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  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions of the future must continue to be relevant and engaging. For those who plan non-profit, association shows, you must stay ahead of the competition to create a very strong value proposition to continue to grow your show. Time and money are still key factors.
  • Understanding trends can empower you to make better informed decisions on the future of your trade show or exhibition no matter if you are a corporate entity or an association.
  • This past year, IAEE formed a task force to take a look at global trends. Our group of industry leaders met and reviewed CEIR data and reports and came out with a list of 10 top global industry trends.
  • Attendees want to attend a show to learn and to shop for services and products
  • What’s new: see new technology, 5.54, top ranked 10 years ago and continues todayAlso, new product intros, 5.33Interact with new products, new products, 5.31Dialogue: with experts, 5.51, exhibit staff – have questions answered on the spot, 5.26, idea generation – 5.26, solu5.tions to existing problems – 5.12Also brand comparison – 5.14 and info for upcoming purchases, 5.07How well are events doing in meeting these needs – great for first two, 70%+ that say it is important say needs are met. 80% for new tehcnology. For dialogue issues, areas of opportunity to improve, between 60% to 69% note needs met for dialogue areas.
  • NOTE: Millennials, majority, assign high importance to f2f for point of purchase as well as several other post-purchase phases – implementation, upgrading/re-purchase, advocacy of brands. Renaissance/expanded role of f2f interactions in future?
  • In f2f study, indicates Older Millenials/Younger Gen Xers and Boomers – place higher importance on attending for learning needsIndustry insight – most important by far – 5.51Seminars/speakers – 5.04, looking for content that speaks to these top ranked important education needs.F2F Study – younger professionals are also looking for ‘inspiration’, higher importance among women as well, more women will comprise the workforce, is the case more so today than in the past as wellHow are exhibitions faring in delivering content? Quite well, congrats to organizers! 70%+ say needs are met in this area. Keep on focusing in this area, especially given high importance placed on this area by younger professionals.
  • Use yellow crayon, circle top two correspond with top shopping need to interact with product – want to touch, feel, smell (depending on nature of product), this is an important, unique aspect of F2F marketing to leverageUse yellow crayon to circle interest in ‘talking’ , again corresponds with top shopping need.NOTE that 55% want to walk floor without reaching out to vendors UNLESS THEY WANT TO. Critical for exhibitors to leverage enticements – product demos,etc to entice target attendees to enter booth. Demos, ways to interact are best draws into booth. Exhibit staff training is essential to use right approach, to engage target customers effectively when they are ready to do so.Make sure to have product literature available in some format, so attendees have what they need to review when they want to.
  • NancyNote the recurring theme, ties back to primary importance of attending to shop, preferred way to interact with exhibitors mirrors the top ranked important shopping needs – interact with product and need to discuss.
  • Nancy
  • Nancy
  • Bring products to lifeGive attendees the immersive experience they crave. Make it more memorable. Increases the chances of being remembered.
  • DIGITAL PLAYBOOK WHICH WILL PROVIDE KEY TAKEAWAYS FOR POSITIONING THE USE OF DIGITAL WITH F2F MARKETINGIdentify content marketing opportunities for exhibitors (e.g., speaking, PR, newsletters, blogs, etc. relating to event) Generate content for your “365” attendee experience Become a valued source/catalyst for content creation (one of marketers biggest challenges).
  • Me01 trade fairs in china and the world - marsha flanagan

    1. 1. 52nd ICCA Congress IAEE Trends in the Exhibition Industry Marsha Flanagan, M.Ed. Vice President of Learning IAEE International Congress and Convention Association . Twitter: #ICCA13
    2. 2. New era of learning and engagement rise to the challenge The industry continues to of re-inventing the exhibition experience.
    3. 3. Why is this important? empowers you Understanding trends to make better informed decisions.
