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What do Superman, Cinderella.... by Raluca Barbu @ All Things Facebook


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Published in: Technology, Business
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What do Superman, Cinderella.... by Raluca Barbu @ All Things Facebook

  1. 1. What do Superman, Cinderella and Nadia Comaneci have in common? Case study All Things Facebook, October 2013
  2. 2. The courage….
  3. 3. the legend….
  4. 4. ….or the happiness of ‘living the story’?
  5. 5. Maybe all of them brought together Or better said….
  6. 6. The story started in 2011, one year before the 2012 Olympic Games, Piraeus Bank being the main sponsor of the ROSC During 1 year we gathered together the community for the Romanian athletes and Olympic legends
  7. 7. Through online and offline activations we registered peak moments for Curaj Romania, during the London Olympics period reaching almost 60.000 fans
  8. 8. Having great impact, on people and page evolution! Engagement rate Content quality increase Virality Joining the big profile pages
  9. 9. And when the Olympics were over, we realized that Romanians still need their success story…. We have seen sportspeople performing under the Romanian flag, now it is time for other Romanians to bring proudness to all nation!
  10. 10. And when a community is so animated by courage, legend and living victory, the story has to continue…. & Curaj Romania has to continue the stories lived through the Romanians hearts…and without a specific event!
  11. 11. Like this Curaj Romania switched to Romanian values…actors, doctors, teachers, inventors….Romanians that make us proud to be Romanians!
  12. 12. And every success registered brought more Romanians together! Through apps, real time content and interviews our community became the voice of a nation !
  13. 13. Movies, books, athletes are to be rewarded…and not only them!