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14 ICCA RSMP 2012 - Embrace your enemy for mutual success


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Presentation given at the ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Programme 2012

The ICCA RSMP took place from 13 - 16 June 2012 at the Festival Spieler Hauze in Bregenz, Austria.

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14 ICCA RSMP 2012 - Embrace your enemy for mutual success

  1. 1. ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing ProgrammeEmbrace your Enemy forMutual SuccessInternational Congress and Convention | | #irsmp12
  2. 2. This session is: Presented by Michael Black and Julie WatterstonInternational Congress and Convention |
  3. 3. What is an Alliance?International Congress and Convention |
  4. 4. Alliances in the Meetings IndustryInternational Congress and Convention |
  5. 5. INCON Ltd• The international network of Professional Conference Organisers (PCO)• A partnership of leading companies providing PCO and event management services• Combining global presence and local expertise• Substantial purchasing powerInternational Congress and Convention |
  6. 6. Best Cities• An alliance of convention bureaux• Berlin, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Dubai, Edinburgh, Houston, Melbourne, San Juan, Singapore, Vancouver• Confidence, Continuity and Convenience• Same high service each time• Share information• One Contact, 10 Best CitiesInternational Congress and Convention |
  7. 7. Energy Cities• Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi, Calgary, and Perth• Expertise in energy topics• Share in the energy and vibrancy of the world’s powerhouse economies• “The energy transfer advantage”International Congress and Convention |
  8. 8. Global Congress Centre Alliance• International continental rotation representation• Aberdeen, Boston, Durban, Hamburg and Mexico City• Share similar center characteristics, initiatives and service levels• Quarterly lead sharing and synergies• Joint representation with client prospectingInternational Congress and Convention |
  9. 9. What are the goals?• Best practices• Business development• Client relationship management• Financial success• Lead generation• Reduced marketing costsInternational Congress and Convention |
  10. 10. Setting up an alliance• Who to invite to join?• Membership criteria?• Membership/joining fee• Business and marketing plan• Target audience• Goals• Operating rules• ObjectivesInternational Congress and Convention |
  11. 11. Create your own Alliance!International Congress and Convention |
  12. 12. Your Ideas• Festival/Opera event alliance• Global cities business travel taxi cab• Boutique and small business shops• Small museums network• Nuclear Energy debate groupInternational Congress and Convention |
  13. 13. ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing ProgrammeThank you!http://www.watterston.comInternational Congress and Convention | | #irsmp12