ICD-10 Training


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ICD-10 Training

  1. 1. Setting Standards For ICD-10 Training
  2. 2. ICD-10 TrainingICD-10 Coders Academy’s Mission is toefficiently and effectively aid you in reachingyour ICD-10 training goalsWe are: Dedicated to setting a high standard for ICD-10 training Experts in ICD-10 training Offering multiple training models
  3. 3. Concern and Anxiety of Organizations & Individuals about ICD-10 Training When to Loss of start Productivity !! training? Training Training of Cost!!Entire Staff !!
  4. 4. Your worries about ICD-10 Training Ends here!!!! Click on next Slide
  5. 5. Every individual & organization has differenttraining needs & requirement, in order tomeet the necessity of different people wehave developed three training model:◦ Online Training◦ Onsite Training◦ Hybrid Training
  6. 6.  Our online training is one of the first online training on ICD-10 Online training is module based, comprehensive & self paced Our online training covers ICD-10-CM, ICD- 10-PCS, GEM, HIPAA 5010 & HL7 Basics Each module has practice exam to practice and understand the topic well People can keep a track of number of training hours attended & test scores to monitor their progress
  7. 7. ICA offers Comprehensive ICD-10 Trainingfor: Healthcare Consultants Medical Coders Medical Billers Registered Nurses Allied Healthcare Professionals Healthcare IT Software Developers Physicians
  8. 8. Feature Benefit Online training provides Online training give you ample time independent, self-paced learning to “Practice” which is the key to be from any location at any time proficient in ICD-10Students are able to revisit training Increases your confidence & modules as necessary competency Training support is provided by Unlimited support & assistance AHIMA trained ICD-10 experts, via email, chat or phone as dictated by the student’s specific needs The organizations Project Manager To keep track of progress andwill have access to all aggregate data timelines from employees.All training programs include student Opportunity to revisit & revise the access through December 31, 2014 training again
  9. 9.  Our onsite training is ideal for those who do not prefer online training Onsite training is delivered by the people who know it best Our onsite training curriculum can be tailored as per the requirement of the facility Specialty-focused provider training will be available for radiology, oncology and cardiology etc
  10. 10.  Customized training to fit facility unique needs Save time and money with convenient, high quality training. Training is conducted in a familiar & confidential environment Discussions that are exclusive relevant to your group’s need Eliminate your staff’s travel time & expense
  11. 11.  ICD-10 Coders Academy has designed a nation’s first training model which brings the benefit of both Online & Onsite training. Especially for organizations looking for training with flexible schedule, continuous training access and high-quality ICD-10 education are combined with face-to-face interaction with live trainers & customized training.
  12. 12. For Participants For OrganizationsModule-based, self-paced Flexible scheduletrainingContinuous learning opportunity Cost effectiveOnline training access until Maximum learningDecember 31, 2014Does not disturb work schedule Minimum loss of productivityPeer-to-peer learning Specialty-wise customization per requirementInteraction with live trainers Complete visibility of employees training progress
  13. 13. Thank YouVisit: www.icd10codersacademy.comContact No. 321-332-0766