Afshari,2nd yr sym. turkey 2014


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Afshari,2nd yr sym. turkey 2014

  1. 1. The wheat stripe rust pathogen in Iran and achievement of resistant wheat cultivars over last 10 years F. Afshari, K. Nazari, M. Aghaei, G. Najafian, M. Esmaeilzadeh, A. Yazdansepas, M. Khodarahmei, A. Amini, R. Roohparvar, M. Hashamei, A. Malihipour and M. Patpour Seed and Plant Improvement Institute, Karaj, Iran 2IWSRS, Izmir, Turkey 28Apr-1May. 2014
  2. 2. Important Wheat Diseases • Stripe rust (North, West, Center) • Leaf rust (North, South) • Stem rust (North) • Fusarium (HB) (North) • Powdery Mildew (North) • Septoria (North, South west)
  3. 3. Wheat Disease and Breeding for Resistance Project in Iran (SPII) Pathogen: Tracking, Surveillance, Epidemiology and Pathotyping (using of Geographical Information Service and Greenhouse facilities) Host: Screening of Resistance source (wild and relatives), Cross and evaluation of F gen., PWSN, PRWYT, ARWYT and Elite germplasm in seedling and AP stages Contribution: with ICARDA, CIMMYT, FAO and BGRI
  4. 4. 1986 1993 1991 1991 1994 1995 Yr9 Virulence
  5. 5. Stem rust race Ug99 Uganda 1998-99 Kenya 2001 Yemen 2006 Iran 2007 Ethiopia 2003
  6. 6. YR2010 YR 2013
  7. 7. Table 1: Locations and yellow rust pathotypes (races) identified in Iran No. Location Race No. Location Race 1 Gonbad 4E0A+ 15 Karaj Ahvza.3 Ahvza.4 Lar.1 Mogan.2 6E142A+ 2 Joyem Lar 4E4A+ 16 Bye Kola 6E148A+ 3 Maneh.1 4E8A+ 17 Mogan.3 6E150A+ 4 Sari 6E0A+ 18 Mogan.4 Mogan.5 6E158A+ 5 Islam Abad.1 6E2A+ 19 Garakhil.3 6E174A+ 6 Garakhil.1 6E4A+ 20 Bojnord.2 38E66A+ 7 Garakhil.2 , Malayer Araghimahaleh Darab.1 6E6A+ 21 Bojnord.3 134E4A+ 8 Hamadan Zargan 6E22A+ 22 Mashhad 134E6A+ 9 Darab.2 6E44A+ 23 Yazd.1 Yazd.2 134E130A+ 10 Gorgan 6E78A+ 24 Yazd.3 Torogh 134E142A+ 11 Islam Abad.2 6E128A+ 25 Maneh.2 134E150A+ 12 Gazvin.1, Gazvin.2 6E130A+ 26 Gachsaran 166E30A+ 13 Ahvza.1, Dezful.1, Bojnord.1 Dezful.2 Ahvza.2 6E134A+ 27 Lar.2 166E134A+ 14 Mogan.1 6E138A+ 28 Sari 230E142A+, Yr27+
  8. 8. Race analysis of wheat yellow rust pathogen in 2009-10 Mashhad Gorveh Sanandaj Sararod Sari Moghan Zarghan Gorghan Khoram abad 6E0(8)A+ 66E0A+ 70E14A+ 6E8A+, Yr27+ 70E10A +,Yr27 82E0A+, Yr27 66E0A+, Yr27 70E0A+, Yr27 70E10A+, Yr27
  9. 9. Old cultivar Reaction Chamran 70MS Shirodi 70MS Shiraz 70MS Pishtaz 30MR Tos 100S Shahriar 100S Marvdasht 20MR Dez 70MS Mahdavi 90S NickNejad 20MR Darab2 60MS Atrak 60MS Tajan 70MS Falat 90MS Gods 100S Hyrmand 50M Alemoot 90S Zarrin 50MS Alvand 40M Kavir 70S
  10. 10. Yr Pst. Yr27+ • Base on our national rust surveillance in 2004 (Virulence for Yr27) in South & West of IRAN (Fars and Kermanshah). • Test of wheat genetic materials in Zarghan was done. • Over last 10 years 13 resistance wheat Cvs. for different climate of Iran are released.
  11. 11. Gene/sSr (Ug99) LrYr (Yr27) PedigreeCultivar UnknownRMRRPRL/2*PASTORSirevan UnknownMMRRZHONG ZUO/2*GREEN-3Behrang UnknownMMRRAtila50Y/Atila/BacanoraChamran2 UnknownRMMF-gy54/AttilaOfoug Sr2,Yr30 Yr9/Lr26/S r31 MSMRATRAK/WANG-SHUI-BAIGonbad UnknownMSMRRKauz"S"/Azd or KAUZ(SIB)/(AZD)AZADI Sivand Sr2+, Yr30 RMRRDove"S"/Buc"S"//2*Darab1 or DOVE(SIB)/(SIB)BUCKBUC K(M-84-17)//2*DARAB Parsi Sr2+,Yr30 Yr18/Lr34 RMRMilan/Sha7 or MILAN/SHANGHAI-7 Morvareid UnknownMSMRRBkt/90Zhong87 (Sister line)Pishgam Yr18/Lr34MSMRR130L1.11//F35.70/MO73/4/YM H/TOB//MCD/3/LIRA Zareh UnknownMSMRRAlvand//Ns732/HerUrom UnknownMSMRRBarkat/90Zhong87 (Sister line)Maihan Sr2,Yr30MMRRHD160/5/Tob/Cno/23854/3/Nai 60//Tit/Son64/4/LR/Son64 Aflak
  12. 12. Conclusion remarks Rust surveillance, race analysis, molecular genetic diversity at national and regional levels • Using GIS, preparing crop calendar for targeted regions •Searching for new sources of resistance genes and building up the genetic basis of resistance • Timely communication and exchange data among the rust networks •Regional traveling workshops and special training on rust monitoring • Breeding for high yielding durable resistant cultivars using APR minor genes/ molecular markers • Big challenge of replacing susceptible cultivars with resistance
  13. 13. Acknowledgment • SPII, AREEO-Iran • ICARDA • CIMMYT • FAO • BGRI
  14. 14. Thank you