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English in the UK Opportunities and Challenges


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The UK is the home of the English language and each year, over 600,000 students learn English in the UK. The British Council’s quality assurance scheme has been running since 1982 and students can choose from over 550 quality English language centres.

These slides are from a presentation given by Tom Poole, British Council’s Destination UK Promotion Manager at the ICEF Dubai 2016 Workshop. Mr Poole shares important information about studying English in the UK, options available to students, and the benefits of studying at a British Council accredited centre.

For more information on UK's ELT market, please see our recent article: "UK’s English Language Teaching sector worth £1.2 billion"

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English in the UK Opportunities and Challenges

  1. 1. Welcome English in the UK- Opportunities and Challenges Tom Poole Destination UK Promotion Manager, ELT ICEF Dubai February 2016
  2. 2. Today’s session  Studying English in the UK  British Council accreditation  Care of under 18s  Perceptions and opportunities – interactive session  Education agent training programmes
  3. 3. Study English in the UK  The home of the English language  650,000 students to the UK each year  Quality assurance since 1982  Over 550 quality centres to choose from
  4. 4. Middle East and Africa to the UK
  5. 5. Middle East and Africa to the UK Number of student weeks by source region (2004-2014)
  6. 6. Middle East and Africa to the UK Source Markets Ranked globally 3 Saudi Arabia – 124,215 7 Libya – 90,869 18 Kuwait – 25,049 20 Oman – 21,500 28 Qatar – 11,484 32 UAE – 10,711 33 Angola – 9,747 35 Algeria – 8,775
  7. 7. British Council Accreditation  Inspectors are ELT specialists  Rigorous inspections  Inspect 5 main areas Short-term Study visa (up to 11 months)  Look for this marque:
  8. 8. Wide range of study options small, medium, large  independent  part of a chain  family-run  vocational colleges  home tuition  international study centre  universities  boarding schools
  9. 9. Top 10 facts - British Council inspections 1. 120 criteria 2. investment - £2,000 - £5,000 per inspection 3. publicity checks 4. accommodation checks 5. specific criteria for juniors 6. special criteria for studying in the UK 7. independent complaints procedure 8. student emergency support fund 9. full inspection reports published 10. support for schools under review
  10. 10. Raising the standard for young learners Care of under 18s There will be appropriate provision for the safeguarding of students under the age of 18 within the organisation and in any leisure activities or accommodation provided.
  11. 11. Raising the standard for young learners What is required - Safeguarding policy  Policy known to all adults in contact with under 18s  Publicity will describe the level of care  Recruitment materials will refer to safeguarding checks  Suitability checks (DBS in UK or Police Certificate of good conduct)  Suitable arrangements for supervision and safety outside lessons (leisure programme)  Suitable accommodation and care  Contact between centre and parents
  12. 12. Destination UK – interactive  What makes the UK an attractive place to study compared to other destinations?  Are students’ perceptions of the UK different to what you, as an agent, have experienced when you have visited the UK?
  13. 13. Destination UK – interactive  What obstacles do students face when planning to study in the UK?  Do these vary between countries?  How can we work to overcome these obstacles?
  14. 14. British Council Agent Training The purpose of the course is to:  Develop agents capacity to work effectively with UK institutions  Improve knowledge and understanding of the UK as a study destination  Increase knowledge of UK study programmes  Enable agents/representatives to provide high quality information, resources and services to students seeking an international education  Provide agents/representatives with the skills and resources needed to provide relevant, accurate and trustworthy information.
  15. 15. British Council Agent Training  Foundation and new Advanced training programmes  specifically for education agents  Face to face and online  Foundation: 3 online modules (8 weeks, 2-3 hours per week), and 1 written exam – 2 hours  Advanced: CPD focus, portfolio-based, 35 hours of CPD Find out more at the British Council table or email
  16. 16. British Council Trained Agents List
  17. 17. Sources of further information Accreditation UK website – • Full list of British Council accredited centres (with links to their websites) • Inspection summaries for all accredited centres • Full inspection reports for some accredited centres • Find out more about British Council inspections – criteria Courses searches Search for specific courses or facilities at British Council accredited centres • • (for those that are also English UK members)
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