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Pakistan – a rising Education Market


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This meaty presentation from Dr. Osamah Majeed Qureshi shares statistics on Pakistan's education market, details regarding their education system, new government initiatives, and advice on how to recruit quality students from Pakistan.

New research reveals that Pakistan's young people appear to have profound concerns about their safety, career prospects, and national institutions. This mindset, combined with a population surge expected to last until 2045, is making Pakistan an interesting country to watch in terms of study abroad trends.

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Pakistan – a rising Education Market

  1. 1. 1 Pakistan: A rising education market
  2. 2. Pakistan: A rising Education Market By Dr. Osamah Qureshi Hareem Arif Student Counseling Services, Pakistan 2
  3. 3. Area of 796,095 km2 (307,374 sq mi) (≈combined land areas of France and the United Kingdom) 36th largest nation by total area 45th largest in terms of nominal GDP 6th most populous country – (Population exceeding 180 million)
  4. 4. GeographicalImportance Located at crossroads of strategically important regions of: South Asia, Central Asia and Western Asia
  5. 5. 5 54 percent of the UK’s (non-EU) international students are from Pakistan USA - Largest number of Fulbright Scholarship Program (over 200 scholarships offered to Pakistani students) Official Language: Urdu + English 2 knowledge park projects in line (Punjab + KPK)
  6. 6. Major Cities In terms of literacy rate and educational development
  7. 7. Islamabad Peshawar Quetta
  8. 8. Education System in Pakistan
  9. 9. Educational Institutions • 136 Universities • 72 Public • 62 Private • 3193 technical and Vocational Institutions • Free schools for religious teachings (Madrassas)
  10. 10. Levels of Education • Pre-primary • Primary • Middle • Matriculation (leading to the Secondary School Certificate) • Intermediate (leading to a Higher Secondary (School) Certificate) • University programmes (leading to graduation) • Postgraduate degrees.
  11. 11. Literacy Rate • For 10 years + of age ≈ 58.5%. • Male literacy ≈ 70.2% • Female literacy rate ≈ 46.3%. • Literacy rates vary by region and particularly by sex; for instance, female literacy in tribal areas is 3%. • Educational reforms aim to attain  100% enrolment levels in primary school age and  a literacy rate of 86% among people aged over 10.
  12. 12. Watch body for higher education institutions Attestation of higher educational documents / Verifications Scholarships to study abroad Grants to researchers and students Accreditation and Rankings of Pakistani Universities Recognizing Foreign Degree programs offered in Pakistan Higher Education Commission
  13. 13. 13 HEC accredited 203 degree awarding institutions (Universities and Colleges) Some oldest public funded institutions are University of Punjab, University of Karachi, and Edwards College Peshawar etc. All Universities must be accredited by HEC and list and rankings are at Some most famous and prestigious Universities in terms of rankings & quality of education they offer are
  14. 14. Universities and Colleges University of Karachi Agha Khan University SZABIST University of the Punjab Quad e Azam University NUST LUMS UET
  15. 15. New 4 year BA Honour degree in Pakistan New 4 years BA/BSc. Honours degree in par with the international standards Old 2 years BA degree system also running in parallel at most public colleges To clarify the situation HEC issued press statement some time back
  16. 16. New 4 year BA Honour degree in Pakistan Press Release - 2010 4-year Bachelor Degree Equivalent to Old Master Degree in Respective Discipline: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) clarifies that the 4-year Bachelor degree is equivalent to old Master degree in their respective disciplines, and all such Bachelor degree holders are eligible to compete and apply for employment or higher studies wherever the requirement is that of old Master degree. It may be added here that the 4-year / 8-semester Bachelor programme introduced in 2003 with entry level of 12 years of schooling is equated with 16 years of education. Examples of such degrees are BBA (Hons), BS (CS), BS(IT), BCS (Hons), BCom (Hons) etc. It may be further clarified here that the old system, still being practiced in the university affiliated colleges, provides for 2-year Bachelor followed by 2-year Master degree (two-year BA / BSc + two-year MA/MSc) making it a total of 16 years of education.