    4. 4. Maximize Attendance, Exhibitors and Revenue Top 10 Exhibitions Industry Trends
    5. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Generations Gap Big Data Technology Social Media Marketing Year-Round Communities
    6. 6. 6. 7. 8 9. 10. Experiential Trade Shows Non- Attendee Engagement Internationalism Exhibitors…Education and ROI Private Exhibitions and Events
    7. 7. A Near Future Look at the Exhibition Industry Economic Trends Key Trends Takeaways
    8. 8. Economic Trends The CEIR Index
    9. 9. CEIR Census 2010 # of Events Average Size
    10. 10. CEIR Index Exhibitors and attendees are investors and consumers Exhibitors: Invest in time, space, design, decoration and talent Attendees: Consume content, entertainment and hospitality
    11. 11. CEIR Index Business cycles exist in the industry reflecting the dynamics of markets served Understanding business cycles is key to good planning Exhibition cycles can be forecasted
    12. 12. Key Trends
    13. 13. Attendee Common Needs and Wants
    14. 14. Attendee Common Needs Learn 66% Shop 69% 14
    15. 15. Most Urgent Shopping Needs Show me what’s NEW! Let me interact w/ new products I want to talk Help me process • New technology 5.54 • New product intros 5.33 • Interact with new products 5.31 • Talk w/ industry experts 5.51 • Questions answered ‘on the spot’ 5.26 • • • • Idea generation, 5.24 Solutions to problems, 5.12 Brand comparison, 5.14 Info for upcoming purchase, 5.07 Scale of 1 to 7 where 1=Very unimportant and 7=Very Important
    16. 16. Importance in Purchase Process Pre-purchase Post-purchase • Awareness building 81% • Evaluate & compare 75% • Narrowing choices 63% • Maintaining relationship 63% Percentage=attendees assigning ‘Very Important’ or ‘Extremely Important to in-person face-to-face interaction at exhibitions
    17. 17. Most Urgent Learning Needs Industry trend • Industry insights 5.51 insights – what’s hot? I want to connect F2F! I want to excel in my job I want to grow personally • Professional networking 5.30 • Better job performance 5.30 • Personal development 5.18 Scale of 1 to 7 where 1=Very unimportant and 7=Very Important
    18. 18. Interaction on Exhibit Floor 62% of Deciders
    19. 19. Most Popular F2F Settings at Exhibits Face-to-Face Conversation with Exhibit Personnel 76% One-on-One Demonstration with Exhibit Personnel 69% Provide Product or Service Information 19% Small Group Demonstration with Exhibit Personnel 17% Theater Style Presentation without Entertainment 10% Theater Style Presentation with Some Entertainment 10% 0% 20% 40% 60% % of Attendees, N=9,215 80%
    20. 20. Most Important Factors When Deciding to Attend for First Time Convince me you’re worth the attending • Value for money 5.37 • Reputation of event 5.33 • Quality of speakers 5.24 F2F Opportunities? • Network with other colleagues 5.17 Relates to my industry & current needs? • Info for current decisions/issues 5.14 • Focused on industry sector 5.08 Satisfy my shopping needs? • Current technology update 5.04 • Broad range of products/services 4.98 • Unique demos, 4.88 Good location? • Convenient location 4.93 Scouts: Unique Demos, Info for Current Issues/Decisions, an d Technology Update
    21. 21. Popular Resources Relied Upon When Deciding to Attend Personal Sources Known/Trusted Sources Exhibition Organizer Digital • Email from colleague 69% • Word of mouth 67% • Personal invite from exhibitor 58% • Industry publications 63% • Industry association membership 61% • Exhibitor email 57% • Exhibition organizer email 61% • Exhibition organizer website 60% • Exhibition organizer direct mail 52% • Internet search 53% Social media is NOT top ranked, 31 % or subscribed text, 29%
    22. 22. Direct Mail Events Email Integrated Marketing Campaign Internet/SEO Partners in Promotion Advertising (print and electronic) Public Relations Social Media
    23. 23. Event Marketers
    24. 24. Key Strategic Elements of Event Planning and Management Event Strategy: Alignment w/ Business Objectives Measure: Assess and Improve Lead Gen and Follow-up Exhibit Surveys, Inc. Event Selection and Investment Optimize Tactical Drivers of ROI/ROO
    25. 25. 2013 Marketing Budgets Increasing/Event Budgets Decreasing 2010 2011 2012 2013 39% 52% 41% 49% 13% 7% 11% 10% Increasing 35% 44% 47% 41% Decreasing 20% 11% 12% 15% Total Marketing Budget: Increasing Decreasing Event Budgets: Source: BtoB Magazine’s 2010 to 2013 Outlook surveys. 25
    26. 26. Strongest Competition for Budget from Online Marketing 2010 Increasing Online Budgets Average Online Budget % 2011 2012 2013 73% 78% 74% 67% 31% 35% 26% 31% Source: BtoB Magazine’s 2010 to 2013 Outlook surveys. 26
    27. 27. Marketing Priorities of Marketers 2010 2011 2012 2013 Demand Generation / Customer Acquisition 61% 69% 75% 69% Brand Awareness 15% 19% 15% 18% Customer Retention 16% 13% 10% 13% Source: BtoB Magazine’s 2010 to 2013 Outlook surveys. 27
    28. 28. Organizers Must Prove Value Position exhibitions to align with marketer’s top priority of demand gen and customer acquisition • Lead generation /fill funnel of opportunities • Accelerate the sales process Prove/substantiate quality of audience • Meet exhibitor needs – profile and quality Facilitate exhibitor meetings • Hosted buyer • Access to buyers Track lead activity • Registration company • Obtain full report to analyze effectiveness Provide information to exhibitors
    29. 29. Content Marketing Definition: All marketing formats that involve the creation of sharing content for the purpose of engaging current and potential customers Premise: delivery of high quality, relevant and valuable information Benefits: retain attention / improve brand loyalty *Source: BtoB Magazine’s 2013 Outlook survey. **Source: 72% of b2b marketers use content marketing strategy*
    30. 30. Most Effective Content Marketing Tactics for Users 67% In-Person Events 64% Case Studies 61% Webinars/Webcasts Events Rank 1st in effectiveness 59% Blogs Videos 58% eNewsletters 58% Research Reports 57% White Papers 57% 0% 20% 40% 60% Believe It's Effective 80% 100% Source: 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends, Content Marketing Institute. . 30
    31. 31. Takeaways What do your colleagues think?
    32. 32. Takeaways  Networking is important for both attendees and exhibitors  Highlight / educate on industry trends  Excel in job  Personal growth  Product demonstrations  Conversations with exhibitors – especially industry experts
    33. 33. Takeaway   Organizer must learn to become more consultative in their approach  33 Organizer must demonstrate value in terms relevant to exhibitor CMO’s Organizer must deliver more (better) tools and data to help exhibitors demonstrate strategic value of exhibitions versus low cost online options
    34. 34. Takeaway • Competition for marketing budget increasing – Other event channels – Other marketing channels – Exhibiting in fewer shows • Tradeshow and event mix strategies more sophisticated for major exhibitors 34
    35. 35. Takeaway Exhibitors are being challenged internally  Cost reduction - the “new normal” (procurement more involved)  Marketing strategies changing – demand generation top priority 35
    36. 36. Event Ecosystem Growth Dependent Upon Delivering Value to all Constituents (courtesy of Exhibit Surveys, Inc.) Organizer ROI Organizational Goals Value to Attendees • highly valued content • networking opportunities • right mix of exhibitors • attendee experience Value to Organizer • meet organizational goals • exhibitor satisfaction Attendees Valued Information Personal Interaction CME Value to Exhibitors • Engage with exhibitors • Deliver ROO/ROI 37 Value to Exhibitors • qualified audience • exhibitor experience Suppliers ROI Value to Organizer • revenue • attendance draw Sponsors ROO ROI Value to Attendees • Highly valued information • 1 to 1 engagement
    37. 37. 52nd ICCA Congress Thank You! International Congress and Convention Association . Twitter: #ICCA13