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IBM Watson Innovation Day Foster City


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IBM Watson Innovation Day Presentation given on May 21, 2014 at the IBM Innovation Center in Foster City, CA

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IBM Watson Innovation Day Foster City

  1. 1. Welcome to Watson Innovation Day
  2. 2. © 2014 International Business Machines Corporation 4 Watson is one of IBM’ greatest innovations in its 100 year history Goals for today’s session: • Ignite your imagination for how Watson can be put to work in your business changing the competitive landscape and redefining the art of the possible • Help establish a proven and actionable business approach for you to bring Watson to market • Demonstrate the process to build a Watson application and the tools and resources available to help you succeed. • Describe IBM’s investment to help ensure your success in putting Watson to work, from design and development through go-to-market
  3. 3. © 2014 International Business Machines Corporation 4 Agenda Time Agenda 9:00am – 9:45am The New Era of Computing: IBM Watson and the Watson Ecosystem 9:45am – 10:30am Behind the Scenes. The Process of Building a Powered by Watson” Application 10:30am – 10:45am Break 10:45am – 11:30pm How Watson is Changing the Game In Retail: Fluid 11:30am – 11:45am Wrap Up: Where Do I Go From Here? 11:45am – 1:00pm Networking Lunch 1:00pm – 3:00pm “Work With Watson” Time
  4. 4. What is Cognitive Computing?
  5. 5. © 2014 International Business Machines Corporation 4 On February 14, 2011 made history
  6. 6. Mobile Social Cloud Analytics The mega trends
  7. 7. Bringing Watson technology to market © 2013 International Business Machines Corporation size speed corpus flexibility #users size speed corpus flexibility #users2880 cores Single user system 2-3 sentences input 5+ days to retrain Wikipedia, general corpus Single Power 750, 240% faster 1000s of users 20 pages of input < Day to ingest and train Medical corpus Watson cloud service Millions of users Dialog chaining Few hours Broad industry corpus s sp corp flexibi #users Jeopardy Cognitive Products Cognitive Ecosystem
  8. 8. Understands natural language and human style communication Adapts and learns from training, interaction, and outcomes Generates and evaluates evidence- based hypothesis 1 2 3 Cognitive computing is changing the game
  9. 9. So why is it so hard for computers to understand humans?  Noses that run and feet that smell?  How can a house can burn up as it burns down?  Does CPD represent a complex comorbidity of lung cancer?  What mix of zero-coupon, non-callable, A+ munis fit my risk portfolio? Person Organization L. Gerstner IBM J. Welch GE W. Gates Microsoft “If leadership is an art then surely Jack Welch has proved himself a master painter during his tenure at GE.” Welch ran this?
  10. 10. © 2014 International Business Answer Scoring Models Responses with Confidence Inquiry Evidence Sources Models Models Models Models ModelsPrimary Search Candidate Answer Generation Hypothesis Generation Hypothesis and Evidence Scoring Final Confidence Merging & Ranking Synthesis Answer Sources Inquiry/Topic Analysis Evidence Retrieval Deep Evidence Scoring Learned Models help combine and weigh the Evidence Hypothesis Generation Hypothesis and Evidence Scoring Inquiry Decomposition How Watson works: DeepQA architecture 1000’s of Pieces of Evidence Multiple Interpretations of a question 100,000’s Scores from many Deep Analysis Algorithms 100’s sources 100’s Possible Answers Balance & Combine
  11. 11. Watson is ushering in a new era of computing Tabulating Systems Era Programmable Systems Era Cognitive Systems Era 1900 1950 2011
  12. 12. © 2014 International Business Machines Corporation 4 2013 – A pivotal year Watson Engagement Advisor - May 21st Cross-industry and cross-geography play January April July October First Two Commercial Offerings – Feb 8th 2014 Watson Ecosystem Announced – Nov. 14th Watson Healthcare Update – Oct. 18th MD Anderson launches Expert Oncology Advisor powered by Watson
  13. 13. © 2014 International Business Machines Corporation 4 Bringing Watson to market Transforming industries and professions. Advancing cognitive computing across the enterprise. Delivering the cognitive experience to the masses.
