How creativity online is shaping consumer and advertiser interactions by Nick Hugh at ICEEFEST 2013


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  • Hello, my name is Nick Hugh and …Firstly, thank you for inviting me Romaniaand having the pleasure of trying to keep you entertained for the next 30 minutes! So, why am I onstage today? Well, I’m lucky enough to work for a business that engages with 189M consumers in this region. In Romania 10 mil UUs are online from which Yahoo reaches 9.5 M Uus / , creating a canvas that attracts almost all the major advertisers in the country.So I should be able to give you a little perspective and insight into how the world of the consumer and the advertiser interact in the digital world, and importantly how creativity is facilitating this interaction across multiple devices and how we do it at Yahoo. What I am not going to do is give you the big Yahoo sell. However, as I only have 30 minutes, I am going to double-down on one area of the digital world that Yahoo is majorly focused on, especially so following the arrival of our new CEO Marissa Mayer, and that is creativity on the small screen.
  • We all know what a huge opportunity the mobile web offers us as marketers, and I’m not going to bore you with stats on usage and how the youth are embracing it like never before, especially to an audience I suspect has at least a smartphone and tablet in their hands right now.
  • So I should be able to give you a little perspective and insight into how the world of the consumer and the advertiser interact in the digital world, and importantly how creativity is facilitating this interaction. I would like to wager that almost everyone in this room has a presentation from 10 years ago on marketing on mobile devices, and yet only now has the time come to fully engage with consumers that it seems quite daunting and challenging...
  • And it’s daunting for good reason, we’ve been spoilt with ever larger, higher resolution canvases across the spectrum of media - outdoor, cinema, TV, “traditional” online, they’ve all got bigger and better and more defined.Well I’m here to tell you small is back, for some of us that’s a good thing, but for marketers it is a massive challenge.
  • It’s also daunting because there are so many different screen sizes, devices, operating systems and technologies.As marketers we have to unlock the inner geek in us. We have to embrace technology and data. (We also have embrace the youth. We have to hire a load of youngsters – you know the sort – really tight jeans – top buttons done up, crazy hair! They understand this world you need them!?)
  • And we have to do all this because consumers expect consistency across all platforms, we are, wait for it... in the hyper-media worldNo, I didn’t make up this phrase last night over a bottle of xxxx whilst watching return of the jedi. This is a term coined by the clever chaps over at IAB UK and Econsultancy. It describes the way consumers expect all forms of content, including advertising, to be linked, regardless of the platform or device. Your seeing this already with Apple and their iCloud – its designed to allow you to put down and pick up secondary devices and continue your interaction seamlessly. Advertising needs to do this as well.
  • Each digital device has its moment during the day- according to when, what and where the user accesses the digital space
  • A couple of statsonEuropeangenrealmobileusage and Romania specificallySource:2012 IAB EuropeMediascope Romania ReportTechnology in yourhands!
  • I’m glad to say it’s not all doom and gloomFirstly, this ridiculously fast-paced, digital evolution keeps us all employed, every time a new device rears its head we should rejoice – a ha, added complexity, I need more budget and more people...Secondly, help is at hand – many digital media businesses, Yahoo included, are offering solutions that enable advertisers to deliver engagement simply across all screens. It is by no means perfect, but the snowball has started rolling and it is getting bigger and the results show consumers are engagingThirdly, there are some very smart people in our industry and they are producing some great, great work. Here are some examples
  • Let’s start with the simple. An Alfa Romeo campaign in Italy. Effective and impactful and across multiple screens. A seamless, consistent experience across all devicesAlthough the mobile display canvas is small, it is clean and more often the only ad on the page and in a prominent positionClick-through rates reflect this. The mobile ads that my team run see a 4x click-through rate when compared to the PC. Need other industry stats
  • Here is a slightly more advanced campaign from EON, an energy company in the UK that uses the XXX technology of the device to deliver a simple, engaging ad with a twist, or a shake... As I mentioned unlocking the geek in you and embracing the opportunities of the medium is key – it enables you to engage with consumers in a way you couldn’t before
  • This next example does exactly that. Produced by BBDO in XXXwhatcountry?XXXfor Bradesco, it is a great example of using the iPad “swipe” to deliver some fantastic creative and make car insurance interesting. If you think back 10 years ago when this would only have been a magazine ad with a static picture of wrecked car, we have come a long way and we have so much more opportunity
  • The small screen is also a huge opportunity to interact with other media, it complements so many advertising experiences and offers functionality that was previously unattainableCheck out this ad from Adidas Spiel on ecommerce and mobile usage
  • And the 3rd example I have comes from Chevy – it takes the second screen to the next level and leverages it as the “interaction tool” as its supports TV activity.
