intimate small group and are an experienced coach, 5+ years or more of experience, you may enjoy our Salon. Our focus is on sharing ideas and experiences and supporting one another and deepening our relationships. Location is provided when RSVP is submitted to the facilitator. Hosted by: Judy Sabah, MCC | | 303-777-1765 Spiritual Elements of Coaching This Education Group meets the second Wednesday of each month from Noon-1pm. This group will involve non-dogmatic topical discussion concerning spiritual matters/issues that often arise in coaching. Open to all coaches or prospective coaches, who engage in conversation regarding spiritual concerns or questions. Also helpful for those interested in pursuing deeper spiritual connection more consistently, and finding ways to share spiritual content with their clients. Key learning points and benefits for participants: 1) Identify key spiritual topics and concerns. 2) Glean various experiences, forms of knowledge, and perspectives from participants concerning the subject matter. 3) Practice implementing core competencies relating to spiritually-based coaching inquiries, e.g. observing ethics, crafting effective questions, active listening, etc. We'll actively facilitate group discussion and practice at each session. Facilitated by: Jim Sharon | | 303-796-7004 Ruth Sharon | | 303-796-7004 Somatic Coaching This Education Group meets the third Thursdays of the month from 6:00-9:00pm.
  10. 10. Do you love to work with movement and body awareness in your coaching? Or is this an area outside of your comfort zone, which you would like to understand better? Whether this is home ground or new territory for you, this is an opportunity to keep growing and learning. The Somatic Coaching Education Group will be focusing on a variety of body-oriented coaching approaches that integrate the use of movement or heightened body awareness. Although the body is key to how we take action in the world and to the resulting outcomes, this domain is often not addressed in coaching conversations. This group is for anyone interested in exploring how they might enrich their own coaching practice through mindfulness of the body in both their personal and professional development. It will also be useful for coaches who are already experienced with somatic awareness and want to explore new territory and best practices. We will explore a variety of approaches to Somatic Coaching, with several different session facilitators over the course of the year. The group is designed to be a rich, experiential way to deepen your understanding of how to coach with the body in mind. We will build on our progress of integrating and expanding our embodiment of somatic practices in our coaching over the course of the year, so attendance at all sessions is strongly encouraged in order to get the most out of the experience. Key Learning Points & Benefits for Participants: - Develop a more somatically aware approach in your life and in your coaching - Develop sensory acuity and daily practices to cultivate an embodied presence, personally and professionally - Experience peer-coaching during and between monthly sessions, and practice specific skills in a supportive environment, with focused feedback.Sessions will incorporate various approaches to experiential learning, including practices in body awareness, movement, and cultivating somatic coaching mastery through peer-coaching practice and feedback. - During the sessions, each group member will have the opportunity to set specific actions, share challenges and receive feedback - Learning will continue between sessions through simple daily somatic practices to support your progress, as well as an ongoing group dialogue area on Basecamp - On Basecamp we will have a living document to which we can all contribute, that will be a reading and resource list with articles, research information, book recommendations, and other Somatic Coaching resources, as well as an area for handouts from the monthly sessions Facilitated by: Zora Boas |
  11. 11. Julia Meade | Suzanne Mariner | Patti Risch | Continuous Coaching Development This Education Group meets the first Thursday of each month from 6:00 - 9:00pm. These monthly series of workshops are designed for leaders and coaches who wish to grow through practicing the ICF's Core Competencies. It is experiential learning and not spoon feeding of "how to's." During each session each participant will get to: Coach, Coach a coach, Be a client. Learning is multi-level as each person experiences accelerated growth of skills and new habits for success. Key learning points and benefits for participants: Be able to name, define and explain the importance of each ICF Core Competency Experience the indicators in real life with immediate feedback from fellow coaches and leaders Self select what areas you want to work on Move ever closer to feeling confident in achieving the next level ICF Credential Have fun in learning and sharing with fellow participants committed to growing Earn 2.5 CCE's and .5 Resource units each 3 hour workshop Facilitated by: Geo Roberts | NoCo (Northern Colorado) Coaches Continuing Coaching Development This Education Group meets the fourth Thursday of the month from 6:00 - 9:00pm. Monthly meetings in northern Colorado, modeled after the Colorado Springs Continuing Coaching Development that Geo Roberts facilitates/hosts, using presentations, round table discussions, triad role playing and/or "mini-coaching" sessions, large group discussions. Key learning points and benefits for participants: * Competency mentoring and practice * Special coaching techniques or tips from the various knowledge bases * Triad coaching or hot seat coaching with feedback * Reflective coaching for the coach (case reviews) Experiential learning through: * role playing * triad coach/coachee/observer sessions with direct feedback * small and large group discussions
