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Dealing With Overload Of RFPs #ICCA12 WEDNESDAY 24/10/2012


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Presentation held at the 51st ICCA Congress which took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico from 20 - 24 October 2012. For more information on ICCA please visit

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Dealing With Overload Of RFPs #ICCA12 WEDNESDAY 24/10/2012

  1. 1. 51st ICCA Congress Dealing with overload of RFPs October 24th 2012International Congress and Convention Association. Session sponsored by:Twitter: #ICCA12
  2. 2. Dealing with overload of RFPs•What is the situation today?•Best Practices•What about tomorrow?International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  3. 3. What is the Situation Today ? RFP Distribution model Bedouk’s Network, EMEA + North CVBs, Hotel Chains, • Meetingbroker Open source distribution • + 1 Million Chains! + 251 Hotel RFPs • America = Professional planners channels • + 1000 Congress & • Occasional planners (Cvent and Starcite), +300 000 • Media Conversion rate Convention Centers Miceplaces, • from 0 to ??? + 1000 CVBs…. planners! • Venues’ integrated eRFP SpeedRFP…. + 300 channelsInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  4. 4. What is the Situation Today ?International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  5. 5. What is the Situation Today• It is complicated… Commission YES? NO? Tight deadlines Should you rate/filter RFPs? Majority of the demands handled offline in many regions, how to reach them? Same RFP multiple sourcesInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  6. 6. Best Practices Use channels – with RFP’s standard limitation – requesting from planners the list of « already contacted venues » – With fixed fees (negotiated!) = less expensive than a commission (from 3 to 10%!) Follow up, follow up, follow up… Use leads to build your Data BaseInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  7. 7. What about tomorrow?International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  8. 8. What about tomorrow ? 1. How is your organisation dealing with eRFPs? • Good practice vs Bad practice? • Conversion rate? • How do you deal with regions differences? 1. If you can invent a new model to generate Requests/Leads would it be any different? How? 3. Is this a step before the real-time booking system? YES/NO Why?International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  9. 9. Thank you ! Safe Travels Home !International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12