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XPages ICCTY Frank van der Linden en Pettrie de Bondt


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Published in: Technology, Business
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XPages ICCTY Frank van der Linden en Pettrie de Bondt

  1. 1. IBM Connect Comes to You Pettrie de Bondt (Ilionx) style Frank van der Linden (e-office)
  2. 2. Agenda Intro Social software Sociale netwerken Nieuwe versie Lotus 853 upgrade pack 1 Extension library Source control Theme
  3. 3. Social software Achtergrond, visie Xpages OpenNTF 853 Upgrade Pack1 854 Social Edition Download open NTF Installeren (demo)
  4. 4. Social software Sociale mogelijkheden Social enabler JDBC Mobile
  5. 5. IBM Social Business
  6. 6. Welke sociale netwerkenhebben? Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Dropbox Google+
  7. 7. Welke sociale netwerkenhebben? IBM Connections, intern samenwerken IBM Lotus Domino, social mail en Domino data IBM Sametime, realtime communicatie met audio en video IBM Lotus Live (IBM Smartcloud business solution), extern samenwerken IBM Quickr, document delen
  8. 8. 8.5.4 + Social Edition 8.5.4 daar boven op Social Edition Activity Stream in de client Embedded apps in de Lotus Notes mail Notes browser plugin Beta Q1 2012, Release 2012?
  9. 9. OpenSocial 2.0 oAuth Activity Stream API Embedded apps Gadgets Goodbye SOAP, Welcome REST en JSON
  10. 10. OpenSocial 2.0 Speeltuin demo. 80/collabapp/index.html
  11. 11. 8.5.3 Upgrade pack 1 IBM support Not for developers Extension library TeamRoom: XPages UI including mobile access Discussion: new mobile access New REST api’s
  12. 12. 8.5.3 Upgrade pack 2 Juli 2012 (waarschijnlijk) Bevat waarschijnlijk Social controls, sociale netwerken JDBC controls, Relationele databases XPages Document library
  13. 13. Extensionlibrary OpenNTF Go get it UpdateSite.nsf, handig. Elke maand nieuwe updates Installatie via Updatesite (demo) 8.5.3 versie heeft ook Sociale en JDBC controls
  14. 14. Extension Libraryvoorbeelden
  15. 15. Social Enabler voorbeelden
  16. 16. Real-world voorbeelden IBM wiki XSnippets Safebook IdeaJam TIFN
  17. 17. IBM Wiki
  18. 18. XSnippets
  19. 19. Safebook
  20. 20. Safebook
  21. 21. IdeaJam
  22. 22. TIFN
  23. 23. Lotus Designer 8.5.3 Source control XPages database properties Perspective
  24. 24. Source Control Nu mogelijk in 853 On-disk /Notes/Data/Workspace/ondisk-xx Git / Mercurial / CVS / SVN OpenNTF
  25. 25. XPage Themes Theme <theme extends="oneUIv2.1"> <program directory>xspnsfthemes Layout CSS Script Section
  26. 26. Afronden Veel Social business XPages OpenNTF
  27. 27. Tips en tricks sample, zie blog http://www.domino- Toolbox up/XPages%20Toolbox
  28. 28. BoekenXPages Extension Library: Mastering XPages: A XPages PortableA Step-by-Step Guide to Step-by-Step Guide to Command Guide: Athe Next Generation of XPages Application Compact Resource toXPages Components Development and the XPages Application XSP Language Development and the XSP Language
  29. 29. Xpage Cheatsheet We hebben wat exemplaren. Ook te downloaden op
  30. 30. Websites d_with_Xpages ories.xsp?lookupName=Product%20Doc umentation
  31. 31. Gewoon beginnen Vragen?