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August 2018 ICF Colorado Newsletter


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August 2018 ICF Colorado Newsletter

Published in: Education
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August 2018 ICF Colorado Newsletter

  1. 1. View this email in your browser August 2018 IN THIS ISSUE Message from Lisa Hale, ICF-CO President Message from Sarah Roberts ICF-CO Membership Director Message from ICF-CO Business Development Director Chris Coward September 13 In-Person Meeting Latest News on Programs September - October Education Groups ICF Global Credentialing Changes Credentials Corner & Notice About CCEs ICF-CO Leadership Team Your Zone of Genius
  2. 2. by Dr. Lisa Hale, PCC, President, ICF Colorado Treasured Colleagues, Have you ever read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks? He speaks of the perils of being trapped below the glass ceiling of your inner limiting thinking. That glass ceiling keeps you from your zone of genius and trapped in your zone of excellence, at best. But what good is your zone of genius anyway? A client of mine who has been seeking to live his life from within his own zone of genius needed a definition. The definition he found online was this: Your Zone of Genius = Your Innate Talent + Your Passion He was very upset. He knew perfectly well what his innate talents are; we've been working on that for a long time. He even knows what some of his passions are. In talking about it, he helped me, as clients often do, see the missing connection! As he saw for himself, I saw too that the connection that makes talent plus passion get us to that special unique zone of genius is this: Service. When service ties passion and talent together, that's when that special energy that comes from your unique essence fuels everything you do. That's when joy and purpose infuse the sense of your life, even when challenges confront us. My client was so excited when he thought about adding purpose to his consideration of living from talent and passion. Service raises our vibration. Service gives life inherent meaning. When you help your clients find theirs, how does that serve them? I asked my client that question. What happens for you when you know your zone of genius? His response: "I can relax. I can know my north star and find my way, even when I feel temporarily lost." What a gift! ICF Colorado offers you opportunities every month to stretch and to grow your own sense of talent, passion, and service. To your professional excellence and to service. Blessings, Lisa
  3. 3. Message from Sarah Roberts, Membership Director Welcome New Members I've been the Membership Director for a very fast 6 months, and I'd like to take this time to welcome our newest members to the ICF-CO Family. Please help me in making them feel at home in our education groups, monthly meetings, and happy hour events. They each bring their special gifts to our chapter, and I have personally benefited from meeting many of them. I encourage you to connect through BaseCamp and make time for coffee or a walk with someone in your area. Joined or rejoined in January: Kelly Chrisholm, Colorado Springs Joan Eden, Denver Harold Howell, Woodland Park Rebecca Magnotta, Lakewood Joined or rejoined in February: Zora (Sara) Boas, Boulder John Lybarger, Erie Joined or rejoined in March: Sheryl Zausen, Fort Collins Joined or rejoined in April: Kent Blumberg, Aurora Elias Ursitti, Colorado Springs Joined or rejoined in May: Becky Cooper, Erie Lisa Fannin, Erie Carolyn Hart, Boulder Leslie Hilton, Boulder Gillian Masarie, Denver Joined or rejoined in June: Sandy Blaha, Littleton Erin Dowd, Loveland Dawn Drewitz, Denver Nikki Frontz, Denver Leanne Jeffers, Denver Catherine Saar, Niwot Joined or rejoined in July: Chris (Laura) Bryan, Westminster Ryan Crittenden, Colorado Springs Deborah Gabriel, Denver Who do you know that belongs in our family and isn't yet a member? Patti Risch,
  4. 4. Membership Ambassador, and I are more than happy to tell them about all the benefits of being a chapter member. Picnic If you were one of the many people who braved the high winds to attend our annual picnic on July 12th, thank you for making the picnic such a success! After the winds died down, we were treated to a calm evening with the most beautiful sunset. There was plenty of delicious food, connecting and reconnecting, and my favorite, laughter. A HUGE thank you to Patti Risch, Membership Ambassador, and her husband Rob who are responsible for the set-up, sweet table decorations and the really yummy burgers. Rob may be the most gifted griller I have ever met as he was forced to flip burgers with tongs since yours truly forgot the spatulas! Happy Hour and Other MeetUps Living in the micro-brewery capital of the world gives us many excuses for informal happy hour meetups, as does living in the most beautiful state with great hiking! Look for more happy