  12. 12. Facilitated by: Dr. Patrick Williams | Dr. Donna Sullivan | Assessments and Certifications This Education Group meets the second Friday of the month from 11:30am - 1:00pm. What assessments are out there? How and when are they used? What's the cost and time commitment to become certified? Curious? This education group's for you! This online group is a forum for coaches to share and learn from each other’s experience with various assessments and certifications. Participants will choose to lead a session to demonstrate an assessment in which they're certified. As the session leader, you are encouraged to offer participants the opportunity to take the assessment before the session. During the session you have 15-20 minutes to brief participants before they move into virtual rooms and spend 45 minutes alternating coaching, being coached, and observing coaching using the assessment tool. We finish with a 15-25 minute debrief. Simulated experiences may be used. Participants are encouraged to take the assessment and will coach to the assessment results whether real or simulated. Note: This is intended for sharing resources only; not for sales or solicitation. Key learning points and benefits for participants: * Coaches will learn what’s available and gain real insight from trusted peers who are able to talk to pros/cons without the typical sales pitch, thus saving time and money. Participants will learn how assessment may be used in their coaching engagements.
  13. 13. * Triads will be in break out rooms for 45 minutes. Facilitated by: Sarah Roberts | Credentials Corner November 2018 (2019 data coming soon) Total Pre-Paid Fee Persons: 104 Affiliate: 7 (provide supportive role for coaches) Students: 12 Professional Coaches: 86 Coaches who are global members: 77 Credentialed Coaches ACC: 21 (35%) PCC: 25 (42%) MCC: 14 (23%) Total Credentialed Coaches: 60 (70%) Non-Credentialed Coaches: 26 (30%) This information is supplied to give you a "bird’s eye" view of where our Chapter stands in having ICF credentialed coaches. . Important: Notice about CCEs This is a reminder that Continuing Coaching Education credits are important! Even if you’re not pursuing a credential right now, maybe you’ll want to in the future. At that point, you’ll be scrambling to go back in your records to find CCEs from programs you attended, mentor coaching hours, and hours of coaching client sessions. So go ahead and create a spreadsheet or other document, and update it at the end of every month. You’ll be glad you did! And ALWAYS request CCEs for program you attend, even if you’re not working toward a credential right now. Our Colorado ICF Chapter encourages all members to be credentialed with the ICF and to continue to improve their coaching skills by striving to achieve the next level of credentialing. Many coaches find that the choice to pursue credentialing is often driven less by any external requirement and more by the desire to up-level the skill and range of our coaching and attain greater mastery, thus enabling us to deliver more value to current and future clients. To qualify for a credential, a certain number of coach-specific training hours are required. To renew a credential, 40 CCE’s (Continuing Coach Education) hours are required. Our Chapter can
  14. 14. supply some of these hours for you through attendance at monthly meetings or participation in special events, such as webinars, workshops, and the ICF-CO Conference. If you anticipate needing CCEs, you can register to receive them when you sign up on our website to attend any of our events for which CCE's are being offered. Even if you’re not currently pursuing credentialing (or advanced credentialing), we suggest that you request the CCE certificate whenever the option is offered, and keep it on file for later use, as needed. You can also ask our Virtual Assistant, Kelly Johnson, to provide you with CCE certificates going back as far as two years previous (but no farther than two years). Kelly may be reached at 303-840-5994 or at Please allow at least two weeks advance notice to process your request. 2019 ICF Colorado Leadership Team Jacquie Fedo President 303-748-4161 Chris Coward President Elect 267-226-7935
  15. 15. Doug Slaybaugh Financial Director 303-810-5343 Geo Roberts Credentialing Director 719-330-0855 Nikki Frontz Communication Director 720-618-7070 Ravi Raman Marketing Director 206-714-0271 Donna Read Business Development Director 571-217-1434 Nancy Slitz Administrative Director 702-875-2938
  16. 16. Copyright 2019 ICF Colorado Copyright © 2019 ICF Colorado, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you opted in at our website, requested to receive notices or are a member of our chapter and community. Our mailing address is: ICF Colorado PO Box 3667 Parker, CO 80134