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FE_3_Parallel Session - Lessons From ICCA's Best Marketing Award: How to stand out from the crowd


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FE_3_Parallel Session - Lessons From ICCA's Best Marketing Award: How to stand out from the crowd

  1. 1. Lessons from ICCA’s Best Marketing Award How to stand out from the crowd?
  2. 2. ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Programme Twitter: #RSMP14 Marta Wiśniewska, Coordinator Gdansk Convention Bureau, Poland Ian Whiteling, Editor Meeting the World, USA James Rees, Executive Director ExCel London, United Kingdom
  3. 3. ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Programme Twitter: #RSMP14 GDANSK STORY LESSON LEARNT GROUP EXERCISE EXPERT ADVICE
  4. 4. gdansk baubles Unique Business Project with Very Limited Resources A lesson how to implement corporate social responsibility into PR activity
  5. 5. Gdansk Introduction Gdansk Convention Bureau 400 000 meetings participants a year Brand new convention centre UEFA EURO 2012 Host City No 3 conference destination in Poland
  6. 6. Gdansk Challenge 2 2009 - 2011 675 000 EUR  26% decrease in number of meetings  the quality… - let’s not even go there…  serious breakdown in marketing and PR It had to stop… IMEX, May 2012
  7. 7. Here's the situation:  EIBTM 2012 is approaching  9 000 potential clients ARE coming to Barcelona  no specific plan to attract them  almost no budget left Tick..Tock.. – the clock is ticking! We defined clearly our goals: • attract 8-10% guests more • The quality must change • attract international media
  8. 8. What do you do when you have basically no money left for marketing… ? Step outside the box!
  9. 9. Thinking out of a box… … and that is how Gdansk Christmas Baubles project was born…
  10. 10. Gdansk Christmas Baubles Make your own Christmas Bauble Project is developed to complex CSR… Baubles + coffee + gifts for Children of Barcelona christmas chillout zone
  11. 11. Full Concept Gdansk Christmas Baubles project consisted of 4 levels: B – Gifts from Trade visitors A – Donation – 250 EUR D – End of the show – Exhibitors gifts C – Personal touch – Christmas Bauble
  12. 12. Partners engagement  1st step Engaging other convention bureaux from Poland and Polish exhibitors  2nd step Strategic partner of the CSR - EIBTM - Reed TRAVEL Exhibtion. Donation is doubled!  3rd step Associations / ICCA
  13. 13. Gdansk + EIBTM Barcelona Turisme Convention Bureau Federacio Catalana de Voluntariat Social Whom and how? How would we do it? GDANSK CVB 250 EUR contribution school supplies EIBTM 250 EUR contribution games for “logic“ and “memory“ learning This centre helps “unloved” children in their growth and development. FUNDACIO ALDEES INFANTILS SOS CATALUNYA Aldea Infantil de Sant Feliu de Codines
  14. 14. A picture is worth a thousand words
  15. 15. From Client perspective "I like the way Gdansk brought industry attention to the importance of CSR. I'm sure relationships they build now will bear fruit in the future.” "I am amazed with Gdansk project and the fact how it attract buyers to their stand. Everyone's enjoying the idea. I can see few key industry players. Well done.” Linda Pereira Owner, CPL MEETINGS & EVENTS Valentini Amarantidou, Director of Development at Artion Conferences & Events
  16. 16. Key to success Often we underestimate people's need to help others The idea was brilliant in its simplicity International societies / associations congratulating Gdansk the project The biggest surprise?
