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Building with Watson - Enhancing the Results of Your BI Dashboard

Get a technical look at implementing a BI Dashboard for Social Media Monitoring results, complete with code examples for incorporating Watson Vision APIs and Twitter. View the on-demand version of the webinar and register for other Building with Watson Webinars:

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Building with Watson - Enhancing the Results of Your BI Dashboard

  1. 1. Social Media Monitoring– Episode 3: Enhancing  the  Results  of  Your  BI  Dashboard
  2. 2. #BuildingWithWatson Housekeeping Items • Webinar slides, live recording and Q&A will be emailed • Ask questions at any time during the presentation - Use chat window on the webinar panel - We're on Twitter: @IBMWatson #BuildingWithWatson ©  2015  International  Business  Machines  Corporation
  3. 3. #BuildingWithWatson Our Experts: ©  2015  International  Business  Machines  Corporation Zach Walchuk Developer Evangelist, WDC Alyssa Simpson Offering Manager, Watson Vision
  4. 4. #BuildingWithWatson Our Goals • We want to give you all the tools you need to build a social media monitoring app – a tool for understanding the conversation around your brand • Today, we'll show you how to integrate Twitter and Visual Recognition into the BI Dashboard ©  2015  International  Business  Machines  Corporation
  5. 5. Visual  Recognition ©  2015  International  Business  Machines  Corporation Image  Tagging Text  from  images Visual  Learning Facial  Detection Link  extraction Use  Case:  “Tell  me  If  there  is  a  person  is  in  this   picture  so  that  I  can  identify  them”   Use  case:  “Get  the  most  relevant  image  off  of  this   website  URL” Use  Case:  “Give  me  natural  language  which  describes   this  image  ”   BETA:  Use  Case:  “Transcribe  any  text  or  natural   language  contained  in  this  image” Use  Case:  “Learn  about  my  custom  content  in  this   image  as  a  unique  classifier”
  6. 6. #BuildingWithWatson 5 Things To Know About This Change 1. The results for classifying have better ACCURACY 2. The results for classifying are FASTER 3. Pricing has changed. Classifying is CHEAPER 4. You need new API credentials (see docs) 5. There are new calls (see docs) ©  2015  International  Business  Machines  Corporation
  7. 7. #BuildingWithWatson Expanding our BI Dashboard • Send company name to Twitter Search API, filtering results to return only those with images • Send all images through the Image Tagging API of the Visual Recognition service • Aggregate image keywords and display the most frequently used ©  2015  International  Business  Machines  Corporation
  8. 8. #BuildingWithWatson Are you ready to get started? • Twitter: - Search API, Auth, Node.js Library • Visual Recognition: - Docs, Demo • BI Dashboard: - Original, Modified • Join our Slack channel for more discussion following the webinar ©  2015  International  Business  Machines  Corporation
  9. 9. #BuildingWithWatson©  2015  International  Business  Machines  Corporation Demo: Are your key influencers old enough to drink? Posting selfies with booze is a popular social media meme. But how can marketers filter out underage people who participate in this activity from any targeted marketing campaigns? Computer vision can help! Please join Ditto Labs executives for a demo illustrating how the Ditto SocialStream API and IBM classifiers can be quickly combined to answer the question are your key influencers old enough to drink? VP Engineering, Tacita Morway, CTO, Neil Mayle and President, Josh Wachman will participate in the webinar and guide you through a code-sample you can try yourself. Rest assured we are all old enough to drink (and code)! Please visit us at and consider developing your own app by visiting
  10. 10. #BuildingWithWatson©  2015  International  Business  Machines  Corporation Q&A
  11. 11. #BuildingWithWatson ©  2015  International  Business  Machines  Corporation What’s next? • Look out for a follow up email with a copy of these slides, a recording of the webinar, Q&A recap, and additional resources • The series continues bi-weekly on Wednesdays @ 12pm ET / 9am PT •Watson App Developer Certification - Wednesday, June 1 •Social Media Monitoring in Practice - Wednesday, June 15
  12. 12. #BuildingWithWatson ©  2015  International  Business  Machines  Corporation Thank you for attending! Contact us Phone: 1-877-253-0308 Email: Online: Watson Developer Cloud