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The Study Abroad Market in the Ukraine


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ICEF's Director of the CIS countries Mr Sergey Krasnyanskiy travelled to the Ukraine to liaise with educational agencies and learn about current trends among Ukrainians that are affecting their attitudes towards international education.

In particular, he learned why Ukrainians are increasingly looking
further afield, and how destination countries and educators can profit from this trend.

Read our accompanying ICEF Monitor article "Field report: Ukrainians consider a wider variety of study destinations" here:

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The Study Abroad Market in the Ukraine

  1. 1. Association of International Education and Exchanges Agencies, Ukraine(AIEEA) WWW.AIEEA.ORG.UA Email ICEF TORONTO 2013
  2. 2. 1. Role and Mission of AIEEA Ukraine Presented by Gautham Kolluri, Center of International Programs, STUDYABROAD.UA TM Website, Email: 2. Popular Education Abroad destinations Presented by Irina Kobec, Director International Cultural and Agency Programs ICEA,Ukraine Website Email: 3. Current market and emerging trends in the study abroad market in Ukraine Presented by Vitalli Bresler, Program coordinator STUDYA.UA, Website Email 4. How to choose an agency in Ukraine Presented by Kateryna Sosnina, Program coordinator STUDENTLAND TM Website Email:
  3. 3. Role and Mission of the Association of International Education and Exchanges Agencies, Ukraine (AIEEA) WWW.AIEEA.ORG.UA Presented by Gautham Kolluri, Center of International Programs, STUDYABROAD.UA TM Website Email:
  4. 4. Association of International Education and Exchange Agencies, Ukraine (AIEEA UKRAINE) Established in – 2012 Legal status- Non Profit 15 Founder members from 9 cities WWW.AIEEA.ORG.UA
  5. 5. MISSION OF AIEEA UKRAINE  Benchmark of quality in the industry  Support the members/clients and promote awareness for International Education and Exchange programs in Ukraine  Support educators with various marketing solutions.  Liaise with the Embassies/Consular Sections  Create more opportunities for the Youth in International Exchanges sector  AIEEA Foundation to provide scholarships with funds raised from AIEEA marketing activities.
  6. 6. FOUNDER MEMBERS DETAILS 1. International Education + Youth Exchange Programs- 70% 2. International Education - 15% 3. Youth Exchange Programs- 15% Majority of the members with 5+ years in business.
  7. 7. Types of Memberships • Founder Member • Full Member • Associate Member Criteria for enrolment of new Members • 3 years of company legal existence • 5 References from International Educators • Mandatory recommendation by one founder member
  8. 8. AIEEA Services to Educators Identifying and developing partnerships with successful agents is the key to increase student recruitments. AIEEA provides the following B2B SERVICES for educators. • Agent quest workshops: Meet quality agents, talk face to face with prescheduled 20 minutes meetings. • Agent fam trips: “To see is to believe”- Invite high profile agencies to visit your Institutions. • Agency visits: Tailor made meetings with agents in their offices. • Coffenars: Invite high profile agents to your seminars • Online Webinars: Live online seminars with agents • Web Adverts: Educator profile and banner advertising on the AIEEA website WWW.AIEEA.ORG.UA
  9. 9. What do partner agencies in Ukraine expect from educators?  Partnership agreements with signatures and seal/stamp in ink. Ukrainian government and the banks do not accept electronic versions of agreements.  Prompt replies to emails.  Agency visits, possible support in social media and Study Abroad fairs.  Timely payment of commissions.  Special offers, Discounts and Scholarships
  10. 10. Partnership spoilers!!! Slow replies to emails Enrolling applicants directly after meeting them in the agents offices Mistakes in bookings and visa letters Support services to the students Delay in the payment of commission Failure of the airport pickup Issues with Host families
  12. 12. Studying abroad: The most popular educational destinations among Ukrainians Presented by Irina Kobec, Director of ICEA, ICEF TORONTO, 2013
  13. 13. Ukrainian youth   want  to study  abroad Canada Poland USA Germany Great Britain Italy Malta Austria France Spain Destination countries for education chosen by Ukrainian students The most popular Countries. Australia
  14. 14. Popular specialities among  Ukrainian students Most popular specialties for today Specialties that become popular In the near future will be a popular DESIGN(Fashion, Interior, Graphic) Business Marketing Finance IT Hotel & hospitality management Tourism PR
  15. 15. The age range of Ukrainians, who  study  overseas are Age from 8 to 16 Age from 17 to 25 Age over 25 Language Camps Boarding School, Schools Colleges Universities Universities English for specific purposes English for specific purposes
  16. 16. The age range of Ukrainians, who study overseas are Age from 8 to 16 Age from 17 to 25 Age over 25 60% 40% Language Camps Boarding School, Schools 60% 35% 5%undergraduate education post‐graduate education English for specific purposes 80% 20% post‐graduate education English for specific purposes