  • Proportion using TV and radio whilst using mobile in Romania vs Europe67% of the Romanians watch TV whilst surfing the Internet on mobile which is above the European average of 49%. Considering the fact that mobile experience is very personal and more engaging than the TV, the statistics prove that in Romania TV is running in the background whist the user is engaged in surfing the internet on the mobile device. The same analogy applies for the radio vs mobile, where 35% of the Romanians listen to the radio while they’re surfing on their mobile, above the European average of 30%.
  • 2m users in RO
  • It starts with habits. If we go back two millennia, this guy got it right. Our habits share two important traits. They are incredibly powerful and they are intensely personal. Translating this to the digital sphere, our daily habits are unique to us in terms of what we like, how we use it, when we use, for how long, on what device. Personalisation is about leveraging these signals and reflecting the consumers given back an experience that is right for them across both the paid and unpaid content media. The Web is already a central part of our core daily habits. We communicate on social platforms or email.We use the internet to get our news, weather, sports scores and gossip.We search and share information that’s important to us. Our challenge is to take those habits, and then entertain, inspire and engage the consumers.
  • With mobile devices – both smartphone and tablets – the gaps in usage have closed. Today, consumers no longer have to access one single device and one point in time. Our mobile devices and their widespread capabilities have changed the way we access and interact with technology. Our tech usage is now a seamless experience. It’s not that we’re using everything all of the time, but that we pretty much always can, and most of us really do at least carry around our smartphone most all hours of the day.As the world’s largest digital publisher, Yahoo! sits at the center of your digital daily habits.In fact, all of the top 12 daily online habits of internet users, from reading local and world news, to email with family and friends, to checking sports scores or searching the web, can we done from Yahoo!. Our commitment to the world is to make these Daily Habits more inspiring and entertaining.
  • When we settle into work we continue to catch up on the news, and to squeeze in last nights entertainment updates as we go about our busy day at the office.
  • When it comes to email, you’ve told us you want 3 main things- You want it to be fast - You want it to be easy. - You want it to be available anywhere you are. There are no folders, no buttons, no tabs - just you and your mail - and you can easily flip through it like a magazine.We've designed Yahoo! Mail to take full advantage of the tablet making reading your email faster, easier and just a little bit more fun.
  • By the time we get home, get dinner on the table, and put the kids to bed, we’re exhausted. But, we still have time to share some photos from the weekend on Flickr.    These are our daily habits. Yahoo! has been at the heart of them from the beginning and will continue to make sure they are inspiring and entertaining.
  • 80 million users , 80.000 million picturesMore than 3,5 million pictures are uploaded every dayOne of the most actives communities about photography: More than 1,5 million groups300 million photos have geographic tagsMore than 200 million photos have Creative Commons license.Flickr users have access and can add comments to hundreds of thousand Public Heritage public photograph archives such as: NASA, White House, British Royal House… through The Commons license.
  • 3 Facts about Flickr -          More capacity: one terabyte of space-          App android: Before we have it only for Iphone, now we incorporate Android-          New design/ interface Today, we’re thrilled to take Flickr even further with a beautiful, completely re-imagined experience that puts photos front and center. So we’re also giving our Flickr users one terabyte of space — for free. That’s enough for a lifetime of photos — more than 500,000 original, full-resolution, pixel-perfect, brilliant photos.Iphone is the most popular camera of Flickr!
  • From the Weather app to Flickr App to our enhancements to Mail and Homepage, all of these exciting changes show Marissa in action and our commitment to transforming our products. And, these product enhancements are just the beginning – the Weather app is beautiful, but is just the start of how we are making daily habits more inspiring and entertaining – when it comes to getting LOCAL information (a top 12 daily habit online). These are not just changes, but gateways into how we will continue to deliver on our vision.
  • We give maximum attention to our user’s experience and therefore personalizing it is Key.
