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Brazilian Plus Size Fashion and Beauty on Facebook


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The study applies a methodology developed by IBPAD about the references universe for a specific segment, with the aim of understanding multi-dimensionally who leads content production on the platform.

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Brazilian Plus Size Fashion and Beauty on Facebook

  3. 3. PLUS SIZE FASHION AND BEAUTY ON FACEBOOK The Mapping based on Network Analysis can not only answer that question, but also offer an overview of influencers’ preferences on media, culture, music and content practices. The study applies a methodology developed by IBPAD about the references universe for a specific segment, with the aim of understanding who leads content production on the platform multi-dimensionally.
  4. 4. METHODOLOGY STAGE 1 MAPPING OF REFERENCE PAGES We collected 100 “seeds”: pages that belong to bloggers who are focused on plus size fashion and beauty, in January 2016. These pages are defined as resources for network expansion. STAGE 2 EXPANSION OF PAGES UNIVERSE The extraction of ego-networks 1.5 from 100 pages allowed us to perform the reference mapping in 3.788 home pages, also with the connections measurement between referenced pages. Besides plus size blogs and content, several categories such as clothing brands, international blogs, artists, general fashion blogs, cosmetics, press, etc., were considered.
  6. 6. BRAZILIAN PAGES RANKING The connections mapping resulted in the network seen here. International references such as Plus Model Magazine, The Curvy Fashionista and GabiFresh were prominent in Brazilian bloggers mentioning. The interconnection between local bloggers and content producers was very relevant. We have here a list of the Top 10 Ranking Pages referenced by bloggers/content producers on Plus Size in Brazil, from the metric of the influence selected. It is possible to observe that the bloggers prefer to mention blogs of the same segment. Blogs on more general fashion and beauty only appear at rank 8 and 10. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Entre Topetes e Vinis Grandes Mulheres Beleza Sem Tamanho #6 #7 #8 #9 #10Blog Mulherãoão-153322298071871 Débora Fernandes Plus Relaxa Aí, Fofa Garotas Estúpidas SOU Gordinha SIM Just Lia Petiscos TOP 10 RANKING BRAZIL
  7. 7. TOP POSTS 2015: GRANDES MULHERES The posts of major impact in 2015 from the site Grandes Mulheres (Big Women) show the diversity of publication made by the segment influencers. The first result is an advertorial offered by Happn app. The second post, also related to the brand, shows the blogger’s album, while she was trying on bikinis by Sizely Lingerie. The third post of major impact also deserves a highlight, due to its explicit positioning against Glamour Brasil, for publishing an article with elements of fatphobia, identified by the blogger..
  8. 8. TOP POSTS 2015: ENTRE TOPETES E VINIS Entre Topetes e Vinis (Among Quiffs and Vinyls), by Ju Romano, was the second blog/content page most referenced during the research. The posts of largest impact were related to beauty appreciation, with emphasis on the May cover of Elle Magazine, with Ju Romano as the center piece of the anniversary edition. “Love yourself: Take on your Face, your Body and your Age with Proud” was the cover story that generated so much repercussion.
  9. 9. TOP POSTS 2015 : BELEZA SEM TAMANHO The blog Beleza Sem Tamanho (Beauty with no size limit) had in its two main publications in 2015 videos on plus size women’s physical and artistic abilities, to demystify the false relation between weight and health.
  10. 10. TOP POSTS 2015: DÉBORA FERNANDES PLUS Débora Fernandes Plus’ post of greater impact showed her photo in a bikini, with a text and link on self-esteem and beauty. As observed on the previous slides, other bloggers also established themselves through similar publications, reinforcing the importance that bloggers have as reference figures to readers who still fear the “beach/summer body” taboo. The second largest impact publication is a commercial post, with a look book from a São José dos Campos store. It gained relevant repercussion thanks to the blogger.
  11. 11. TOP POSTS 2015: BLOG MULHERÃO Posts with motivational and self-reassuring sentences from Blog Mulherão (Big hot lady Blog) exemplify very well the political-linguistic positioning of the word “fat”, in an objective and positive way. The third highest engagement publication of the year is about affection, a very relevant theme in the segment.
