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Social Networking Tips For Teens

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Social networking tips_teens

  1. 1. Adults sometimes freak out about social Yes, I’m on a social networking sites because they’re constantly networking site.? hearing stories about predators and privacy. You’re What’s the big deal? probably there just to socialize with your friends, talk to people with similar interests, and share what’s going on in your life. But plenty of teens have gotten into trouble on these sites by posting inappropriate pictures and comments, and meeting people in person they know nothing about except whats online. Check, check, check! The most important thing So, how can I be safer? you can do to protect yourself on these sites is to What do I look for? annoying, especially with all of those privacy settings. Use this guide and check off each section when you’re 1 Create family photo albums 4 Market a talent What better to keep your distant Stars are born every day online. No relatives up-to-date on your activities? need to move to California to pursue that recording contract;; with one hit 2 Champion a cause video the producers will come to you! POSITIVE THINGS From animal rights to bullying YOU CAN DO awareness, social networking sites 5 Find a college ON SOCIAL are the place to go for social activists. Make an informed decision about where NETWORKING SITES to go to school by chatting with current 3 Join a group students and faculty. Connect and discuss your interests with like-minded people. resource brought to you by Watch videos and play games at Copyright © 2010 National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Your Guide to Social Networking Profile Picture Is there anything about your Account/Settings picture that could get you in This is where you’ll adjust your privacy settings. Go through trouble, like nudity, alcohol, or each option slowly. Always ask yourself – what drugs? Remember, this picture and who can see it? will be public! Home Account Inbox Username Information/ This is either your real name or About Me a nickname. Using a real name What are you sharing GeorgeyD isn’t bad;; it just means you have about yourself? Delete to look more closely at your anything that could be Comments privacy settings and contacts. too much information, like where you live or go Beach later! to school. You don’t have Soooooo jealous :( Information Worst Day Ever. Birthday: January 17, 1997 Location: Virginia hang in there! Comments/Wall Delete any inappropriate Awwww, sorry! comments, and don’t forget Friends Me too!!!!! to be careful what you post Friends/Contacts on others’ pages, too. This list may include people you only know online. Go through each friend and decide if you want to give them access to your page. Why do they really want to be your friend? Photo Album Advertisements Ads/Apps If you click on these or add them companies access to your personal information. Always read OK to add and what’s not. Photos/Albums What kinds of photos are you sharing? Who can see them? Don’t post anything you could get in trouble for, like nudity, alcohol, or drugs. resource brought to you by Watch videos and play games at Copyright © 2010 National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. All rights reserved.