  17. 17. PROJECT COST: 250 EUR donation (+250EUR EIBTM contribution) 300 EUR for Christmas decorations, baubles, etc Total 550 EUR Gdansk’s Contribution Evaluation - Cost
  18. 18. • 12% increase in the total number of meetings • quality of meetings changed 40% more associations 50% more corporates • five times more interviews Evaluation - ROI Gdansk reached a final client directly (decrease in agencies meetings)
  19. 19.  information potentially reached over 625 000 people  over 4000 buyers, from 66 countries  over 4000 visitors  exhibitors from 66 countries Evaluation - ROI Gdansk featured in key media titles Editorial value 8040 EUR
  20. 20.  Meetings industry has a heart as well as a head.  No more extravagant and elitist image  Social Legacy – Everyone encouraged to rethink their business philosophy  Solve problems of your own local community For Gdansk itself • positive destination image • great press coverage • numerous additional meetings Evaluation - ROI Not impressed with these numbers? Wait for the next slide…
  21. 21. ROI - We achieved this together
  22. 22. From Partner perspective Let’s ask EIBTM our strategic Partner why did they support us Gdansk Convention Bureau called us few weeks before the 2012our event asking if we could support their project. When we got into details of what they wanted to do we found it genuinely interesting and innovative. Of course we were too happy to support the team in the EIBTM Christmas Bauble campaign particularly as it ally so well with our own sustainability objectives but then it was really interesting way to incorporate social responsibility into their PR activity. We were especially thrilled that they supported a local Spanish orphanage donating the gifts collected during the show. The campaign was creative and inspiring implemented by passionate and highly professional team. They did extra mile or kilometer to do something really different. In fact their communication campaign was so strong we selected them to win the EIBTM 2012 PR Effectiveness Award due to the extensive ways which used many PR opportunities available to gain maximum exposure from the initiative. Gdansk we wish you every success and look forward to catching up during second edition of Gdansk Christmas Baubles initiative in just a couple of weeks time! GOOD LUCK!
  23. 23.  Be brave with your projects!  Communication is the key…  Accept and face challenges that industry brings you  Word of mouth promotion  Social media  You don't need big budgets to be visible  As industry professionals we also have a mission: To bring industry attention to the necessity of running CSR projects  Social Legacy - as part of our day-to-day work  Influence local societies  Cooperate with other ICCA Members  Exchange ideas, share Tips for ICCA Members
  24. 24.  Importance of investing in relationships  CSR projects should be part of our Business Model  Gdansk will continue Christmas Baubles project DURING OTHER TRADE SHOWS (WINTERTIME)  Successful communities and relations translate to successful businesses What did we learn as destination?
  25. 25. Gdansk honoured with EIBTM Award – Best use of PR
  26. 26. Gdansk THANK YOU
  27. 27. ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Programme Twitter: #RSMP14 Strong competitors Finalists 2013: Gdansk Convention Bureau Melbourne Convention Bureau Palais des Congres de Montreal VisitDenmark
  28. 28. ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Programme Twitter: #RSMP14 Winner is announced
  29. 29. ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Programme Twitter: #RSMP14 Project + BMA Qualification + Award impact on the destination Publicity (check numer of press releases and estimated value) Bedouk advertisement ICCA Membership directory
  30. 30. ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Programme Twitter: #RSMP14 Feels like heaven
  31. 31. ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Programme Twitter: #RSMP14 • Simple idea • Fantastic ROI • Small CVB – Great Partners of the Project • Enthusiastic team • Good content • Be very clear and honest in the entry • Show figures Why was the entry successful?
  32. 32. ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Programme Twitter: #RSMP14 • We learnt from past mistakes – 2011/2012 campaign did not qualify • The project was well explained:  What were the marketing challenges?  What was innovative and creative?  What lessons can other ICCA members learn?  How was the project undertaken?  What were key steps?  Were targets met? Why was the entry successful?
  33. 33. ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Programme Twitter: #RSMP14 • Gdansk entry was rewritten 3 times before we decided to submit • Presentation / language barier • Make audience feel like they were part of it • Make them understand • Build emotions around the project • Last but not least - smile… Why was the entry successful?
  34. 34. ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Programme Twitter: #RSMP14 Let’s work in groups  Campaign/project  Past/current/future  What’s unique/innovative?  How will you measure ROI?  Share with others TOP 5 things you learned
  35. 35. ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Programme Twitter: #RSMP14 Thank You! Best Marketing Award closing date for entries is 19 September 2014