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Watson DevCon 2016 - Improve User Engagement with Watson API Mashups

Presentation given by Giuliano Iacobelli at Watson DevCon 2016.
Building a chat bot that can hear and talk — easy. Building a chat bot that can listen and respond sympathetically — not as easy. Until now. In this session, you'll discover how Watson APIs can be combined with Watson Conversation to create chat bots that lend a human touch to automated interactions. Learn the anatomy of a conversational app, understand where AI APIs come into play, and see how services like Watson Tone Analyzer, which analyzes linguistic tones in text, can create chat bots that engage users on a deeper level.

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Watson DevCon 2016 - Improve User Engagement with Watson API Mashups

  1. 1. Giuliano Iacobelli, Co-founder / CEO +1 (415) 481 8606 Improve user engagement with Watson API mashups
  2. 2. Messaging has taken over Monthly active users for top 4 social networks and messaging apps
  3. 3. HELLO BOTS
  4. 4. More than 900 million monthly active users only on Facebook Messenger In 2015 messaging apps have been the fastest growing In the global Top 10 of most used apps 6 are messaging apps No need to download yet another app 2016 is the year of the bots
  5. 5. Messaging platforms aim to change the way brands communicate with consumers Chat UX is more natural, dynamic and avoid any friction opening new accounts Do more from a familiar environment where we already spend our time. 2016 is the year of the bot
  7. 7. Messenger Where you receive messages and route them to an appropriate handler. 
 The point of the Messenger is to act as an interfact on top of our bot. SMS
  8. 8. Message Parser & Handler The role of the handler is to handle the message passed from Messenger, 
 delegate tasks to services, and send messages back to the user. replace this
  9. 9. Services In charge of making API requests, parsing data, and formatting responses for our handlers. The line between the responsibilities of message handling and actions.
  10. 10. State stores Stores help manage state from interactions as your bot might need to recall things. Stores hold conversation data and keep track of what state the system is in.
  11. 11. Chatbots are entirely API-driven & event-driven If you’re the type of developer who hates fiddling with CSS, 
 this might be the happiest day of your life. Receive message from user Update conversation state Reply to user Submit request to third party system Understand request with Watson
  12. 12. “The times are difficult! Our sales have been disappointing for the past three quarters for our data analytics product suite. But we are not doing a good job at selling it and this is really frustrating.” IBM Watson Tone Analyzer Analyzes text at the document level and the sentence level to get a sense of the overall tone of the document and identify specific areas of the content where tones are the strongest
  13. 13. Use Cases Personal and business communications: 
 Anyone could use the Tone Analyzer service to get feedback about their communications, which could improve the effectiveness of the messages and how they are received. Self Branding: 
 Bloggers and journalists could use the Tone Analyzer Service to get feedback on their tone and fine-tune their writing to reflect a specific personality or style. Market Research: 
 Financial advisors and investors could use the Tone Analyzer service to look at the tones reflected in announcements and reports from the companies that they are researching and investing in. Automated contact center agent: 
 If a customer interacting with a support center is agitated or angry, Tone Analyzer Service could be use to detect those tones and quickly escalate the request.
  14. 14. DEMO TIME
  15. 15. YOUR APIS WATSON 10X development power
  16. 16. Giuliano Iacobelli +1 (415) 481 8606 Thank you!