  13. 13. GabiFresh The Curvy Fashionista Garner Style #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Nicolette Mason Girl with Curves #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 Nadia Abolhousn Curves and Chaos Curvy Girl Chic Stylish Curves Stéphanie Zwicky RANKING OF INTERNATIONAL PAGES The international blogs seen as reference for Brazilian bloggers are listed alongside. It is worth mentioning that the blog with the biggest number of fans (730,000) on this top 10 list, Garner Style, has a Facebook audience just slightly bigger than the biggest Brazilian blog (Grandes Mulheres, with 723,000 fans), which shows the relevance of the theme in the country. TOP 10 INTERNATIONAL RANKING
  14. 14. INTERNATIONAL BLOGS : THE CURVY FASHIONISTA The Curvy Fashionista blog, leader among international references, publishes content related to fashion, beauty and self-esteem. The post with greater impact in 2015 is a sequence of subtitled frames from the speech on body image of the actress Lillian Bustle. The post with the second higher impact was apparently sponsored by the brand Lane Bryant, from the #PlusIsEqual campaign.
  15. 15. INTERNATIONAL BLOGS : GABIFRESH Two posts with highest repercussion on Gabi Fresh’s blog used photographs just barely related to the fashion topic. The second highest engagement publication is an ad of the collection signed by the blogger for SwimSuits For All.
  16. 16. INTERNATIONAL BLOGS : GARNER STYLE The Garner Style page also targeted more viral publications, such as the three most popular seen above. It is interesting to observe the redefinition of phrases used in pejorative contexts.
  18. 18. #7 #10 Océane Femme Chanel MAC Cosmetics Sephora #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 O Boticário Avon BR #6 #8 #9 COSMETICS The Beauty Box Dove NYX Cosmetics Quem Disse, Berenice? The Magnificent Me campaign highlighted six consumers chosen in a contest held in 2015, with the objective to show the brand’s diversity, including Luz Maria Vargas.
  19. 19. SWAK Designs ASOS Curve Fashion To Figure Lane Bryant Torrid Monif C. Plus Sizes #7 #10 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #8 #9 CLOTHING Carmakoma Evans Lunender Flaminga Plus Size With over 470,000 fans, the Lunender Store page produces content for the segment, which has a dedicated section on its e-commerce. In 2015, it published 30 posts (amongst 785) on plus size, including videos and tips by Dudu Bertholini. The multi brand store Flaminga, dedicated to plus size clothing, was another Brazilian page referenced on the segment’s top 10. Its main publication had a photograph of the model Tess Holliday with a self- reassuring message.
  20. 20. MEDIA
  21. 21. Curvy Magazine SKORCH Magazine Plus Model Magazine #7 #10 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #8 #9 MEDIA Vogue Volup2 Elle Brasil Glamour Brasil Daily Venus Diva Vogue Brasil MdeMulher Publications targeted for the plus size audience, such as Plus Model Magazine, share the market with brands like Vogue and Elle. The outlet addresses themes related to fashion and beauty, uses viral content and celebrities’ catch phrases and quotes, like the phrase that stimulates self-acceptance mentioned by Adele. SKORCH Magazine mainly explores fashion for plus size women. The magazine frequently shares motivational publication and critics made by other pages, which take action in favor of empowerment and against fatphobia. One of the most commented content during the period showed a social experiment made by a plus size artist, which made people aware of the prejudice suffered by oversized people.
  22. 22. MEDIA: M DE MULHER The portal M de Mulher (M of Woman) has over 2.5 million fans, and regularly produces content on the plus size universe. The portal also presents the “A Gorda e o Gay (The fatty girl and the Gay guy) series”, starred by Ju Romano and Lucas Castilho, with women universe’s taboos themes, especially oversized girls and homosexuals.