hours, hiking, and other events in your area and other events through our MeetUp app soon. Speaking of happy hours, thank you to Donna Sullivan for graciously hosting the NOCO event in her beautiful home July 11th. News from ICF-CO Business Development Director Chris Coward I recently shifted board positions from being Co-Membership Director to Business Development Director. This is a new and exciting role that's beginning to shape up to serve the membership in big ways. There are two main areas of focus for this year: increasing partnerships with ICF Coach Training programs and developing coaching work for our member coaches. As you know, we have already begun this work with our relationship with CU Denver (thanks to Lisa Hale!) where several member coaches are coaching leaders at CU Denver. A recent opportunity has come up that I want to share with you. CI International is a coaching/consulting company based in Washington DC. They are increasingly securing
  5. 5. contracts with federal government agencies in the Denver area as well as Denver area businesses who would like face-to-face coaching. Here is their website to learn more about them: The requirements to apply as a coach are that you are credentialed with the ICF (ACC, PCC, or MCC). If you would like to apply to be a coach with CI International, please contact Shelly Heath-Watson at (She requested that you connect with her via email and not phone). One of my passions is helping great coaches get work doing what they do best, which is to coach! To that end, we are looking for partnerships with non-profit organizations that we can support by coaching leaders/employees/clients either pro bono or at a cost that is affordable to the organization. Unlike some of the other partnerships that are geared toward Executive Coaching, there are opportunities to structure the coaching engagements for life coaching, health and wellness or other types of coaching that would be of value to the organization. Here is my request - if you work in or have a relationship with a non-profit in Colorado who might be interested in discussing how we can help, please connect me with them. You can do that through my email at or call 267-226-7935. I look forward to hearing from you and together we can help grow our coaching presence in Colorado! Chris Coward, PCC ICF-CO Business Development Director The Power of Conflict Coaching September 2018 In-Person Meeting Date: September 13, 2018 Time: 6:00 - 8:30pm MT Topic: The Power of Conflict Coaching Speaker: Robin Amadei
  6. 6. *New Location: CU Denver, College of Architecture & Planning, Room 470 1250 14th Street, Denver, CO 80202 CCEs: 1.5 in Core Competencies Do your clients ever request coaching on issues related to a conflict that they might be having with another person? We all experience conflict which hampers productivity, builds communication barriers, and inhibits change. Conflict coaching is defined as a set of skills and strategies used to support people's ability to engage in, manage, or productively resolve conflict. In this process, the conflict coach works one-on-one with a client experiencing conflict with another person. Conflict coaching enables the client to talk about the conflict with a conflict coach, consider options for managing the conflict, and design an approach to discuss the conflict with the other person. What you'll learn: What conflict coaching is The characteristics and skills of a conflict coach An effective conflict coaching process, which we’ll observe and then experience first hand How to apply this in your own coaching practice Core Competencies developed: Active Listening Powerful Questioning Direct Communication ======================== PLEASE NOTE: Everyone must register for the programs & events including ICF Colorado members Cost:
  7. 7. ICF-CO Members Program - No Fee ICF-CO Members Program & CCE - No Fee Non-Member Program - $35.00 Non-Member Program & CCE - $45.00 Latest News from our Co-Education Directors Planning for 2019 Programs Our planning for 2019 programs is underway! We’re looking for powerful education topics and presenters who have developed experiential learning programs which include demonstration, practice, and feedback. If you would like to put together a program like this, or know someone who has, please submit it on the ICF-CO website or talk to us. We hope that our ICF-CO members are starting to take advantage of the chapter's Basecamp account to increase your learning. This is a wonderful place to ask questions, to engage in discussions, and to learn from your fellow coaches. As we grow our presence across Colorado and even gain members in other states, our online tools can really help us to pull together as an extended learning and support community. It's another powerful benefit of being part of ICF Colorado! Carl Dierschow and Suzanne Mariner ICF-CO Co-Directors of Education Click the button below to register for Education Groups:
  8. 8. Upcoming Programs IN-PERSON EVENTS September 13th: The Power of Conflict Coaching Speaker: Robin Amadei Click here to register Please note that the September meeting is being held at CU Denver: College of Architecture & Planning, Room 470 1250 14th Street Denver, CO 80202 October 11th: Improvisation for Coaches Speaker: Carrie Spaulding Click here to register VIRTUAL PROGRAMS September 27th: Ann-Marie McKelvey, LPCC, MCC Coaching with Engaged Mindfulness to Manage Progress & Accountability Click here to register October 22nd: Amy Sargent How to Coach Social + Emotional Intelligence Click here to register Questions or comments about programs? Carl Dierschow / 970-225-6889 / Suzanne Mariner / 303-910-9534 / Carl Dierschow & Suzanne Mariner ICF-CO Education Directors
  9. 9. EDUCATION GROUPS (formerly known as Special Interest Groups - SIGs) Click the button below to learn more about each Education Group and Register! Credentialing & Core Competencies You are invited to be a part of the Credentialing/Core Competencies education group that meets on the fourth Friday of each month from 1:00 to 2:00 PM on Zoom. (The link will be provided by e-mail.) The August session focused on Core Competency #9: Planning and Goal Setting. Practical suggestions were offered to assist your clients in setting SMART goals and in effective planning. In addition, we will hear progress reports of those moving toward their next credential. Coaches of all skill levels are invited! Facilitated by: Walt Hastings | 303-526-9490 | Executive Coaching Mastermind ICF Colorado’s Executive Coaches are gathering monthly to offer an exclusive community and collaboration while presenting opportunities for new knowledge, challenging experiences, and
  10. 10. cross-networking. Expect to discuss professional goals, marketing niches, coaching techniques, frameworks and tools, best business practices, and more. Let’s take 2018 to a whole new level! Commitment is requested from January 2018 to October 2018 and limited to 12 participants. Meetings will be held virtually. Meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month (March - November 2018) from 10:30am - Noon MT Facilitated by: Sheryl Zausen | Experienced Coaches Salon Date: September 19, 2018 Time: 7:00-9:00PM If you are wanting to experience an intimate small group and are an experienced coach, 5+ years or more of experience, you may enjoy our Salon. Our focus is on sharing ideas and experiences and supporting one another and deepening our relationships. *This salon meets the Wednesday evening after the monthly general meeting; location is provided when RSVP is submitted to the facilitator. Hosted by: Judy Sabah, MCC | | 303-777-1765 Interpersonal Skills in Coaching During our round table "wisdom pool" for new and seasoned coaches, we will discuss and practice tools for effective communication. We will address ways to enhance relatedness with your clients and how to better support your clients with their relationship issues. This group will be meeting virtually on Zoom the fourth Wednesday of each month from Noon - 1pm MT from January - October 2018. Facilitated by: Jim Sharon | | 303-796-7004 Ruth Sharon | | 303-796-7004 Best Year Yet & Accountability Jacquie Fedo will be leading a Best Year Yet© Plan Development and
  11. 11. Accountability SIG. Best Year Yet© is a proven success process of creative self inquiry, reflection and planning. If you shy away from strategic planning, this process is truly simple and you can do this. If you're experienced in business planning and notice that your plans mainly focus on business results, this process brings YOU back into the strategic plan as the main recipient incorporating the whole you, your family, personal health and wellness goals. This education group will require several investments: Initial 6 hours of group facilitation to create your 1-page BYY Plan. 2-3 dates will be offered for in-person instruction or may be completed online individually. Current dates: February 10th in Centennial, CO & February 24th in CO Springs. 1. Subscription to the annual online version of Best Year Yet© costs $109.2. In-person training will cost $125 to cover the cost of beverages and snacks.3. Monthly virtual Zoom Accountability Group(s) offered on Mondays at 2pm.4. Groups limited to 6 participants.5. Meetings are virtual and conducted on Zoom the 2nd & 4th Fridays of each month at 9am MT. Facilitated by: Jacquie Fedo | | 303.748.4161 Continuous Coaching Development We are calling the next sessions of the Continuous Coaching Development Education Group, "Working on the Core" -- those things at the heart of what makes us grow. You’ll gain 2.5 CCE Units towards your ICF certification, and .5 Resources credit. Here's the agenda: 6.00 – 6.10pm: Meet and Greet 6.10 – 6.30pm: An icebreaker/warm up to get us in the frame and perceptually ready 6.30 – 6.55pm: Brief Introduction to a model or thought process which might help you as you work with your clients, and then a chance for you to select one of the ICF Core Competencies to work on. 6.55 – 8.30pm: Small Group Triads or Quads. This is a process of “close in coaching” where one person acts as the coach, someone else the client, and then either one or two observers, depending upon attendance. Our aim is that everyone has the opportunity to practice some “how to’s” on a competency or indicator of a competency they select. For instance, deepening our
