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Check out the Jazz for Service Management beta. Demonstration of Jazz for Service Management, showcasing the value of linked data for simplifying integration across existing multivendor tools. It will also preview integration of IBM Tivoli Monitoring, Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager, SmartCloud Control Desk, Tivoli Business Service Manager, and Omnibus.

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Jazz for Service Management - OMNIbus

  1. 1. for Service ManagementTop 5 reasons to check out the BetaJohn Dinger– Distinguished Engineer, TivoliChristopher Lazzaro, - STSM, Jazz for Service Management © 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Information remains trapped in siloed managementtools, behind proprietary APIs… The Information Black Hole Clients Configuration Costs Users Incidents Impact • Multi-vendor environments Assets KPIs Security • Vendor specific APIs SLAs Changes • Expensive to integrate • Organizational siloes trap data • Cant see data relationships Proprietary • Point releases break revisions Tools & APIs © 2012 IBM Corporation2
  3. 3. What is Jazz for Service Management? An open & flexible architecture designed to improve visibility, control and automation through simplified integration of multi-vendor tools.  Easily plug in or swap out tools as needed Visibility  Integrate tools at a fraction of the time/cost  Develop integrations once and reuse many times Control  Leverage open services to further improve integration  Stop reworking integration with every point release Automation © 2012 IBM Corporation3
  4. 4. Jazz for Service ManagementApplies the genius & simplicity of the web to ignite IT agility… Simplify integration & Easily swap vendor Lower TCO across share relevant data tools and avoid lock in vendors and tools Connects related data Uses community Provides a common across multiple IT tools standards to allow & shared set of using simple web links, just plug & play of integration services like linking any two related ‘like’ tools accessible by any pages on the Web. from any vendor vendor tools. Registry - to find data , resources & relationships Visualization – to display Linked multi-tool data in context Data Administration – to lower Open Services cost of maintaining tools for Lifecycle Reporting – to better Collaboration* predict and plan Security – for compliant & quick login & data integrity4 * Based on W3C & coming soon Oasis
  5. 5. Dashboarding ServicesMobile UIs Integrated OSLC UI Previews Solution Dashboards JazzSM UIs Product UIs (Admin, Reporting) © 2012 IBM Corporation5
  6. 6. Active Reports Interact with reports without the need for server requests. This means reports can be emailed with interactive features. No coding required Clickable charts, sorting, radio button, tabs, cascading lists, checkbox filtering, ... © 2012 IBM Corporation 6
  7. 7. How: Linked Data © 2012 IBM Corporation77
  8. 8. Multi-Application Linked Data Scenario Service Desk queries Registry to find linked data for a resource Service Desk queries Providers to get details Service Desk Reconciled Server Information Registry License MonitoredManagement Applications Discovered Location Attributes Change History Change Management System Service Info Patch Tickets Management 8 Providers register their resource links © 2012 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. The financial impact of simpler, faster integration… Audience Today With JAZZ for Service Management Problem: Incident War Rooms Solution: Cross-Domain ViewSupport • 10 SMEs at $50/hr • Reduces SMEs by 5Staff • 20 hrs/wk in war room • Cuts time by 10 hrs/wk Labor Cost: $520,000/year Labor Cost: $130,000/year Problem: Integrating Incident Tools Solution: Integrate Once & ReuseIntegration • 2 weeks per integration • 1st integration = 2 weeksExpert • 5 integrations @ $12k each • 4 integrations = 1/2 wk/each Time to market: 10 weeks Time to market: 4 weeks Total Labor Cost: $60,000 Total Labor Cost: $24,000 Problem: Web Service Downtime Solution: Improved Uptime • $10k/hr ecomm. site; 1.6 hrs / wk • $10k/hr ecomm. site; .8 hrs / wkBusiness Lost transactions: $832k Lost transactions: $416kManager • Lose 1 client / min @ $300/yr in • Lose 1 client / min @ $300/yr In repeat business repeat business Customer churn: $1,497,600 Customer churn: $748,800Business Impact: Labor savings: $426,000; Revenue Savings: $1,164,800Total Savings = $1,590,8009 Based on ISST estimates of man hours required to develop individual monitoring tool integrations which populate a unified, real-time service desk view.
  10. 10. Introducing the Jazz for Service Management Hosted BetaServices Demonstrations Integrated Management Environment Sample Dashboards Sample Consumer SmartCloud Control Desk Tivoli Business Service Manager Sample Reports Try It TodayAdministration Services Registry Discovered Location Attributes (Sample Provider) (TADDM) Change History Monitored (TADDM) Applications (ITM) 10 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. HOSTED BETA DEMO11 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. Questions? Thank You  Connect via Transparent Development: http://ibm.biz/BdxR73 Watch demonstration videos • Registry • User Interface • Administration • Reporting • Security Download the latest drivers • Click on the latest milestone to get a quick demo of new features and link to ftp site which includes drivers, readme, and docs • The Readme includes important updates from last sprint, known defects, & a quick start for installation • The docs include very detailed spec information for the registry, it’s a great way to learn the exact protocol for registering & querying resources Post questions & interact in the forums • Overall / Install • User Interface • Registry • Reporting • Admin • Security Please visit the Tivoli User Community to download the replay of this webcast and presentation slides and to gain access to other exclusive content – just for members! To Login or Join: www.tivoli-ug.org The Cloud and Data Transformation: http://tivoli-ug.org/tech-zones/cloud-and-data-center-transformation/ Continue the discussion in our Community Forums where you can find questions and answers posted from today’s webcast: http://tivoli-ug.org/community-forums/f/9.aspx © 2012 IBM Corporation12