ICEfaces EEENTERPRISE-READY JSF/AJAXICEfaces Enterprise Edition (EE) is the leading development framework, designed to all...
ICEfaces EE 3 Supported Platforms         Application                Java EE                        EPS                  P...
ICE Components: This suite of components contains all of the ICEfaces 1.8 components running in ICEfaces 2/3. ICE componen...
About ICEsoft TechnologiesICEsoft Technologies Inc. is a commercial open source company and a leading global provider of r...
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ICEfaces EE - Enterprise-ready JSF Ajax Framework


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ICEfaces EE - Enterprise-ready JSF Ajax Framework

  1. 1. ICEfaces EEENTERPRISE-READY JSF/AJAXICEfaces Enterprise Edition (EE) is the leading development framework, designed to allow enterprise application developers toquickly build, test and deploy rich web and mobile-ready applications. It provides full access to the certified enterprise-ready codebase that is fully tested against an elaborate matrix of open source and commercial Java EE technologies to ensure robustperformance of your ICEfaces EE application. ICEfaces EE is a subscription-based product that offers direct access to knowledge andexpertise of our technical team. Here is why enterprise JSF developers choose ICEfaces EE.EE Certified Software ICEfaces EE is updated on a managed, quality-assured release cycle that will allow you to plan for upgrades in advance, reducing time and expense while minimizing deployment risk. ICEfaces EE software updates and patches are released frequently, ensuring that you always have access to the most recent code base for worry-free performance. ICEfaces EE Certified Software includes: n ICEfaces EE certified code-base n ICEfaces EE Composite and Accessible components n Enterprise Push Server (EPS) for scalable Ajax Push applications n Functional and Load Testing scripts and know-how n Performance optimizations on legacy versions of Internet Explorer (6/7) n Enterprise Deployment Guides to successfully deploy your enterprise applicationsBest-in-Class JSF Mobility ICEfaces EE developers can extend their applications to mobile devices with ICEmobile-faces. With ICEmobile-faces, enterprise developers can easily extend desktop ICEfaces EE apps to the look, feel, and capabilities of the mobile devices they are accessed from. Whether you are planning on extending your ICEfaces application to mobile devices now, or in the future, ICEfaces EE is mobile–ready! This means your trusted Java EE deployments can be reused for your mobile applications without compromise.Key features and benefits of ICEmobile EE include: n ICEmobile-Faces EE for building JSF-based hybrid mobile applications n Provide web-based user interfaces that match the look and feel of native applications n Provide access to native device capabilities not currently available in HTML5 n Deploy ICEfaces applications to iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devicesEnterprise Support Our team of experts is here to help you maximize the stability, availability, and performance of your entire solution by harnessing the strength of our global engineering team. Under our guidance, you will be able to implement, operate, and innovate. Get peace of mind that our technical team will be there to assist you every step of the way.Committed Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Built into the support plans are comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs),which further detail our commitment to supporting our customers. Learn more about our support options.Priority Escalation plus emergency Patches, and Custom Builds: A support escalation procedure is in place to ensure that theappropriate level of expertise. Higher tiers of support will see to it that the problem is rectified quickly with prompt delivery ofemergency patches and custom builds.Java EE Interoperability and Platform Support: ICEfaces EE is tested and fully supported against the most extensive matrix ofJava EE technologies, commercial and open source; more so than any other JSF Ajax framework on the market. See the below table ofplatforms supported in ICEfaces EE 3. For ICEfaces EE 1.8 Supported Platforms, visit here.w ww .ICE so ft .org
  2. 2. ICEfaces EE 3 Supported Platforms Application Java EE EPS Portal IDE Browser Servers Middleware Clustering/Failover Integration Integration Integration Tomcat 6/7 JDK 1.5/1.6/1.7 Tomcat 6/7 Liferay 5/6 Eclipse 3.6/3.7 IE 6/7/8/9 JBoss 5/6/7 CDI/Weld WebSphere 7/8 WebSphere 7 NetBeans 7 Firefox 3.6-11 GlassFish 3/3.1 Spring WebFlow 3 WebLogic 11g/12c2 Apache Pluto 2 RAD/RSA 8 Safari 5 2 1 WebLogic 10/12c JSF 2.1 Mojarra GlassFish 3/3.1 MyEclipse 10 Chrome 17 WebSphere 7/8 MyFaces 2.1 JBoss 5/6/7 iOS Safari Android Chrome 1 Limitations may apply. Contact us for details. 2 WebLogic 10.3.1 - 10.3.6. Limitations may apply. Contact us for details.Testing Resource As your ICEfaces project progresses, functional and load testing activities become critical to the completion of development, and position you for successful deployment of the completed application. ICEfaces EE includes tools and know-how for developing and executing an effective test strategy for your applications, including both functional and load testing capabilities. Learn more…ICEfaces Testing Resources include: n Functional Testing with Selenium n Load Testing with JMeter n Load Testing with Java Test ClientEnterprise Push ServerFor large-scale deployments of collaborative Ajax Push applications, ICEfaces EE offers Enterprise Push Server (EPS). EPS manages asingle push-related blocking connection with the client browser, sharing it between any number of deployed ICEfaces applicationsand portlets. EPS provides key additional features targeted at large-scale and high-availability deployments, including: n Integrates with major open source and commercial application servers to provide high-scalability and fail-over support for clustered Ajax Push-enabled ICEfaces applications n Provides distributed management of blocking push connections in both a stand-alone and clustered environments n Supports Load-balancing and failover of blocking push connections n Supports Asynchronous Request Processing (ARP) integration for increased Ajax Push scalabilityComponents, Components, and more ComponentsEE Accessible Components: A sub-set of components, based on the ICEfaces ICE Components, have been modified andoptimized for use in application environments with strict WCAG accessibility requirements, including the need to support clientbrowsers that have no support for JavaScript, or have JavaScript disabled. The EE Accessible Components are available in allICEfaces EE Subscriptions.EE Composite Components: This suite of components is derived from the ICEfaces 1.8 EE Composite Components. Thecomponents have been upgraded to take advantage of the improved JSF 2.0 Facelet architecture. The EE Components are availablein all ICEfaces EE Subscriptions.ACE Components: The ACE component library is entirely open-source and features over 40 components including and industry-leading data table. ACE components utilize a blend of server-side and client-based rendering techniques to provide a rich, responsiveuser-experience with reduced network and server-processing requirements. The ACE library includes custom components developedby ICEsoft as well as “best-of-breed” components sourced from popular third party open source libraries such as jQuery, YUI andPrimeFaces. ACE components are further supported by an Advanced Development Environment (ACE) of utilities, tools, and APIs,which enable developers to implement a consistent approach to component authoring, meta-data management, as well asautomation and optimization of common component development tasks.