  14. 14. In less than 180 days Watson Ecosystem delivered … $100M Direct Investments Fund 100K+ Visit Watson Mobile Developer Challenge 2500+ Ecosystem Partner Inquiries 8 Major Universities Announce Cognitive Course Fall 2014
  15. 15. 4 … and created over 1B impressions! Want to Work with IBM's Watson? IBM's Watson Woos Developers Have at it, programmers: IBM makes Watson available via API IBM Opens Up Its Watson Cognitive Computer for Developers IBM Offers Watson as Cloud Application Tool IBM to Open Up Jeopardy Winner Watson's 'Brain' for Everyone Seismic shift underway in computing thanks to IBM Watson Cognitive Computing For All: IBM Releases a Legion of Watsons IBM to Open Up Watson to Third- Party Developers Soon Everyone Will Be Able To Use Watson IBM's Watson Artificial Intelligence to Get New Homes IBM to Announce More Powerful Watson via the Internet IBM's Watson Plays a New Role as an Application Development Platform IBM to Launch Watson Cloud-Based Development Platform IBM Adds Rent-An- Artificial-Intelligence Powers to Watson
  16. 16. What is the Watson Ecosystem?
  17. 17. Watson Ecosystem Tools, methodologies, software developer kits (SDKs) and API(s) Free and fee based content including general knowledge and industry content Marketplace for critical cognitive, big data, UI, and mobility skills • Cloud based sandbox • Hosting Services • Self-service portal – API / Tooling / SDK / Methodology • Starter Content • General content • Domain content • Taxonomies • Third-Party Content • IBM subject matter experts (500+) • Third-party specialists • Certification WATSON DEVELOPER CLOUD WATSON CONTENT STORE WATSON TALENT HUB
  18. 18. 4 Data Ingestion Training Application Scale at Market PartnerCo. & IBM bring to market a first of its kind experience PartnerCo., is interested in the Watson Ecosystem Partner Program. PartnerCo seeks to personalize customer experiences. PartnerCo. identifies and uploads content. IBM collaborates with PartnerCo. On UX experience Engaging the Watson Ecosystem Key Enablers  Watson Sandbox  Watson Experience Manager (APIs, Tools, SDKs)  Watson Resources  Launch Support & Scale Plan Watson reads and learns through Q&A
  19. 19. © 2014 International Business Machines Corporation 4 The Watson Content Store offers fuel for apps 51© 2014 International Business Machines Corporation Content Providers •New distribution channel •New customers & consumption model (license, subscription, transaction) •Incremental revenue Benefits ISVs •Fuel your application with the content needed for success •Easily access multiple content sources •Test and validate content value A data mart of fee and free based content, covering general and domain specific areas, procured from a variety of sources.
  20. 20. © 2014 International Business Machines Corporation 4 With Watson’s Talent Hub, help is just a click away
  21. 21. © 2014 International Business Machines Corporation 4 Three ways Watson Ecosystem Program benefits partners Watson cognitive capabilities can be a game changer by differentiating your offering in the marketplace. The Program represents a unique opportunity to meet market demands and demonstrate leadership, innovation, and agility. Watson cognitive capabilities can drive incremental revenue by attracting new users or growing current users. 1 2 3
  22. 22. Working with Watson The Process of Building a “Powered by Watson” Application
  23. 23. Design and Develop “Powered by Watson” apps using the API Access Watson Developer Cloud using Watson Experience Manager Develop app “Powered by Watson” using APIs Enrich Watson with content Train Watson using tools and experts Test app functional and non-functional Deploy application 1. Design interaction and integration patterns with Watson and implement proof points as necessary 2. Establish the architecture with Watson and other components 3. Implement and model solution to scale as a product with customization
  24. 24. Application powered by Watson using QAAPI Pose Natural language question Communicates with Watson using QAAPI Get response Optionally, further apply Watson response and/or other metadata An example solution pattern used with Watson • Design a solution with Watson as a key component • Model the interaction patterns with Watson • Create user experience mockups for the solution
