ICCA Database Workshop Presentation #ICCA12 MONDAY 22/10/2012


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Presentation held at the 51st ICCA Congress which took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico from 20 - 24 October 2012. For more information on ICCA please visit www.iccaworld.com.

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  • ICCA Congress 2012, Puerto Rico
  • Ankara, 2012
  • Ankara, 2012
  • ICCA Congress 2012, Puerto Rico
  • ICCA Congress 2012, Puerto Rico
  • ICCA Congress 2012, Puerto Rico
  • ICCA Congress 2012, Puerto Rico
  • ICCA Congress 2012, Puerto Rico
  • ICCA Congress 2012, Puerto Rico
  • ICCA Database Workshop Presentation #ICCA12 MONDAY 22/10/2012

    1. 1. 51st ICCA CongressICCA Association Databaseworkshop22–24 October 2012International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    2. 2. Association DatabaseCriteriaOur leads in the database must:• have at least 50 participants• be organised on a regular basis• move between at least 3 countriesInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    3. 3. Series/Events?International organiser: ICCA, Amsterdam HOSeries (1): ICCA Research, Sales & MarketingProgrammeEvent: 7th: 17-10 July 2013, Amsterdam, theNetherlandsSeries (2): ICCA Congress & ExhibitionEvent: 52nd: 2-6 November 2013, Shanghai, China-P.R.Series = potentialEvent = confirmedInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    4. 4. Difference series/events International Organiser ICCA Series Series 1 2Event Event Event Event Event Event7-9 July 13-16 June 7-10 July 22-26 Oct 20-24 Oct 2-6 Nov 2011 2012 2013 2011 2012 2013Gdansk Bregenz Amsterdam Leipzig San Juan Shanghai International Congress and Convention Association . Twitter: #ICCA12
    5. 5. Series: ICCA Congress Leipzig 2011 E San Juan 2012 V E Shanghai 2013 N T Antalya 2014 S Buenos Aires 2015International Congress and Convention Association 2016?.Twitter: #ICCA12
    6. 6. Association DatabaseNumber of leads• 10,651 Online International Associations• 16,653 Online Series• 167,197 Online EventsAs at 23 August 2012International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    7. 7. Complete/incompleteNumber of complete profiles (series): 10,544Number of incomplete profiles: 6,109As at 23 August 2012International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    8. 8. More interesting figures:Key contacts: 2,465Decision links: 1,317UIA links: 4,500As at 23 August 2012International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    9. 9. Association DatabaseSources• ICCA members• International Associations• Internet• Local organisers• Suppliers• Other publicationsInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    10. 10. 1a. Let’s see how many series are organized by International Organisations (associations) based in Bogota, Colombia.1b. Where can you find the names of the series?2a. For the ICCA 2010 Congress in Hyderabad, Mr. Jens Bungardt provided additional information on the World Congress of the International Union of Food Science and Technology –IUFoST-. Where can you find this info?2b. You would like to know more about the exhibition attached to this meeting. We have this available for the 2010 edition which took place in Cape Town. Where can you find this information?International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    11. 11. 3a. Please have a look at series # 1604101. Does Mexico have a chance of winning the bid for 2019?3b. Do you think the organization will consider Mexico for 2022?International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    12. 12. Rotation area examples• World/International: the conference rotates between all continents• Europe: the conference rotates only within Europe• Scandinavia: the conference rotates only between Scandinavian countries Remember to: choose your continent AND World/InternationalInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    13. 13. 4a. Please look for potential business for a conference centre in Puerto Rico with a maximum of 1,200 attendants and with a commercial exhibition attached.4b. Please save your search.4c. Look at your result. You decide to immediately follow up on the first lead. Let your colleagues know this by attaching a note.4d. Open the selection and check how many Series make use of a conference centre.International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    14. 14. Events5a. You are working for a congress centre based in Santiago de Chile, Chile and want to check if there are any events in the ICCA Database taking place in that city as of 1 September 2013 without a venue.5b. Are any of these events with commercial exhibition?5c. What do you do when you notice there is information missing in one of the event profiles?5d. What can you do if you know a lot about an event and you would not mind other ICCA members contacting you about it?5e. What do you do when an entire event (or series) is missing?International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    15. 15. Mail merge!Steps to generate direct mail:1. Make a selection on-line2. Export the profiles3. View and check them in Excel, filter your result if necessary (on preferred venue, first open year, city, etc).4. Save the file in Excel Workbook Database format5. Connect this Database to Word (Mail Merge)6. Insert the fields needed in the letter or directory7. Merge!International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    16. 16. Statistics 2011(nr of meetings) Country ranking: 1 USA (759) 2 Germany (577) 3 Spain (463) 4 UK (434) 5 France (428) 6 Italy (363) 7 Brazil (304) 8 China-P.R. (302) 9 Netherlands (291) 10 Austria (267)International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    17. 17. City ranking: 1 Vienna (181) 2 Paris (174) 3 Barcelona (150) 4 Berlin (147) 5 Singapore (142) 6 Madrid (130) 7 London (115) 8 Amsterdam (114) 9 Istanbul (113) 10 Beijing (111)International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    18. 18. Event insiders (new feature)International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    19. 19. International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    20. 20. Core PCO (new feature)International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    21. 21. Remember- ICCA criteria- Target your search: Series or Events? - Series: - Search for potential business - Report an update - Decision information - Additional scanned information - BE extra information - Remarks - UIA - Events: - Search for confirmed business - Report an update - I’m an insider - Exhibition link- Database online: - Research Corner - User Manual Association DatabaseInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
    22. 22. 51st ICCA Congress Thank you!International Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12