  23. 23. CULTURE
  24. 24. #7 #10 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #8 #9 MUSIC Beyoncé Adele The Glamazons Mary Lambert Rihanna Beth Ditto Meghan Trainor Alicia Keys Lady Gaga Katy Perry On her page, the North American singer Mary Lambert makes occasional comments on issues such as the prejudice suffered by oversized people. One of the main publications she made in 2015 refers to the polemic video “Dear Fat People”, where the comedian Nicole Arbour uses pejorative tones to minimize fatphobia and to criticize oversized women. The singer used her page to condemn the content and to refer a criticism signed by the writer Lindy West.
  25. 25. MODELS: HELENA CUSTÓDIO The Brazilian model Helena Custódio, also called our attention because of her content relevance on Facebook, which mainly consists on promotion of her professional material with motivational phrases, that stimulate self-love and fight against prejudice.
  26. 26. #7 #10 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #8 #9 ACTRESSES Mariana Xavier Queen Latifah Melissa McCarthy Megan Fox Bruna Marquezine Cacau Protasio Dascha Polanco Hayley Hasselhoff Lypita Nyong’o Priscilla Marinho Worldwide plus size famous actresses like Queen Latifah and Melissa McCarthy are in the head positions in terms of reference among plus size bloggers. It has also drawn attention references to Brazilian artists like Mariana Xavier, Cacau Protasio and Priscilla Marinho, who took the 3 first positions of the TOP 10 most liked actresses ranking.
  27. 27. ACTRESSES: MARIANA XAVIER Mariana Xavier gained popularity after being part of the soap opera “I Love Paraisópolis”, aired on TV Globo. The actress who had one of her lines listed as one of the best phrases in 2015, according to MSN portal, frequently posts content that condemn fatphobia and stimulate oversized women’s self-acceptance.
  28. 28. #7 #10 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #8 #9 PHOTOGRAPHERS Elly Mayday Adriana Libini Lydia Hudgens Kelly Hato Victoria Janashvili Kelvin Yule Jo Anders Bentdal Leo Augusto Nicki Twang Candice Lake The content promoted on the page of the photographer Adriana Libini is mainly professional. The artist develops projects that explore the plus size woman’s sexuality and a large part of the promotional albums of her portfolio consists on photos on this theme. The Dama de Seda catalogue, starred by Brazilian Plus Size Misses Barbara Monteiro, Ingrid Krigen and Karol Ribeiro was one of the main publications during the period.
  29. 29. #7 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #8 DESIGNERS / ILLUSTRATORS Negahamburguer Edull Tim Shumate Tara O Brien Juan Alcantara Natalie Perkins Fernando Ferreiro FernandoFerreiroIllustrator Becca Whitaker Some visual artists were on the list. Among them, Edull, author of the projects Make Your Selfie and Modern Princess, aimed at the empowerment and representativeness of the plus size woman. The Negahamburguer project has over 115,000 fans on Facebook and, trough illustrations, explores content that focus on oversized and black women empowerment, based on self-love premises and criticizing attitudes that minimize the struggle against prejudice.
  30. 30. #7 #10 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #8 #9 TV PROGRAMS Big Sexy Casting Curvy Girls Drop Dead Diva Gossip Girl Glee Sex and the City The Big Bang Theory Esquadrão da Moda Hoje em Dia Vanguarda Mix Among the main TV programs enjoyed by plus size bloggers, the top positions are filled out by attractions targeted for the plus size public, like Curvy Girls and Big Sexy Casting. Although these attractions have not published any relevant content during the period (the Curvy Girl page, as an example, was last updated in 2014). It is important to mention their relevance compared to other TV shows.
