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Wheat rusttoolbox early_warning_jgh2


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Wheat rusttoolbox early_warning_jgh2

  1. 1. 1J. G. Hansen, 2K. Nazari, 3D. Hodson, 1P. Lassen, 1M. S. Hovmøller 1Aarhus University, Denmark; 2Icarda, Izmir, Turkey; 3CIMMYT, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Global Rust Reference Center Wheat Rust Toolbox RustTrackerWheat Stripe Rust Scientific solutions for countries
  2. 2. Outline • Wheat Rust Toolbox ICT Framework • Available tools and services for Stripe rust • Conclusions and perspectives
  3. 3. Wheat Rust Toolbox ICT framework SQL Databases: Host-Pathogen etc. Models and applications layer [.NET] Exchange and integration with external platforms EuroWheat Wheat rust toolbox GRRC XML, CSV RustTracker Wheat Stripe Rust
  4. 4. BGRI Integrated Information Resources CIMMYT Cultivars Dbase Molecular Dbase Rust on Barberry DbaseSurvey Dbase Pathotype Dbase Trap Nursery Dbase Cultivars Dbase Contacts Dbase Screening Nursery Dbase Rust Tracker Wheat Atlas
  5. 5. Early warning for wheat rust • Surveillance: Where, what, how much, change in time and space • Monitoring : Pathotyping, genotyping and phenotyping • Stability of resistance: What cultivars are attacked/not attacked • Relations and Evolution of (meta)Populations of Puccinia: • Farming community: Avoid severe epidemics (control measures) • Breeding community: Strategies for breeding of resistant cultivars • Scientific community: Build upon, coordinate and integrate • Political: Food security, Strategic and tactical decisions
  6. 6. Stripe Rust – available tools and services Trap Nursery data management and display system Survey mapper Virulence and race mapper Genotype mapper YR27 Pst races Europe
  7. 7. Surveillance – Data entry web form
  8. 8. Surveillance cover 36 countries
  9. 9. Stem rust in E. Africa, Stripe Rust in C/W Asia
  10. 10. 4293 isolates from 32 countries 1993-2014 + Stubbs collection Europe: 3120 Asia: 500 Africa: 414 Americas: 130 New Zealand: 30 Stripe rust virulence and race data
  11. 11. Total different races in different continents
  12. 12. 2009 2010 2011 2013 2012 Changes in races 2009 – 2013 - to Warrior and Kranich
  13. 13. YR27 effective in Europe – not in CWANA
  14. 14. Trap Nursery Update Kumarse Nazari, David Hodson & Jens G. Hansen Outline:  Status  Preparation for 2014
  15. 15. Integrate with other data Expert panel PDF Report Resistance Gene effectiveness TN data Data management and Display system Ex for Stem rust TN – data management system
  16. 16. TN - display of results
  17. 17. Test criteria set: (dynamic) 2012 results 44 (24 return) Attack on Morocco ≥ 20% Severity on cultivar ≤ 5% Infection type ≤ R-MR TN – Gene Rank Chart – Gene effective
  18. 18. TN 2014 • In 2014: TOTAL SETS SENT TO NARS = 241 (Stem, Leaf and Stripe) • Data responsible should upload own results into the toolbox. • Data providers will get access to the Wheat Rust Toolbox analysing tools. • Expert group provide pdf report on gene effectiveness • Include YR TN TN partners, 20 minutes training and discussion at this meeting Time will be announced
  19. 19. Conclusions • The Wheat Rust Toolbox represents a unique, robust data management system for wheat rust surveillance and monitoring data • A suite of query and display tools provide new options to interrogate the data • Patterns and trends across large geographical scales can now be determined very rapidly • This unique “big picture” overview permits early warning of important changes and allows more informed decision making