  25. 25. Access the Watson Developer Cloud using the Watson Experience Manager (WEM)  Use of the Watson Developer Cloud:  Watson Experience Manger to enrich content, train, and test your Watson application  API to access the QA service to Watson  Customizable user interface to embed into your app  Guidelines on using Watson elements in the application  Upload content into the Watson Content Store or source through Ecosystem partners  Access to a network of partners, customers, content and talent  Support from a collaborative community of IBM technical, marketing and sales resources
  26. 26. Proprietary Content Acquire Cleanse Curate Aggregate Contract Identify Public Domain & Social IBM Watson Validate Application Partners Source Prepare Ingest Deploy Select Content Build Apps w/API’s Leverage App Users Unstructured Data From Enterprise Apps CRM eComm Workforce HR Product Catalog Trouble Ticket Domain Specific Content Providers Email, Collaboration, Open Data ECM KMS End Users The content journey Publish Publish Watson Content Store
  27. 27.  Understand graphics (images, videos, sound …)  Ingest directly from a structured data source (Database, Datawarehouse)  There are architectural patterns and capabilities in Watson to be able to integrate with structured data sources  Nested tabular data  Call data records, sensor logs, meter data, etc. What Watson cannot ingest yet ….
  28. 28. What Works? Documents that are relevant to the use case under consideration Understanding the validity of documents & frequency of changes Well formed semantics – titles, sections, headings, sub-headings What Does Not? Access to glossary, abbreviations would be helpful and preferred If HTML – removing headers, footers, sidebars improves responses Corpus contain answers to the intended questions Scanned Docs (OCR), Charts, Non-English, Password Protected, Noisy Chat Logs Nested Tables; Image right document with no descriptions; Log & Sensor Data Mismatch in the content ingested and the questions end users are asking General guidance on content selection
  29. 29. Content crawling & curation – Items to consider  Content Acquisition – Crawling – Integration with ECM/KMS/DMS systems – Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration  Content Curation – Cleansing, Preparation, Aggregation & Enrichment  Content Lifecycle Management – Stale content – Refreshing content  Content Metadata, Licenses & Attribution
  30. 30. » Suite of tools for training and testing Watson » Test, train, and improve the accuracy of the system » SDK and a set of extensions points to develop tools to add to the platform Training Experiment, Error Analysis Key tools & capabilities – Watson common tooling platform
  31. 31. Summary - 3 key takeaways 1 2 3 Consider the possible interaction patterns when designing your Watson app to create the optimal user experience (including factoids, descriptive, Yes/No, procedural, procedural troubleshooting and definitions). The Watson Experience Manager (WEM), provides a platform to upload content, train Watson with question and answer pairs, and test the system by asking questions. The process for building a Watson app involves an iterative process of integrating Watson capabilities using the QAAPI, uploading content, training Watson, and testing the application for the appropriate response.
  32. 32. Let’s Take a Break… Coming Next… How Watson is Changing The Game in Retail Neil Patil President, Software Group
  33. 33. Taking the Next Step with Watson
  34. 34. © 2014 International Business Machines Corporation 4 How do I start my journey with IBM Watson? 1.What is the business value to the “Powered by Watson” application you intend to build? 2.Does the application draw upon the unique characteristics and capabilities of a cognitive offering? 3.Has the content that will fuel the application been identified and can it be secured/licensed for the intended use? Have a question and answer interaction pattern, with questions posed in natural language Seek answers and insights from a defined content repository comprised largely of unstructured data Need transparency and supporting evidence for confidence weighted responses to questions and queries The best use cases…
  35. 35. © 2014 International Business Machines Corporation 4 Phase 1: Engage Join IBM Partner World at Analyze use case for Watson business and technical synergy Submit Watson Ecosystem application and receive acceptance Obtain access to the Watson Developer Cloud through the Watson Experience Manager 1 2 3 4
  36. 36. © 2014 International Business Machines Corporation 4 Where can I go to learn more? Apply: Share: Learn: