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Optimize Your VMware SDDC with IBM Infrastructure


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Having the right IT infrastructure with true VMware integration is key to optimally deploying and managing your Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). This includes leveraging vRealize Automation with IBM Power and z Systems along with IBM software-defined storage and storage systems for vCloud Suite -- all ideally suited for your private and hybrid cloud environments. View this presentation to learn about the latest VMware Ready solutions from IBM – all built for performance and agility while bringing automation, ease of management and the highest levels of efficiency to your existing investments in VMware solutions.

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Optimize Your VMware SDDC with IBM Infrastructure

  1. 1. Optimize Your VMware SDDC with IBM Infrastructure Guilhaume Garcia, IT Architect, Hybrid Cloud, IBM Axel Westphal, IT Specialist, Storage Solutions, IBM
  2. 2. New apps are consolidating data and capabilities to engage new audiences Insight from nontraditional sources of data are being infused in business processes to create new business moments New innovations are composed leveraging digital services from a broad ecosystem New channels and business models Digital InnovationReal time insight driven processes A digital transformation is disrupting business
  3. 3. Software-Defined Data Center supports the journey to hybrid cloud Software Defined Data Center Data Center Fabric Compute Software defined compute (compute hardware virtualization) Storage Software defined storage Networking Software defined networking Environmental Software defined facilities Evolution of the data center
  4. 4. Hybrid cloud as a goal Making Hybrid Cloud a reality presents challenges: • Standard configuration and provisioning templates for cloud workloads and infrastructure • IT staff skills able to fully exploit cloud management and automation tools • Ability to use cloud to drive innovation, agility and competitive advantage • Effective use of automation, self-service and orchestration tools Source: IDC CloudView Survey, December, 2014, n=3463 worldwide respondents From a recent IDC survey, 89.5% of respondents state “strong desire” for Hybrid Cloud
  5. 5. Cloud Operations Intelligent, automated operations with comprehensive visibility from apps to storage Service Health Capacity Optimization Configuration Standards VMware vRealize Cloud Management • The Control Plane for the Software-Defined Data Center and Hybrid Cloud Cloud Automation Automated, self-service delivery of personalized IT services Service Catalog Governance Release Automation Cloud Business Complete transparency into costs and quality of all IT services Cost Transparency Benchmarking Service Quality Mgmt • A cloud management platform purpose-built for heterogeneous datacenters and hybrid cloud • Works with modern and traditional application architectures • IBM Power and z Systems support is delivered as part of vRealize Automation only
  6. 6. VMware vRealize Automation managing IBM Power & z Systems Hybrid Cloud Use Cases 6 “Leveraging current Power & z Systems on-Premise capacity for deploying Linux Workloads.” “Simple deployment (patterns)* and lifecycle management of VM’s via a single glass pane.” “Reduce overhead/licensing costs for workloads that benefits by running on Power & z Systems.” “Rapid deployment of AIX, IBM i, Linux on Power, and Linux on z VMs on a consistent platform as production with seamless roll out.” Dev / Test Capacity Expansion Datacenter consolidation Cloud Management
  7. 7. Hybrid cloud environments require speed and simplified point of control to manage VMs across multiple platforms VMware vRealize® Automation™ via OpenStack API's enables a single point of control for IT organizations to manage multiple platforms and cloud infrastructures (both on and off premise) - Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) capability with lifecycle management of VMs for AIX, i and Linux on PowerVM, Linux on PowerKVM for IBM Power Systems, Linux on z/VM and KVM on z for IBM z Systems - Platform as a Service (PaaS) capability extended with 250+ IBM CloudBuilder patterns for implementing IBM and non-IBM application software Why IBM Systems for Hybrid Cloud? IBM Open by Design Note: *PaaS capability will be available in 2017
  8. 8. Logical Architecture of integration to IBM Power & z Systems via OpenStack endpoint from vRealize Automation • vRealize Automation consumes northbound OpenStack APIs via REST For IBM Power Systems: IBM PowerVC provides the OpenStack API’s For IBM z Systems, there are several OpenStack options: IBM Cloud Manager for OpenStack, IBM Cloud Managed Appliance, Suse OpenStack Cloud
