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SAP Business Objects - Next Level Business Performance Excellence

Menschen, Informationen und Unternehmen verknüpfen - Trends und Best Practices in Business Intelligence für Fachbereich und IT

BI-Strategie: Status Quo // 03.11.2010, Mannheim

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SAP Business Objects - Next Level Business Performance Excellence

  1. 1. SAP BusinessObjects Next Level Business Performance Excellence Menschen, Informationen und Unternehmen verknüpfen Trends und Best Practices in Business Intelligence für Fachbereiche und IT Dr. Stefan A. Knopf Vice President Sales SAP BusinessObjects DACH Mannheim, den 3. November 2010
  2. 2. © 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 2 SAP generiert heute signifikanten Mehrwert … … anhand marktführender Analysetools und der Abbildung komplexer Prozesse über 25 Industrien hinweg ... 4 Millionen Tonnen Chemikalien pro Tag 40 Millionen Barrel Öl pro Tag 75% der weltweiten Bierproduktion $330 Millionen Retail Transaktionen pro Tag 32.000 Fahrzeugmotoren pro Tag 2,5 Milliarden Utility-Abrechnungen pro Tag
  3. 3. © 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 3 …und erreicht 35 Millionen Anwender in 38 Jahren. Bis 50 Millionen Anwender erreicht wurden brauchte seit 1999 $ Subscription 85.000 Applications seit 2004 350.000.000 User 1.000.000 Entwickler seit 2008 Downloads 100.000 Applications Im Rampenlicht stehen andere….  Fernsehen 13 Jahre  Radio 38 Jahre  SAP 38+? Jahre  iPod 3 Jahre  Internet 4 Jahre
  4. 4. © 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 4 SAP Produktstrategie On Device On Premise SAP Business Suite 7 On Demand SAP Business ByDesignLOB On Demand  SOA enabled  Best practice packages  Non-disruptive enhancements 1  Instant value  LOB or Suite  Integrated to on premise 2  All devices  All user experiences  Easy to extend 3 Orchestration(MDM,BPM,ALM) 4 Consistent data, process, and lifecycle management
  5. 5. © 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 5 Openness SAP-Application Centric Source Agnostic User-Centricity Business Users IT Analysts SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse SAP BW Accelerator SAP BusinessObjects Information Management Solutions SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Solutions Governance, Risk&Compliance Solutions Enterprise Performance Management Solutions Task Workers SAP NetWeaver und SAP BusinessObjects führend in Business Intelligence SAP NW MDM SAP BusinessObjects  All people  All information  Open business intelligence platform SAP NetWeaver BW  Business ready  Integrated  Best for SAP application- centric environment
  6. 6. © 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 6 Businesspartners’ solution SAP NetWeaver Integration SAP NetWeaver Composition SRM SCM ERPPLMCRM Customsolution Ecosystemsolution EhP EhP SAP Business Suite TRANSAKTIONAL SAP Business Objects Enterprise Performance Management Governance, Risk and Compliance Spend Performance Management Profit & Cost Consolidatio n Planning Strategy Risk Management Access Control Process Control Global Trade Environment, Health & Safety ANALYTISCH Business Intelligence Crystal Reports Xcelsius, Explorer, Advanced Analysis Information Management Data Integrator Data Quality, Master Data Management, Meta Data Management Composition & Portal Composition Environment, Business Process Management, Business Rules Management, Enterprise Workspaces Business Warehouse Business Warehouse Accelerator Innovative Geschäftsmodelle Strategie- und Betriebsprozesse eng verzahnt
  7. 7. © 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 7 Public Analysten sehen SAP BusinessObjects als visionärste Lösung Size is the measure of a vendor’s software revenue in the selected market. Momentum is the size-adjusted annual software growth rate for the selected market Reliance is a vendor’s dependence on selected software revenue Diversity is the measure of the breadth and depth of product offerings within the selected software market “SAP BusinessObjects now has a broad portfolio of applications and its overall vision is very strong … linkage of EPM with GRC through its Strategy Management component is a visionary move …” Strictly Confidential SAP-BO 2008 SAP 2005 SAP 2006 SAP 2007 SAP-BO 2009
  8. 8. © 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 8 Business Intelligence (BI) PLMERPCRM BI unterstützt Geschäftsprozesse Verzahnung mit Geschäftsanwendungen und BPM-Systemen Vertrieb Operations Finanzen Produkte Transaktionsdaten Geschäftsereignisse, Prozesskennzahlen, Abweichungen Kontextanalyse, Historie Business Process Management (BPM)
  9. 9. © 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 9 Public Enterprise Performance Management ■ Strategie Management ■ Planung & Konsolidierung ■ Rentabilitäts- & Kostenmanagement ■ Financial Information ■ Ausgaben-Analyse Business Intelligence ■ Reporting ■ Query, OLAP & Analyse ■ Dashboards & Visualisierung ■ Suche & Navigation ■ Erweiterte Analyse Information Management ■ Daten-Integration ■ Datenqualitäts-Management ■ Stammdaten Management ■ Metadaten-Management Governance, Risk, & Compliance ■ Risiko-Management ■ Datenschutz & -sicherheit ■ Prozess-Kontrolle ■ Global Trade Services ■ Umwelt, Gesundheit & Arbeitsschutz SAP’s Produktstrategie Business Intelligence zu Ende gedacht SAP Business Suite 7 Unified Information Business Network Optimization Collaborative Decisions Enterprise Performance Management Governance Risk and Compliance Business Intelligence Platform Erkenntnisse umsetzen Optimierung & Risiko-Kontrolle Aus Informationen Erkenntnisse gewinnen Datenflut bändigen
  10. 10. © 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 10 Public Why SAP Applications Powered by In-Memory Technology Make Better Decisions Faster  New ways to look at the business based on instant access  Immediate access to relevant information  React quickly based on real time information  Less reliance on IT to gain insight needed Enable Innovative New Applications  Combine high volume transactions with analytics for improved BI  Accelerate transactional and operational systems for real access and improved decision making  Enable planning and forecasting applications based on real time operational data combined with analytics Reduce IT Burden and Mitigate risks  Dramatically reduced hardware and maintenance costs  In Memory solutions based on proven mature technology which are easy to implement  Non disruptive and fast to implement
  11. 11. © 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 11 Technologische Trends Integrierte Produkte Erweiterte Visualisierung Composit Applications / Mobile Verbesserte Governance in Datenqualität Stärkere Office Integration Performante Datenbanken Neue Bezugs- und Nutzungsmöglichkeiten
  12. 12. © 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 12 3 Erfolgsfaktoren für integrierte BPM- & BI- Lösungen CFO LOB CEO EMPLOYEE MANAGER EMPLOYEE CIO Visualization that enables end user’s needs Do you have a flexible software architecture that supports your business needs and reduces costs simultaneously? Performance for people to increase insight Can your employees access the information they need when they need it – fast without frontiers? Flexibility to respond to the pace of your business Is your current BI solution capable of supporting the pace in your industry?
  13. 13. Vielen Dank! Dr. Stefan A. Knopf Vice President Sales SAP BusinessObjects DACH SAP Deutschland AG & Co KG T +49/6227/766376 M +49/170/2200358 S +49/6227/746932