  3. 3. ICE Components: This suite of components contains all of the ICEfaces 1.8 components running in ICEfaces 2/3. ICE components have been re-engineered to ensure ICEfaces 1.X compatibility providing easy migration of ICEfaces 1.x applications to JSF 2. In contrast to the ACE Components, the ICE Components predominantly leverage server-side rendering techniques providing superior performance on older web browsers with less efficient JavaScript engines. This open source components suite is now feature- stabilized. ICEsoft will continue to support the ICE Components with sponsored feature enhancements and bug fixes. ICEfaces EE Subscriptions and Support ICEfaces EE Application Subscriptions (per Application) ICEfaces EE Application subscriptions are sold per application per year and start at $500 (unsupported EE Access Subscription). Supported Application Subscriptions provide incremental use of licensed EE software and also provide incremental professional support during development, testing, and production. Contact us for pricing details. Application Subscription Options Premium Professional Indemnification Standard Priority Support Emergency/Priority Support Basic Comprehensive Support Testing Support Testing Support Access Limited Support Enterprise Push Server Enterprise Push Server Enterprise Push Server No Support Open Source Integration Open Source Integration Commercial Integration Commercial IntegrationEE Software & Resources EE Software & Resources EE Software & Resources EE Software & Resources EE Software & Resources per Applications ICEfaces EE Corporate Subscriptions (Multiple Applications) ICEfaces EE Corporate Subscriptions are extremely versatile, flexible and cost effective for three ICEfaces EE projects or more. Contact us for pricing details. Corporate Subscription Options Corporate A Corporate B Corporate C Indemnification Indemnification Indemnification Emergency/Priority Support Emergency/Priority Support Emergency/Priority Support Testing Support Testing Support Testing Support Enterprise Push Server Enterprise Push Server Enterprise Push Server Commercial Integration Commercial Integration Commercial Integration EE Software & Resources EE Software & Resources EE Software & Resources 1-5 Applications 5-10 Applications Unlimited Applications To learn more visit, or contact us directly for details about ICEfaces EE Subscriptions and pricing. For details about the difference between ICEfaces and ICEfaces EE see the ICEfaces EE FAQ.
  4. 4. About ICEsoft TechnologiesICEsoft Technologies Inc. is a commercial open source company and a leading global provider of rich Internet applicationsolutions for desktop and mobile enterprise. Founded in 2001, ICEsoft products are used by over 10,000 enterprises and150,000 developers worldwide.ICEsoft is the proud sponsor of ICEfaces, ICEmobile and ICEpdf:ICEfaces – is the most advanced JSF framework for enterprise application development. ICEfaces now offers over 125rich JSF / Ajax components, including the most advance JSF data table in the industry. ICEfaces also supports the widestarray of third party and legacy technologies making it one of the most successful and widely deployed Java RIAtechnologies on the market today.ICEmobile – is a revolutionary new product for the development and deployment of rich Internet applications for themobile enterprise. ICEmobile is a hybrid solution that combines the best of native and web-based applicationdevelopment. With ICEmobile, developers can achieve the richness and responsiveness of native mobile applications,while reaping the cost benefits of web-based applications.ICEpdf – is an open source, Java-based PDF engine for viewing, printing, and manipulating PDF documents. The ICEpdfAPI is 100% Java-based, lightweight, fast, efficient, and very easy to use. ICEpdf can be used as a standalone PDFviewer, or can be easily embedded in any Java application.Visit to learn more.Take The Next StepsSpeak to us about which ICEfaces EE Subscription is right for you. Contact us at:USA & Canada: 1 877 263 3822 (Toll Free)Europe: +41 31 329 09 00Other / International: +1 403 663 3322Sales Inquiries: product.sales@icesoft.comConnect with us online @ICEfaces ICEfaces Group ICEsoft Technologies ICEsofttech