Multichannel Sales and Services: IBM Travel And Transportation Framework


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Part of the IBM Travel and Transportation Framework is Multichannel Sales and Services, helping with customer service and loyalty and improving CRM and information management.

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Multichannel Sales and Services: IBM Travel And Transportation Framework

  1. 1. IBM Software TransportationIBM Travel and TransportationFramework: Multi-channel Salesand Service solutions
  2. 2. 2 IBM Travel and Transportation Framework: Multi-channel Sales and Service solutionsThe personal touch A smarter approach to customer serviceThere is no shortage of options when it comes to travel, which and loyaltyis why it is critical for you to stand out from the crowd. And to To help you accomplish this, we have created the IBM Travelcreate differentiated, personalized experiences for customers, you and Transportation Framework. This powerful suite of IBMneed to understand exactly who your customers are and what software products and assets can help travel providers enhancethey want. This used to be a guessing game, but by embedding customer service and drive loyalty with solutions that give youintelligence into the transportation infrastructure, you can now a 360-degree view of the traveler. The framework, built on opengather accurate data on where customers have traveled, how and standards and common software building blocks, supportswhen they purchased tickets, what their travel preferences are, advanced information management, analytics, automation andand much more. the integration of processes that can help create compelling, efficient customer experiences.As a result, travel providers can deliver customized messagesand offers. Whether customers use a phone, a website, a kiosk, One architecture, many channelsa mobile device or a travel agent, they get a consistent experi- Although collecting and analyzing customer data can be com-ence that provides them with compelling, relevant information. plex, the framework streamlines and simplifies virtually everyAnd this information can help them have a better trip, thanks step of the process. With one implementation, you can supportto useful tips, status updates and alternate options in case of services across a wide range of channels—the web, mobile devices,schedule changes or unavoidable delays. Customers get the kiosks—consistently and cost-effectively. You can also:personal touch every step of the way, which can dramaticallyimprove loyalty. • Quickly bring new features and enhancements to the marketplace. • Customize your branding to reflect evolving business models and industry insights. • Increase potential revenue through personalized services, upgrades, handling fees and more. • Improve reliability and performance with monitoring tools and alerts. • Easily deploy accessibility and multilingual features to address the needs of a broad set of travelers. • Implement multiple channels for an improved return on your investment.
  3. 3. IBM Software 3A single view of your customers Creating a smarter travel experienceThe Travel and Transportation Framework can also import data The IBM Travel and Transportation Framework offers solutionsfrom reservation systems, loyalty programs, travel agents and that improve responsiveness to the marketplace, streamlinealliance partners. It includes prebuilt business intelligence dash- customer relationship management processes and help driveboards and reports, information management tools, business revenue. You can achieve the flexibility to adapt to changinganalytics, and campaign analysis. customer preferences, enter new market segments with more confidence and target your service offerings more effectively.Together, these tools give you a single view of each traveler,which can help you provide a more seamless experience— For more informationbefore, during and after the trip. It is designed to help you To learn more about IBM Travel and Transportation Frameworkdetermine which customers are the most loyal, which sales solutions, please contact your IBM sales representative or IBMchannels are the most effective, and which campaigns and Business Partner, or visit:services are performing well. with this data, you can:• Segment your customers with greater accuracy.• Keep travelers informed in case of misplaced baggage, unavoid- able delays and schedule changes.• Provide special, personalized offers and services to your most valuable customers.• Leverage cross-sell and up-sell opportunities based on services the customer has purchased in the past.• Capture preferences such as language, seating and special meals.• Enhance products and services based on traveler preferences.• Lower the operational costs associated with managing traveler information.• Transform your business processes to align with customer needs.Above all, you can enable one-to-one marketing. You canbuild deep, lasting relationships with your customers. Andyou can make decisions based on real-world, real-time factsinstead of intuition.
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