Scherer Werbung Presentation by Klaus Scherer #icca11 MONDAY 24/10/11.


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Scherer Werbung Presentation by Klaus Scherer held during the 50th ICCA Congress. #icca11 MONDAY 24/10/11.

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Scherer Werbung Presentation by Klaus Scherer #icca11 MONDAY 24/10/11.

  1. 1. Germans are always well organized!  ICCA World Congress 2011, Leipzig Klaus Scherer, Managing Director SCHERER WERBUNG GmbH, Vaihinger Markt 12, D-70563 Stuttgart / Email: k.scherer@scherer-werbung.deSCHERER WERBUNG GmbH
  2. 2. Short Profile: SCHERER WERBUNG GmbH More than 20 years being an Event marketing- and Live Communications agency for German speaking customers in whole Europe. 11 employees, 8 out of those being event managers. 60-80 events and exhibitions per year with a spectrum of 10-4000 participants.We own two events ourselves:1) FORUM impulse – Ideas and trends in the field of event marketing, this is a show from and for men of action2) My Sustainable World – an event taking place in the field of - as the event’s name says - sustainability SCHERER WERBUNG GmbH Page 3
  3. 3. A spontaneous survey to your experience andevaluationsHere are the questions: What do you think are the most important criteria’s when choosing a location for an event – being German clients and agencies? How do you wake interest for your location? Which trends do you see?Thank you for your collaboration  SCHERER WERBUNG GmbH Page 4
  4. 4. Decisive criteria while choosing an appropriate location! Availability in regards to the event’s date Capacity of rooms – Plenary, Breakouts, Foyers with catering and exhibition space Location and reachability – short distances – by plane, train, car and public transport Attraction – general location, possibilities for side programmes Technical infrastructure – Audio-visual equipment, data lines, power, water, IT network and WIFI Offers for catering and service Spaces for evening events – not necessarily in the same location SCHERER WERBUNG GmbH Page 5
  5. 5. Decisive criteria while choosing an appropriate location! One contact person for all needs – before, during and after the event Clearly structured offers and contracts including all details No „hidden“ costs. Transparency is first! Generous cancellation policy. Reason: More and more events starts with short notice Attractive hotel offers – not too far from the event location. Also for hotels reduction policy is really important. Reason: Participants book their hotel late. For the majority of our events 60% of the participants book their hotel 3 weeks prior to the conference!! Sustainability counts – Example in catering: offer regional food – less CO2 emission, social responsibility And last but not least: Cost and quick feedback on requests!! SCHERER WERBUNG GmbH Page 6
  6. 6. The most important information channels forclients and agenciesFIRST Personal knowledge and recommendations from colleagues!SECOND Internet. Unfortunately most homepages of locations are not structured very well. Example: There are literally no floor plans in correct scalesTHIRD Events like IMEX, STEP, Fam-Trips, as well as specialist literature SCHERER WERBUNG GmbH Page 7
  7. 7. Where are we heading to? What actual trends do we see? Times for planning and practicability get shorter. Event organizers take their time in taking decisions.Result: You are first when you provide your offers quickly and transparent with flexible policiesincluding cancellation policies. The trend goes to roadshows. Customer care gets more and more important.Result: Suppliers of locations that have a good network of locations and offer good cooperationswith other destinations are in advantage to others. Clients only need to send their request once. Open room spaces, no closed function spaces are wanted. Halls and spaces where clients are able to create common experience. Sessions, exhibitions, catering and communication / networking merge together. All participants are always in the middle of what’s happening.Result: Destinations that offer standard conference rooms as well as big halls and function spacesare superior to others. SCHERER WERBUNG GmbH Page 8
  8. 8. Where are we heading to? What actual trends do we see? Sustainability gets more and more important. Social and ecological aspects gain in importance, their responsibility is even marked in the central ideas of many companies and are the base for eventual partnerships with vendors and partners.Result: Suppliers planning sustainable and work economically have better chances. Mostimportant as well to communicate this. Proposals for different locations are still done by marketing departments of companies or the event marketing agencies. However the offer goes to purchasing departments. Means: If you have passed the first round successfully, the second one starts.Result: Buyers need clearly structured and visible offers that allow to compare rates. The morevisible your offer is, the bigger is the chance to start negotiations and to finalize the contract. SCHERER WERBUNG GmbH Page 9
  9. 9. Summery – Criteria choosing a location Capacity of Location and Availability rooms reach ability Technical Spaces for Attraction infrastructure evening events Clearly One contact No „hidden“ structured person costs offers Generous Attractive Sustainability cancellation hotel offers counts policy Cost and quick feedback on requestsSCHERER WERBUNG GmbH Page 10
  10. 10. Summery - Where are we heading to? What actualtrends do we see? Times for More time in Road shows in planning get taking decisions progress shorter Open room Sustainability Buyers finalize spaces are gets more and contracts wanted more importantSCHERER WERBUNG GmbH Page 11
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention!SCHERER WERBUNG GmbH Page 12