  12. 12. listening, or designing actions, etc. These will all start from establishing a “coaching agreement” for the first 5- 10 minutes of their practice session. Then, each coach will have 10 minutes to coach the client, with observer(s) collecting evidence of how the coach did in practicing their chosen skill area. There will be a “time-out” of 10 minutes during the practice period for either the client, coach or observer(s) to spot the coach doing something well, ask for help, or simply make an observation. So 30 minutes total, then swap roles until all have completed. Quads will have to work faster, but will get more learning! 8.30 to 9.00pm: Review, summarize, and commit, plus share any announcements. Come get yourself ready for a set of fantastic evenings of exploring why coaching is the best way of leading and learning there is on the planet. These workshops are highly interactive "live coaching" practice of all the ICF core competencies. This offering is designed for seasoned coaches to keep their skills sharp through practicing their contracting, listening, partnering, questioning, designing actions, etc., and getting feedback from other coaches on how well they did on their chosen area of practice. Also designed for those new to coaching to see how they might incorporate the coach's toolkit in how they lead others. Benefits: Live coaching practice and feedback on chosen core competencies Introduction to new material/models and tools used by other coaching training organizations approved by the ICF Increased understanding of how coaching applies to leadership in a variety of situations and groups of people Growth in confidence to use a coaching approach in our lives and in our work Exploration is becoming a credentialed coach is the right career path Mixing with other coaching professionals in the region to share best practice Feel the stretch and learn something new to practice each and every time! Meeting Logistics: Monthly in-person meetings in Colorado Springs. First Thursday of the month, 6:00-9:00pm, except when that clashes with Denver ICF-CO meetings. Light snacks and refreshments provided. Minimum 6, maximum 20 Facilitated by: Geo Roberts | "Bolder in Boulder" an MCC-led group to refine and deepen coaching This six-month education group is designed to challenge and support seasoned coaches, as well as those new to the profession, or people using coaching skills in a leadership role or therapeutic practice.
  13. 13. Each session introduces a specific theme, and includes an expert coaching demonstration as well as peer coaching practice with structured feedback and reflection. Come with a willing heart and an open mind (and perhaps some healthy food to share); leave with fresh ideas, greater awareness of your own coaching strengths and style, and enhanced skills! Each month has a different theme presented by the group leader. Benefits: Be challenged and stimulated to rethink your coaching approach Raise the bar on your coaching skills in all 11 core coaching competencies Practice specific skills in a supportive environment, with focused feedback Connect with and mobilize your own body, intuition, humor, and creativity Observe a Master Certified Coach in action during coaching demonstrations Know and trust your personal coaching strengths and style in greater depth Draw on, adapt and re-purpose skills you have learned in other professions Co-create a community of professional peers who share the coaching ethos Meeting Logistics: Six monthly in-person meetings in Boulder, May to October 2018 Fourth Thursday of the month, 6:00-9:00 pm Refreshments provided (feel free to bring healthy snacks to share) Facilitated by: Sara (Zora) Boas | ICF Global Credentialing Changes Recently ICF Global made some changes to the credentialing process for the various credentials available. From now on, ICF Global will announce credential changes on an annual basis in February. Here are the changes, summarized according to credential level. ACC Credential Coaches applying for their initial ACC credential via the portfolio pathway must have completed a 60-hour program from a school approved by the ICF. (No longer can they submit random training hours or continuing education units from a non-approved school.) – Effective July 31, 2018. 1. Coaches applying for their initial ACC credential through both the portfolio and the ACTH pathways must submit a recording and transcript of a live coaching session. – Effective July 31, 2018. 2.