  31. 31. CONCLUSION
  32. 32. CONCLUSION The network analysis observed that Brazilian plus size bloggers are widely engaged in the production and promotion of self- acceptance and self-love content. In this process, content on fashion, beauty, health and self-esteem play an important role. More than just being represented, Brazilian plus size bloggers show an urge to spread out more and more the need to fight for the deconstruction of stereotypes and fight against hidden and explicit prejudices which they are target; The content produced and shared by Brazilian bloggers respond to direct or indirect content consumption coming from resources such as portals and other national and international blogs, especially those targeted for the plus size universe. Among the media profiles were: The Curvy Fashionista, GabiFresh and Garner Style blogs and the portals Plus Model Magazine, SCORCH Magazine and Curvy Magazine; Other pages like Vogue and Elle Brazil editorials are listed, however, a fact that called the attention was the presence of the Brazilian site M de Mulher in second place, among the most liked pages by Brazilian plus size bloggers. The profile positioning is due to the frequent promotion of content produced by Ju Romano, especially the vlog A Gorda e o Gay (The fatty girl and the Gay guy), among other reasons;
  33. 33. CONCLUSION On the top of the cosmetic preferences list are international wide reach brands, such as MAC Cosmetics, Channel and Sephora, as well as more popular and accessible like Avon and Dove. Other national brands such as O Boticário and Quem Disse, Berenice? appeared in important positions; Among the international clothing brands are Monif C. and Torrid, besides the line Curve from ASOS. Brazilian brands Lunender and Flaminga Plus Size are also among the main references mentioned by the bloggers; Brazilian plus size bloggers influence not only followers media preferences, but also beauty and clothing consumer habits. From this mapping, it was possible to list the most followed brands by the influencers; In terms of musical consumption, it was possible to identify that among the Brazilian bloggers POP style, and plus size artists, like the British singer Adele and the American singers Mary Lambert, Beth Ditto and Meghan Trainor prevails. In third place on the ranking of preferences is the group The Glamazons, composed by plus size burlesques singers. The Glamazons got popular after appearing on America’s Got Talent;
  34. 34. CONCLUSION It was also possible to identify the TV programs that Brazilian plus size bloggers watch. In the main positions are the TV series Curvy Girls and the reality show Big Sexy Casting, whose theme is basically related to the plus size universe. National programs like Esquadrão da Moda and Hoje em Dia were among the 10 most watched; This mapping allowed us to notice the presence of Brazilian actresses Mariana Xavier (in second place on the ranking), Cacau Protasio and Priscilla Marinho among Brazilian plus size bloggers preference. Amongst the international preferences, we highlight the actresses Queen Latifah, Melissa McCarthy and Dascha Polanco; In the visual arts field, it is interesting to notice that the bloggers’ preference is not based on what oversized women portray, but on the possibility of promoting political messages and reflections about the prejudice oversized people suffer. Among the designers and illustrators that are on top of the list, the Brazilian Edull, creator of Modern Princess that represents Disney princesses in plus size version, is in the spotlight;
  35. 35. CONCLUSION And finally, the methodology used in the mapping allowed to conclude that the cultural and media consumer preferences, as well as the inspiration that Brazilian bloggers identify with denote the search for representativeness, but mainly the increase of the range these relevant conversations have on oversized women identity formation and their political issues. The interest of national and international fashion brands to guarantee plus size representativeness also generates questioning about the standards adopted. The requirements of Ford Models Agency are that plus size models wear between size 16 and 18 (USA), 44 and 46 (Brazil). This reality is not reflected among the preferences of Brazilian plus size bloggers. Among the main models followed by the influencers is Fluvia Lacerda, internationally known as the “plus size Gisele Bündchen” and the American Tess Holliday; Brazilian plus size bloggers influence not only followers’ media preferences, but also beauty and clothing consumer habits. From this mapping it was possible to list the brands influencers follow the most;
  36. 36. OUTCOMES The mapping presents a ranking and covers the preferences of Brazilian content producers on plus size fashion, but the network extracted can generate more information activated through deeper research such as: Specific Channels Study of Adequacy Competitive Segment Benchmarking Media Content Dissemination Analysis Content Category and Performance Analysis Mapping, Evasion and Crisis Resolution Related to the Segment Contact us to know more about our studies and digital communication & research intelligence services. IBPAD (Brazilian Institute of Research and Data Analysis) is a center of knowledge in the areas of Research and Public Opinion, Politics & Government Relations and Digital Communication. The focus of the Institute is the development, application and teaching of techniques and methodologies in data analysis with solid scientific basis. | | +55 11 3042-0218 | +55 61 4042-2018 Technical File Msc. Tarcízio Silva – Methodology, Analysis and Copywriting Msc. Max Stabile – Methodology Roberta Cardoso – Analysis and Copywriting Yuri Amaral - Illustration