Why And When To Bid For The ICCA Congress #ICCA12 TUESDAY 23/10/2012


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Presentation held at the 51st ICCA Congress which took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico from 20 - 24 October 2012. For more information on ICCA please visit www.iccaworld.com.

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Why And When To Bid For The ICCA Congress #ICCA12 TUESDAY 23/10/2012

  1. 1. 51st ICCA Congress Why and when to bid for the ICCA Congress 23 October 2012International Congress and Convention Association. Session sponsored by:Twitter: #ICCA12
  2. 2. Why and when to bid?• Germany hosted ICCA Congress twice before 2011 (1974 Munich, 1984 Berlin)• #1 in Europe, #2 World (ICCA statistics)• Very strong German ICCA community – Only numberwise? – Is there a lobby for Germany inside ICCA?• Germany was bidding in 2006 together with Biarritz and Florence and lost!• WHY?International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  3. 3. Why and when to bid?• How can we find out why? (Ask the CEO!)• When would be a chance bid again?• Germany started immediately after we got beaten – To prepare a new bid – To learn the lessons – To create a professional, efficient bid – To form a German team around a destination – To bring in emotion• Be prepared to do the unexpected!International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  4. 4. Why and when to bid?• Why? – After 1989 Germany has changed, Europe has changed, the World has changed – Show a new and different Germany – Fullfill all stereotypes about Germany (expected) – Implement innovation and emotion (unexpected) – Strategic plan!International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  5. 5. Why and when to bid?• When? – Your country is prepared – You understand the ICCA Community – You are known in the ICCA community – You did smaller meetings for ICCA • Chapter Meeting • Client Supplier Workshop – You become active inside ICCA • Regional activities (chairperson)• Who? – Leipzig because – 100 % fullfillment of criteria set up in our strategic planInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  6. 6. Why and when to bid?• Anything else? – Be prepared to lose – Be prepared to step into a long and tough bidding process – Be prepared to spend money – Be prepared that there are 3 steps • Emotional bid book (attract attention) • 3 day site inspection by the CEO (improve) • Live presentation in front of the Board (convince) – Be prepared that there are bidding rules – Be prepared that it is a team effort – …,International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  7. 7. Why and when to bid?• But there is help! – Communicate with Martin and his team – Take their needs and advice seriously – Contact ICCA members who won and lost – Compared to sports: Your are bidding for the Olympic Games!International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  8. 8. Why and when to bid?• Is it worth it? – 3 year marketing campaign after the decision • Inside your company • Inside your destination • In the whole world – PR campaignInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  9. 9. Media coverageInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  10. 10. Why and when to bid?• Is it worth it? – It goes on and on afterwards • 3 speakers (2 clients) with Leipzig background invited to the congress • Leipzig „Green Traffic“ project (CSR report, GMIC) • Board of directors • …• „Please go for it!“International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  11. 11. 51st ICCA Congress Thank you!International Congress and Convention Association. Session sponsored by:Twitter: #ICCA12