  17. 17. How to link up with a Pakistani University / Institution?  Nearly all good Universities are having now Career Counsellor who is responsible for student’s guidance for study abroad. Contact them  Some Universities have In house Educational Agencies for student recruitment. If that’s the case one can sign agency agreement with them  All Universities now host career fairs for their graduates. Attend them if possible/ ask your agent to represent you. Most have free stalls or at very nominal cost like PKR 10,000 ( USD100 ! )  Many Institutions have their magazines/ web sites. Advertise there.  If possible make a loose nonbinding MoU / agreement. This will provide base to start recruitment activities at campus  Send them posters / notices to be pasted at campus notice boards.  Some Universities are happy to offer office space for career counselling activities.  Scholarships, Discounts, Flexible entry criteria, Credit Transfer facilities, Funding for University staff visit to overseas – all these are quite attractive to Pakistani Universities administration.
  18. 18. Recruitment of quality students from Pakistan Engaging Quality agents  Use a small number of proficient agents instead of a large number of incompetent ones  Quality agents can be engaged by seeking credible references  Agents working for the last 5 years or more are likely to be active as they have survived the slow business in the last few years  Agents working with education markets of Australia Canada USA are more diversified as compare to agents working only with UK  Please seek Press Ad record of agents as they should not be misleading  Agents running English Language training classes are more likely to recruit quality students  Agents based in metropolitan cities Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad are comparatively well versed in student recruitment and visas as compare to small city agents
  19. 19.  Seek Education Agent qualification copy as many working agents don’t even have basic qualification degree.  Visit the agent web site, see their travel record, ask for local reference from Pakistan based offices of British Council, AUSTRADE, USEFP etc. Check if they have attended Education Fairs, do they have videos of marketing activities, do they have active Facebook page  Agents dealing ONLY in student counseling are more focused than agents dealing in visit, Immigration and employment based recruitment visas  Visit the Education UK Trained Agents listings.
  20. 20. Attracting quality students • Discounts are common but anything reducing the fee is attractive • Scholarships linked with good GPA and IELTS is a good act to recruit quality students • Special package to a particular institution is also a good idea – You can work with some top institutions if such a package can be offered. Many Universities are linked up with Pakistani Universities offering them special scholarship / discounted fee • Scholarships on extracurricular activities also attract active students • Advertisements on good Universities web sites, magazines and Facebook always generate enquiries of good quality • Linking up with good Universities also allow flow of quality applications
  21. 21. Screening students in terms of paper work; Verifications • Always ask for full application with references, statement of purpose and CV • Student must complete application forms himself/herself • Ask for experience letters for any gaps in education history • Always ask for student contact details Email /Mobile • Before issuing final offer letter its good if you can talk with student over phone/ SKYPE assessing his/her suitability, financial affordability and ensuring that he/ she knows terms and conditions • If possible ask for Bank statements / Financial documents from students • Do not accept blurred and no readable documents • Its good if you can verify some of the documents online
  22. 22. Screening students in terms of paper work; Verifications • IELTS / TOEFL/ Cambridge English/ PTE results • Student Experience letters/ Business letters by searching them on Google • Some financial docs. Like National Tax Number NTN is verifiable at Pakistan FBR – Federal Board of Revenue web site • Many Universities offer results as late as 5 or more years verifiable online. Visit University web site • Some good agents add “Agent Verification Sheet” in applications / Visa applications. In this they do online/ telephonic verifications. They usually verify most crucial docs. Like academics, bank statements & student experience letter if any. Ask your agent to do that for all / some applications. Provide them a sample • Some highest ranking Universities and visa offices use third party verification agencies. One example is Risk Discovered which is used by British High Commission as well.
