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Christmas - Primary school Vestreno


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Presentazione realizzata dai bambini della classe quinta di Vestreno, nell’ambito del progetto e-twinning: il Natale italiano

Published in: Education
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Christmas - Primary school Vestreno

  1. 1. CHRISTMAS IN ENGLAND class 5 primary school Vestreno
  2. 2. Most families have a Christmas tree in their house
  3. 3. Holly and mistletoe are also used to decorate homes
  4. 4. On Christmas Eve children hang their stockings by the chimney or on the Christmas tree
  5. 5. They put out mince pies and milk for Santa and carrots or bread for his reindeer
  6. 6. Before Christmas they go singing carols around the villages and towns (they collect money for charity)
  7. 7. On the 25th December they open their presents
  8. 8. For Christmas lunch people usually have turkey and potatoes and then Christmas pudding
  9. 9. The table is decorated with a Christmas cracker for each person: when the crackers are pulled, a toy or gift falls out!!!
  10. 10. Merry Christmas