  9. 9. VMware vRealize Automation Architecture uses IBM PowerVC and OpenStack to provision workloads to IBM Power & z Systems *Note: Cloud Managed Appliance (CMA) @ Liberty for z/VM, Suse OpenStack Cloud 6 for z/VM, IBM Cloud Manager for OpenStack 4.2 for z/VM & 4.3 for KVM Public Clouds PowerVM PowerKVM zVM KVM on z PowerVC vRealize Automation CMA*, SOC*, ICM* IBM LinuxONE™
  10. 10. IBM Cloud Builder offers a library of workload automation1 IBM WebSphere® software WebSphere TX Series WebSphere Application Server WebSphere Application Server ND WebSphere Dynamic Process Edition WebSphere Edge Component (Caching Server) WebSphere Edge Component (Load Balancer) WebSphere Enterprise Services Bus WebSphere Message Broker WebSphere MQ WebSphere MQ Client WebSphere Portal Server WebSphere Process Server WebSphere Svc Registry and Repository IBM Information Management software IBM DB2® Client IBM DB2 Connect™ Application Server Edition DB2 Enterprise Server Edition DB2 Enterprise Server Edition (TSA HA) IBM Lotus® software Lotus Domino® Server Lotus Sametime® Server IBM® Other IBM CICS® Transaction Gateway IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence IBM HTTP Server Additional third-party vendors  Microsoft®  Oracle  Apache  Bea  Sun  Java™ IBM Tivoli® software Tivoli Asset Management for IT Tivoli Access Manager for e-business Tivoli App. Dep. and Discovery Manager Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distribution Tivoli Business Service Manager Tivoli Change & Config. Mgt DB Tivoli Directory Server Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring (Pruning Agent) Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring (TDW) Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server Tivoli Integration Composer Tivoli ISM Tivoli Monitoring (TEMA DB) Tivoli Monitoring (TEMA OS) Tivoli Monitoring ITCAM - TEMA MQMB Tivoli Monitoring ITCAM - TEMA SQA Tivoli Monitoring ITCAM - TEMA WAS Tivoli Monitoring OS Agent (TEMA) Tivoli Netcool®/Impact Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Tivoli OMEGAMON® XE (Messaging for Dist) Tivoli Provisioning Manager Tivoli Service Automation Manager Tivoli Service Request Manager Tivoli Process Automation Engine IBM Rational® software Rational Asset Manager IBM Rational Team Concert™ 1 Patterns available as of February, 2014. For the latest patterns information, please check with your IBM sales representative. Additional fees for patterns apply. Speed and agility
  11. 11. Support Details – Matrix, Post-Deploy Action Options Platform VM Guest Post-deploy Actions Pre-Requisites OpenStack Version PowerVM AIX & Linux, i Power On, Off, Destroy, Expire, Reboot IBM PowerVC Juno, Kilo, Liberty, Mitaka PowerKVM Linux Power On, Off, Destroy, Expire, Reboot IBM PowerVC Juno, Kilo, Liberty, Mitaka z/VM Linux Power On, Off, Destroy, Expire, Reboot IBM OpenStack Juno, Kilo, Liberty KVM on IBM z Linux Power On, Off, Destroy, Expire, Reboot IBM OpenStack Kilo Asset discovery and data collection are completed after the endpoint creation
  12. 12. Simplify hybrid cloud management using VMware vRA for IBM Power Systems, LinuxONE and z Systems • Increase flexibility and simplify VM management across a heterogeneous hybrid cloud infrastructure • Improve efficiency with a singular VMware skill set to manage VMs across multiple platforms • Manage multiple endpoints on &off premise via one cloud management platform • Optimize workload deployment based on application characteristics via a single cloud management platform
  13. 13. What about the data? 37X increase in daily mobile transactions IOT 30 billion devices, 2020 6.75 TBs of data will be created per person per day by 2018 By 2020, >1/3 of data will live or pass through the cloud 64% of cloud adopters are using of hybrid cloud1 1 IDC, “Don’t Get Left Behind - The Business Benefits of Achieving Greater Cloud Adoption.” 13
  14. 14. IBM Spectrum Storage Family Agility Control Efficiency Insight IBM Spectrum Control™ Governance IBM Spectrum Protect™ Speed IBM Spectrum Accelerate™ Elasticity IBM Spectrum Scale™ Utilization IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ Placement IBM Spectrum Archive™ Backed by more than $1 Billion Investment Proven Technology, Open Standards, Modular Adoption
  15. 15. DS8880 FlashSystem A9000 IBM FlashCore™ Technology Optimized FlashSystem A9000R FlashSystem V9000 All flash array - virtualizing the hybrid Data Center All flash array for cloud service providers FlashSystem 900 All flash array for application acceleration XIV Gen3 High End Capacity Optimized All flash array for large deploymentsHigh End Server - Mainframe - Power The IBM Flash Storage Portfolio Storwize V7000F Mid-Range Storwize V5030F Entry / Mid-Range All-Flash for Big Data DeepFlash 150 VersaStack ™ Solution by Cisco and IBM SVC
  16. 16. Organizations are winning with IBM Storage & VMware 10X Performance Improvement 80% Space Reduction 75% Lower backup costs 80% Faster backups 100X Faster Analytics 3X Increase in VMware Density
