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Refinery Advisor

Highlighting how Refinery Advisor enhances decision making by oil & gas professionals by applying the organizations collective knowledge to large complex data sets, in context. -Scott Kimbleton, Associate Partner, Chemicals & Petroleum Global Business Services

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Refinery Advisor

  1. 1. Wake up with Watson RefineryAdvisor Scott Kimbleton November 15, 2016
  2. 2. We need to… - Maximize Margin - Maximize Reliability - Minimize Incidents We’re challenged to… - Forecast Demand - Maximize Purchase Value - Expand the Crude Basket - Optimize Risk Mitigation in context of Equipment Life2
  3. 3. The solution enhances decision making by applying the organizations collective knowledge to large complex data sets, in context. Business Value 3 Reliability EngineerCrude Economist
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