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Summary of Theme 4 Outcomes: Policies for enhancing food security


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Dr. H. Laamrani, IDRC, Egypt

Published in: Technology, Business
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Summary of Theme 4 Outcomes: Policies for enhancing food security

  1. 1. Moderator 4
  2. 2. Careful with negative water policies…• Shortage in water supply (subsidies forgroundwater use)• Deteriorated soil fertility (subsidy onpesticides that leads to excessive use of it)• Lack of supply to the domestic market (toomuch promotion of exports that leave thedomestic market without supply)• Land fragmentation (land policy thatencourages heritage system)
  3. 3. Actionable solutions• Policy advisory board is a mechanism to push foodpolicies by multi-stakeholders and cross-sectoralplayers to build consensus• Water and food policy strategies consideringcomparative advantages, country assets and naturalresource endowments (food self-sufficiency vs. self-reliance). Including global treaties and agreements(such as Codex Alimentations and WTO) Policies cannotbe put without strategies, including all elements offood security. set the standards that have to be takeninto account before setting the policies.
  4. 4. Actionable solutions• Water valuation should consider equitydimension• Changing diets for water saving and sustainabilityrequires strategic educational programs• Nutrition and food security should beconsidered at different levels, macro but moreimportantly household level.• Push forward use of marginal treated wastewater.
  5. 5. Part of the solution …• Safety nets, stability in food prices and bufferstock strategy• Better institutions and markets (enablinginstitutions), including smart incentives, andlegislations• More agricultural research• Investments in agriculture (private publicalong the value chain)