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Das IBM Forschungslabor als Arbeitgeber


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Presentation on IBM Research to Swiss university students.

Published in: Technology
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Das IBM Forschungslabor als Arbeitgeber

  1. 1. Das IBM Forschungslabor als ArbeitgeberDr. Martin SchmatzSystems Department ManagerIBM Research - Zurich
  2. 2. IBM Today Full Year 2011 - $106.9 B revenue Services Software - $15.9 B net income - $13.06 EPS - 46.9% profit margin Systems & Technology Finance Revenue for the year ended December 31, 2011 2
  3. 3. IBM Research: Globally Integrated Zurich Watson (NY) Established in 1956 Beijing Founded in New York in 1945 Established in 1995 Almaden (CA) Haifa Established in 1952 Established in 1972Austin (TX)Established in 1995 Tokyo Brazil Delhi Established in 1982 Established in 2010 Established in 1998 Africa (Kenya) Established in 2012 3 3
  4. 4. IBM Research - Zurich - Since 1956 - 45 different nationalities - 90 collaborative projects with universities, industrial partners and governments - Two Nobel Prizes (1986 and 1987) - New Nanotech Center opened in 2011
  5. 5. OPEN COLLABORATION535 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. Evolution of a Partnership Aquasar, water cooled supercomputer unveiled 1977 Zurich Information Security Center (ZISC) Center for Advanced IBM and ETH Zurich Silicon Electronics form $90 million ( CASE) partnership in nanoscience searchers Ambros P. Speiser (right), and engineers from a professor at ETH Zurich IBM and ETH Zurich is selected as the first opened the Binnig and director of the the Rohrer IBM Research - Zurich Nanotechnology Center 2009 2008 2011 2003 20011956 IBMers Dr. Alex Mueller (right) and Dr. Heini Graenicher form a joint study agreement with ETH Zurich and place a PhD student at the IBM Zurich Laboratory for work on solid state physics. The PhD student was Dr. Georg Bednorz (left), who 6 along with Dr. Mueller won the Nobel Prize in 1987.
  7. 7. ComparisonAcademic vs. Industrial Research  Base research / project research  Project research / product research  Medium / long term  Short / medium term  Governmental & external funding  Corporate funding, cost management  Research based on topics  Client-based, IBM Product & Services  Academic papers  IP (patents), external recognition  Professor, students  Employees (different types)  Reputation = key  Innovation = key  R&D management  Quality / project management 7
  8. 8. Career of an IBM Scientist Distinguished Executive IBM Fellows Engineers Technical Leaders Executives I/T Professionals Senior Technical (I/T Architects, Technical Senior Research Consultants, Staff Member Leaders Professionals Specialists) Staff Member Mid Career & Professional Hires Entry Level & Early Career 8
  9. 9. Dimensions of a Research Staff MemberLeadership External Impact Conference Chairs Management Invited Talks Research Relationship Manager Customer Interaction Scientific Task Force Chair Results Technical / Project Lead Key Publications Executive / IBM Fellow Society Participation New Hire Customer Interaction Cross-organizational Projects Publications & Patents University Relations Product Impact Awards Mentor Master Inventor Employee Development Non-Research Assignments People ManagerIBM Impact Teamwork 9
  10. 10. "I am currently developing a learning algorithm for a neural network on a graphics card. While it’s quite close to my interests in machine learning and distributed/parallel computing, it has offered me the chance to gain more practical experience in this field. The manager who I had the phone interview with took a direct interest to find the most suitable project that matched my experience and interests. This says a lot about the way IBM values its employees." Adela-Diana Almasi Polytechnic University in Romania PhD Student, Computer Science Greater Minds 201210
  11. 11. "IBM Research - Zurich is a greatplace where you have the chance towork with first class scientists whoinvolve most of their energy in projectsthey are passionate about. At the endof the day, what can be better thanworking in the field that you enjoymost in a top company? Here I feelvery lucky to have the chance to gainexperience in exactly the field I likeand work towards innovative results."Daniela DorneanuPolytechnic University RomaniaComputer ScienceGreater Minds 2012 11
  12. 12. 12