  14. 14. ACC coaches must complete a full cycle (three years, up through renewal) before they can become a mentor coach. - Effective July 31, 2018. 3. ACC coaches who are applying for renewal can count the 10 hours of mentor coaching toward their required 40 hours of continuing education units. – Effective immediately. 4. PCC Credential Coaches applying for their initial PCC credential via the portfolio pathway must have completed a 60-hour program from a school approved by the ICF. (No longer can they submit random training hours or continuing education units from a non-approved school.) – Effective July 31, 2018. 1. MCC Credential MCC applicants will be required to complete all their 2,500 hours of client coaching experience after the start of coach-specific training. - Effective July 31, 2018. 1. MCC applicants will be required to hold the PCC credential prior to applying for the MCC credential. – Effective February 28, 2019. 2. Here is a link to the full description of these credentialing changes: If I can be of assistance in clarifying these changes or in helping you move forward toward your next ICF credential, please get in touch with me. Walt Hastings ICF-CO Credentialing Director Credentials Corner July 2018 Total Pre-Paid Fee Persons: 98 Affiliate: 5 Important: Notice about CCEs This is a reminder that Continuing Coaching Education credits are important! Even if you’re not pursuing a credential right now, maybe you’ll want to in the future. At that point, you’ll be scrambling to
  15. 15. (provide supportive role for coaches) Students: 7 Professional Coaches: 86 Coaches who are global members: 73 Credentialed Coaches ACC: 22 (38%) PCC: 26 (45%) MCC: 10 (17%) Total Credentialed Coaches: 58 (67%) Non-Credentialed Coaches: 28 (33%) This information is supplied to give you a "bird’s eye" view of where our Chapter stands in having ICF credentialed coaches. . go back in your records to find CCEs from programs you attended, mentor coaching hours, and hours of coaching client sessions. So go ahead and create a spreadsheet or other document, and update it at the end of every month. You’ll be glad you did! And ALWAYS request CCEs for program you attend, even if you’re not working toward a credential right now. Our Colorado ICF Chapter encourages all members to be credentialed with the ICF and to continue to improve their coaching skills by striving to achieve the next level of credentialing. Many coaches find that the choice to pursue credentialing is often driven less by any external requirement and more by the desire to up-level the skill and range of our coaching and attain greater mastery, thus enabling us to deliver more value to current and future clients. To qualify for a credential, a certain number of coach-specific training hours are required. To renew a credential, 40 CCE’s (Continuing Coach Education) hours are required. Our Chapter can supply some of these hours for you through attendance at monthly meetings or participation in special events, such as webinars, workshops, and the ICF-CO Conference. If you anticipate needing CCEs, you can register to receive them when you sign up on our website to attend any of our events for which CCE's are being offered. Even if you’re not currently pursuing credentialing (or advanced credentialing), we suggest that you request the CCE certificate whenever the option is offered, and keep it on file for later use, as needed. You can also ask our Virtual Assistant, Kelly Johnson, to provide you with CCE certificates going back as far as
  16. 16. two years previous (but no farther than two years). Kelly may be reached at 303-840-5994 or at Please allow at least two weeks advance notice to process your request. ICF Colorado Leadership Team Lisa Hale President 505-690-3354 Jacquie Fedo President Elect 303-748-4161 Carl Dierschow Co-Education Director 970-225-6889 Suzanne Mariner Co-Education Director 303-910-9534
  17. 17. Reuel Hunt Financial Director 303-734-0444 Andy Scantland Marketing Director 720-493-8888 Monica McNulty Secretary 720-840-7501 Walt Hastings Credentialing Director 303-526-9490 Chris Coward
  18. 18. Business Development Director 267-226-7935 Copyright 2018 ICF Colorado