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Why You Should Consider Linux on IBM POWER8 - How IBM Partners are Driving Business Success


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Discover new solutions for your industry and IT challenges. ISV solutions built on IBM Power Systems are designed to provide an open innovation platform for organizations of all sizes to transform big data and analytics, cloud and mobile into a competitive advantage. Linux on Power Systems is the only infrastructure that offers both scale-out and scale-up choices that optimize your workloads for emerging business challenges.

This presentation highlights several high value solutions we have developed with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Hear directly from our ISV partners on the partnership and value we deliver to our joint customers.

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Also visit the IBM Systems ISVs YouTube video channel for additional ISV Solutions on IBM Power Systems:

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Why You Should Consider Linux on IBM POWER8 - How IBM Partners are Driving Business Success

  1. 1. How IBM Partners are Driving Business Success Why You Should Consider Linux on IBM POWER8
  2. 2. © 2015 IBM Corporation Why do organizations choose Linux on Power? • Reliability: Reduce risks with a tested, proven, predictable and secure open platform • Flexibility: Tailor your Linux infrastructure and adapt to changes • Ecosystem: Connect with a large ecosystem of partners, customers and experts 2
  3. 3. Revolutionizing the security, integrity and cost-effective use of healthcare data Improving the performance & scalability in e-Commerce Offering fully web-based ERP solutions built on Ubuntu on Power Banking innovations with Big Data & Analytics using open-source on Power How our partners use Linux on IBM POWER8 to reduce costs across the Healthcare, Banking & Retail industries 3 Designed for Big Data Superior Cloud Economics Open Innovation
  4. 4. © 2015 IBM Corporation The Need • Develop the really innovative experiences that merchants need to stand out in the eCommerce market. The Solution • Magento Enterprise Edition • IBM POWER8 • IBM Turbo Lamp Stack The Benefits • Open source software built on high performance, scalable architecture that allows you to meet peak demands • Increased memory utilization to handle more web traffic, page views and orders • POWER8 architecture delivers 2.5 – 3x performance improvements over similarly priced Intel architectures using IBM Turbo Lamp Stack “We’re very excited that IBM is leveraging both open standards & Linux platforms and core principles that Magento holds near and dear, and has allowed us to fuel our growth and add the innovation that’s in the community.” Paul Boisvert, Head of Project Management, Magento 4
  5. 5. © 2015 IBM Corporation The Need • Optimization for collecting, processing and analyzing large volumes of data and consistently getting the lowest latency on trading applications The Solution • Informatica Ultra Messaging • Linux on IBM POWER8 The Benefits • Core clock frequencies and dense multi- core processors allow more applications on a single CPU socket, reducing latency • Access to the fastest shared memory transports delivering sub-100 nanosecond latencies optimized for high performance messaging in the real-time big data space • Ingest, manipulate and transform larger data sets “Through close collaboration with IBM’s technical staff… we’re able to ensure that we’re leveraging the latest and greatest from POWER Linux… in support of real-time big data workloads…” Jitesh Ghai, VP Product Management, Informatica 5
  6. 6. The Need • The ability to deliver analytics to an entire company on an enterprise scale requires larger scale implementations and systems The Solution • Information Builders WebFOCUS • IBM POWER8 The Benefits • IBM Power systems give you the ability to move a BI workload onto a more cost- effective, more scalable system • Provide linear scalability to support more users, provide better response times, and better reliability, for less cost • Extremely cost-effective: delivering insight and analytics to literally thousands of people at a very low cost “Because of the price/performance of the POWER8 system, you can deliver insight and analytics to literally thousands of people, at a very, very low cost” John Senor, SVP, Channels Development, Information Builders 6
  7. 7. The Need • High performing, dynamic business management software solutions • Web-based, open source ERP system future-proofed with the scalability of IBM POWER8 systems The Solution • OpenPro Enterprise ERP system • Ubuntu Linux on IBM POWER8 • IBM Turbo Lamp stack The Benefits • Integrated with standard open source products that all run on the Ubuntu Operating System on IBM POWER8 • Reliable and proven Linux on POWER8 has built-in security to provide customers the confidence to put their products in the Cloud • POWER8 reduces cost, reduces power consumption and is a smaller footprint “Because of the performance of the POWER8 system on Linux, it will reduce the number of boxes that…hosting sites need…” Jim Clark, Co-Founder and CEO, OpenPro 7
  8. 8. © 2015 IBM Corporation The Need • The ability to take large volumes of information from an operational system, serve it into a Big Data environment and have resulting insights processed in a timely fashion The Solution • Veristorm vStorm Enterprise • IBM POWER8 The Benefits • vStorm on POWER8 provides an open source, Big Data integration platform running on the same system deriving insights faster • Leading-edge innovation with CAPI and GPU acceleration to build faster clusters and increase resiliency • Providing the end-to-end picture of Big Data environments “[This] means that you’re bringing the best of both worlds together, that leading-edge innovation and it’s supporting community, as well as the strength and resiliency of a high end system.” Yannick Barel, VP, Worldwide Sales 8
  9. 9. © 2015 IBM Corporation The Need • Ability to quickly query & correlate data from multiple EHRs and other disparate databases containing both structured and unstructured healthcare data – across multiple organizations The Solution • Zato Health Interoperability Platform • Ubuntu Linux on IBM POWER8 The Benefits • Processes that took thousands of hours were reduced to 30 minutes or less • High performance edge processing of information silos containing both clinical and genomic data, spanning networks and data centers in parallel using Power Linux • Cost-effective, energy & space efficient, secure, high performance, high ROI “Features of POWER8 that we’re particularly looking forward to are high availability of the system… & the cost effectiveness of the platform…” Paul McOwen, CEO, Zato Health 9
  10. 10. © 2015 IBM Corporation The Need • Provide proven enterprise-class security and compliance for data in the retail, financial, and healthcare verticals using Big Data databases like Hadoop and NoSQL The Solution • Zettaset Orchestrator • RHEL Linux on IBM POWER8 The Benefits • Confident security in inherently insecure open source Big Data database environments • Maintain high levels of performance with the scalable POWER8 system in distributed Hadoop or NoSQL clusters • Meet HIPAA, SOX, PCI and other industry compliance mandate requirements “The ability for POWER8 systems to do scale out…without having an impact on performance for the customer is very important to us…” John Armstrong, VP of Marketing, Zettaset 10
  11. 11. © 2015 IBM Corporation Connect With Us Twitter @IBMSystemsISVs @IBMPowerSystems YouTube IBM Systems ISVs IBM Power Systems SlideShare IBM Systems ISVs 11