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Impact insurance


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Comment les solutions IBM viennent aider le secteur de l'assurance #IBMImpact

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Impact insurance

  1. 1. “Liberty profile will save anhour or more per day,per developer.Saves significanttime and money”…reduce paymentcycles from 30 daysto one day…increase newbusiness quotes by40%…increase invoicethroughput by300%…reduce claim andfraud costs by30%…reduce customer/agentservice costs by50%InsuranceIBM helped insurance companies…Vlad Khin, FJA USThe largest industries represented at Impact arebanking and insurance. Together, they equal morethan half of the total attendance every year.56%2010 2011 201259% 65%600+sessionsin the Technical Program and35 in the Business ProgramAt Impact 2013, there will beImpact2013Business. In Motion.IBM SoftwareThe Venetian, Las Vegas, NV | April 28–May more