  17. 17. Ukrainians expand the   boundaries  of education abroad Language Camps Boarding School,  Schools 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% Canada Great Britain Malta USA France 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Great Britain Canada USA France
  18. 18. Ukrainians expand the   boundaries  of education abroad Undergraduate & post‐graduate  education 0 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 Poland Canada Great Britain USA Germany France Spain Austria
  19. 19. Ukrainians expand the                boundaries of education abroad English for specific purposes 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Great Britain Canada Malta Poland France Spain
  20. 20. International Cultural and  Educational Agency, Ukraine E-mail:
  21. 21. How to choose an agency in Ukraine Kateryna Sosnina StudentlandTM Kyiv, Ukraine Email:
  22. 22. Theoretical essentials Request agency profile and ask  year of establishment  statistics  accreditation, memberships  references  location  staff certification / familiarization with Canada  business license  participation in workshops and trainings
  23. 23. Practical tips Check website  content  contact information  compare contact information with business license. Be aware that difference in these two may occur in trading address and legal one Use social networks to check  activity  existence of contact people
  24. 24. Pay attention to agency email  free is alarming  company is calming Try agency professionalism  arrange on-site visit or  skype conversation Call agency office  check whether somebody picks up the phone during the business hours Practical tips
  25. 25. Google will help you  Google agency name and location Approach educational institutions for reference  not necessarily from Canada Cooperate only on prepayment basis  at least first year Practical tips
  26. 26. Size does not mean quality!  small company can be unique for you No Canadian experience means nothing  if agency proves to be professional on other markets Always ask for emergency contacts  just in case Do not expect big numbers within a year  obligatory numbers might lead to poor quality Practical tips
  27. 27. Question a student upon arrival agency charges (service, visa support) Come back with follow ups in 2-3 months to check how well the agency is educated Check agency’s accuracy with CIC regulations at the end of day you might be responsible Practical tips
  28. 28. Request Embassy list of agencies  agency is not on the list - does not mean bad Fill free to communicate with Embassy of Canada in Ukraine if you have any concerns  Ukraine has the best Embassy, huge country and up to 10 million of students Practical tips
  29. 29. Association of International Education and Exchanges Agencies, Ukraine “Overview of the current market and emerging study abroad trends in the Ukraine” Vitalii Bresler Program coordinator of STUDY.UA Company Kyiv, Ukraine
  30. 30. Association of International Education and Exchanges Agencies, Ukraine Ukraine in the heart of Europe
  31. 31. Association of International Education and Exchanges Agencies, Ukraine (AIEEA) Canada–Ukraine ties and relations • Over one million Ukrainians in Canada representing 4%  of the population. • Ukrainians have made a significant contribution to the foundation and development of Canada • Each year the amount of Ukrainian students in Canadian education institutions is growing
  32. 32. Association of International Education and Exchanges Agencies, Ukraine • Educators • Agents • Foreign embassies • Target audience/clients Key stakeholders of the Ukrainian education abroad market Parents Students Active youth
  33. 33. Association of International Education and Exchanges Agencies, Ukraine Education trends in numbers • The population of Ukraine is 45,5 millions of people • The number of studying/working people is 71.4%  • More than 1.8 millions of students • 75% of pupils become university students • Each year more than 25,000 ukrainian students go to study abroad
  34. 34. Association of International Education and Exchanges Agencies, Ukraine What attracts Ukrainian students in education abroad? • Internationally recognized degrees • Experience living abroad • The opportunity to gain international work experience • Opportunity to improve foreign language • Employment opportunities in prestigious international companies
  35. 35. Association of International Education and Exchanges Agencies, Ukraine Popular types of education abroad among Ukrainian students • Higher education and university pathway programs • Language courses (English, German, French)  • Exchange programs in USA, Canada and Europe • MBA and 1‐2 year diploma programs • Boarding schools for pupils
  36. 36. Association of International Education and Exchanges Agencies, Ukraine Top destinations
  37. 37. Association of International Education and Exchanges Agencies, Ukraine Growing interest towards education in: • CANADA • GERMANY • POLAND • UNITED KINGDOM • SWITZERLAND • AUSTRALIA & NEW ZELAND
  38. 38. Association of International Education and Exchanges Agencies, Ukraine THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!