  23. 23. Medium of Instruction • The Ministry of Education is extending “English Medium Education” for all schools across Pak. • Medium of Instruction in Higher Education is already in English • English established as official language along with Urdu • Level of English in Urban areas better than Rural
  24. 24. Language Assessment Criterion • Skype Interviews • Language Assessment Exams  IELTS (Through British Council + AEO)  TOEFL (Through ETS)  Cambridge English Language Assessment (Through ICD)  MELAB (Through ICD)  Occupational English Test (Through ICD) • English Proficiency Certificate (issued by the candidates’ educational institute)
  25. 25. Practical Problems In Language Assessments
  26. 26. 1. Financial Burden Exam Registration Fee (PKR) Registration Fee (USD) BEC 16,000 152 TOEFL 17,000 160 IELTS 19,000 180 MELAB 21,000 200 OET 60,000 580 These fees are usually a considered as a financial strain on students This makes students reluctant to try …
  27. 27. Preparation and Time Constraints • Cost of preparation adds to the already present financial Burden • Students with a lower level of English (especially from rural/less developed areas) require a lot of time to improve and prepare for the exams • With the deadlines fast approaching after the end of the candidate’s last degree completion, the preparation time is not sufficient enough
  28. 28. Lack of Good Language Teachers and Institutions • ~ 95% of teachers in schools only have a basic knowledge of English Language* • Trend of ELT degrees has just started • Teacher Trainings in the process of serious implementation (only in more developed urban areas) • Commercialized Institutes do not focus on quality *ResearchconductedbyGovt.ofProvinceofPunjab,incollaboration withtheBritishCouncil
  29. 29. Solutions • Assessing only the degree required modules • Designing your own assessment exams which would be financially more feasible • Taking Skype interviews • Admitting students in Foundation Courses • Setting up Support offices in Pakistan • Practical Examples include: – NAVITAS – Study Group – Cambridge Education – INTO
  30. 30. Finances of students, Fee matters and Deposits
  31. 31. 33 Always ask students/ agents to make all drafts / transfers payable to your institution Its preferred that not to allow agent to hold bank drafts/ deposits If for some reason you are allowing agent to hold draft payment, ask them to send you draft colour scanned copy. Beware of changes on draft / use of Corel Draw etc. to change contents Swift transfers are most quick route for fee transfers. Beside them Wall Street, Credit Card payments are also useful
  32. 32. 34 Some payment gateways are now allowing students to pay through them. Examples are Pay To Study which is widely used for Irish Universities. If you are partnered with such a service ask students/ agents to pay through these services Its now generally marketable that fee of up to USD5000 can be asked in full in advance. Students are paying full 1 year fee in case of Ireland, New Zealand in tune of USD 5000-10,000 depending on the course. If allowing the student to pay a deposit, please ask them full balance on arrival. Application Fee are not marketable as most Pakistani students are not paying to apply only. Although you can allow your agent to charge a small fee to service only serious students.
  33. 33. New initiatives by Govt. of Pakistan for students and youths The new Govt. has announced various schemes for young Pakistani graduates and students. Some of them are listed below: • Prime Minister Youth Loan Program • Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2013 • Prime Minister Student Internship program- • Knowledge City – Lahore and Peshawar • Teacher Training Programs • Devolution of power and funds to provinces for education promotion
  34. 34. Knowledge City-Lahore & Peshawar To Create Synergy between Academia / R&D & Industry/Business, by: Inviting Universities & • Institutes of High Repute in Varied Disciplines / Fields that feed into the Local & Global Economy • Inviting Technology Related Educational Institutions • Inviting ICT Educational Institutions • Providing Optimal Regulatory Environment to Industry/Business Companies for Operations • Providing Optimal Regulatory Environment for ICT Companies for Operations • Providing Optimal Facilities for R&D Activity • Providing Facilities to Companies of all Sizes (Including Start-up Entrepreneurs)
  36. 36. Proposed Layout Option 2
  37. 37. Facilities • Land for Educational Complexes on In- expensive and Easy Terms • Sports Stadiums • Recreational Area • Club House • 5-Star Hotel • Commercial Area for Restaurants & Cafes etc • Auditorium • Central Library • Joint Facilities Area • Research & Resource Development Centre • Gymnasiums • Business Park • ICT Park • Hospital & Allied Health Facilities • Parks & Play Fields • Gated Residential Area • Lake • Others
  38. 38. Dr Osamah Qureshi Director Student Counseling Services Institute of Career Development Offices in 6 cities in PAKISTAN E: Student recruitment, English Language Training and Testing Authorized Test Center for Cambridge English
  39. 39. See you at next ICEF!