  17. 17. IBM Spectrum Accelerate Premier cloud storage platform • Enterprise-grade storage simply deployed • Simplicity, with deep features including advanced remote mirroring • Delivered on commodity, optimized system, or public cloud infrastructure “Spectrum Accelerate is a Tier 1 array that we can use on the cloud, spin up fast, and we know will be reliable.” Paul Rafferty, SaaS Infrastructure Architecture Program Lead, Silverpop
  18. 18. IBM Spectrum Accelerate: Scalable, modular storage building blocks • Enables the IT administrator to single-handedly manage the entire data center stack • Allows hardware standardization of network, compute, storage, power and environmentals • Leverages existing Data Center services and maintenance contracts • Simplifies the architecture when lacking specialized, domain-specific skill sets 10GbE Interconnect Hypervisor Spectrum Accelerate Spectrum Accelerate Spectrum Accelerate iSCSI iSCSI iSCSI Hypervisor Hypervisor
  19. 19. FlashSystem maximizes VMware vSphere potential Virtualization Compression Replication Thin Provisioning vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) vStorage APIs for Array Awareness (VASA) vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP) • MicroLatency® provides maximum CPU density/ efficiency • Virtualize all applications • Ideal for high volumes of random I/O • Contribute to Power and Cooling benefits of virtualization • Simplify storage management for VMware environments • Benefit from strong VMware integrations
  20. 20. Spectrum Virtualize & Storwize family + VMware ® : The Best Fit for Performance Optimized Storage Virtualization • Redefine tier 1 performance for workloads with diverse I/O patterns with IBM All Flash Solutions built with Spectrum Virtualize • Optimize your data tier with thin provisioning, snapshots, and real-time compression • Integrate with VMware Cloud Orchestration Area Integration Value Management vCenter plug-in • Storage visibility • Self-service provisioning with controlled delegation Business Continuity SRA for Site Recovery Manager • Automated Storage and Host • Failover • Failover testing • Failback Cloud Orchestration vRealize Suite • Orchestrated and automated storage provisioning using vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator Driving efficiency, performance, flexibility & scale in Hybrid Cloud environments IBM Storwize V5030F IBM Storwize V7000F IBM FlashSystem V9000 AND IBM SAN Volume Controller Affordable. FAST. Feature Rich. Dependable.
  21. 21. Disaster Recovery with IBM Spectrum Virtualize and VMware SRM vCenter SRM IBM SRA ESXi VM App VM App ESXi VM App VM App vCenter SRM IBM SRA ESXi VM App VM App ESXi VM App VM App IBM Storwize family or SVC + almost 400 industry storage systems Virtual machines failover / failback Remote Mirroring through IP replication Low Cost CSP Storage
  22. 22. IBM Spectrum Virtualize for DR to Hosted Clouds Proven, Efficient, Dependable | 22 IBM Spectrum Virtualize software is the heart of IBM SAN Volume Controller, IBM Storwize family, IBM FlashSystem V9000, and VersaStack • Deployed on over 126,000 Storwize systems and 54,500 SVC engines • Managing over 297,000 enclosures of data • Virtualizing, managing and securing 5.6 exabytes of data • Exceeding 99.999% availability • Supporting almost 400 IBM and non-IBM storage systems • Now Available as Software Only on x86 Intel Servers! Enabling clients to do more with less 3x performance with only 5% flash Up to 63% lower personnel costs Up to 100% better storage utilization This educational document is intended for IBM and IBM Business Partner staff only. Not intended for distribution to clients or other third parties.
  23. 23. IBM Spectrum Control Base Integration with VMware Element Control VASA VWC A9000/R V5000/V7000/V9000 900* *VASA and VWC only vRealize Operations Management (vCO) vRealize Orchestrator (vCOC) vCenter vRealize Cloud Automation Software (vCAC)
  24. 24. VMware vSphere/ ESXi • Certified for Hyper-Visor support Tight integration abilities under the VMware umbrella • vRealize Orchestrator simplifies the automation of complex IT tasks • vRealize Operations Manager helps to analyze performance real-time in your virtual environment vRO & vR Ops • Self-service provisioning with controlled delegation • Storage visibility VMware web client plugin Site Recovery Mgr. Automated Storage & Host • Failover, Failover testing, Failback VAAI • HW-accelerated VM copy/migration • HW-accelerated VM initiation • Accelerate VMFS (no SCSI reservation) • Displays features of the physical storage devices • Ties into vCenter for easy mgmt. • Allows vSphere admin insight into storage capabilities • vCenter API for Storage provisioning VASA vRealize Automation • Simplifies the automation of IT service delivery capabilities on multi-vendor environments • Backs up and restores vSphere virtual machines (VMs) using Snapshots vADP (via Spectrum Protect)
  25. 25. Thank You! Q & A