  • Data is a key piece of the puzzle that enables us to deliver on our vision. It is at the foundation of everything we do – and ultimately will transform experiences on the web. Here’s how it works: a user’s profile is used to stack rank pieces of content, from Yahoo! and across the web, to serve up a web experience that is as unique as each user. These are the types of data at the core of this user profile:- Granular personal data, - Social signals and Facebook Likes, - Explicit and implicit interests, - Click data across the entire Yahoo network, …and more – so we can deliver truly personalized experiences: the right content, and the right advertising to the right user – at the right time.
  • SO yes, we need to adapt our content to different screens and operational systems, creating apps for our users and creating platforms opened to out third parties, like livestandWe’re not only creating for the multiple devices, but we unite them.In closing, while we have a lot of work to do, the future for Yahoo! is incredibly bright. Our extraordinary global reach, and unique content position will allow us to build transformative products and compelling content that will be indispensable to people’s daily lives. Our products will change how people learn, share, and communicate. We will innovate, inspire, and entertain.We believe Yahoo!’s best days lie ahead. We intend to do great things, and we intend to win.
  • Yahoo! recently has announced the acquisition of Tumblr, #2 social site for cumulative time spent, behind Facebook.Tumblr will support Yahoo! incorporating young users of any site at scale and complement us with new tools for content creation and publishing.
  •  What´s Tumblr in numbers? -          105 million different blogs-          300 million monthly unique visitors-          120.000 signups every day-          900 posts per second-          24 billion minutes spent/month For Europe, that means that Tumblr and Yahoo! combined reach will be increased by 11%, so we´ll be able to impact 156.4 million users ( ComScore).
  • How creativity online is shaping consumer and advertiser interactions by Nick Hugh at ICEEFEST 2013

    1. 1. Creative Frontiers How creativity online is shaping consumer and advertiser interactions Nick Hugh VP, Head of Display Solutions
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    4. 4. Each digital device has its moment during the day 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% Night Time 1- 3am Early Morning 4-6am Morning 7-9am Late morning 10am-12am Early Afternoon 1pm-3pm Afternoon 4- 6pm Early Evening 7- 9pm Late Evening 10-12pm %ofInteractions Day in the Life of Device Usage - Weekday Desktop Mobile Tablet Base (number of check-ins): Desktop & Laptop 436 / Smartphone & Mobile 1544
    5. 5. • 63% vs 17% smartphone penetration • 12.9 hours per week on the mobile • Fast + Easy + Impulsive Fuente: 2012 IAB Europe Mediascope Spain Report TECHNOLOGY IN YOUR HANDS
    6. 6. Second screening – the cool way to multi-task
    7. 7. Focusing attention on the mobile device in Romania 18 July, 201315 ROMANIA EUROPE
    8. 8. 18 July, 201316 People using the mobile for >16 hours in Romania...
    9. 9. Embrace the Technology Unlock your inner geek and hire some young people…2 Be Integrated Use your eco-system3 Its happening so lead the pack!4 The Time is Now It’s OK to be a little scared, but get on with it!1
    10. 10. 18 July, 201319 “Nothing is greater than habit.” Ovid, 2 AD
    11. 11. Our Mission: Make The World’s Daily Habits More Inspiring & Entertaining Our Mission: To Make The World’s Daily Habits Inspiring & Entertaining
    12. 12. Need an umbrella?
    13. 13. CLOCK IN
    14. 14. Yahoo! Mail App: Fast, Easy and everywhere 1824
    16. 16. Flickr is home to eight billion of the world’s photos. It’s a global community of people who come to discover, share and celebrate photography. Flickr is the eyes of the world. Source: Internal Data, February 2013
    17. 17. Content | Flickr Innovation 18 July, 201327
    18. 18. Delivering Content Through Beautiful, Intuitive Products
    20. 20. 1831 Personalization is KEY
    21. 21. User Data Powers Personalized Experiences Yahoo!hasradically overhauled ourpersonalization engine • Explicit and implicit personal data • Click behavior across the network • Social graph signals • Declared interests • And much more
    22. 22. Multiscreen is the future
    23. 23. 7/18/201334 Yahoo! Presentation, Confidential
    24. 24. 7/18/201335 Yahoo! Presentation, Confidential
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