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IBM et les organisations gouvernementales


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Comment les solutions IBM aident les organisations gouvernementales #IBMImpact

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IBM et les organisations gouvernementales

  1. 1. “The partnership with New YorkState Tax and IBM has allowedthe agency to leap ageneration forward inapplication development.”…reduce fraudfrom 5% to0.5%of payment…reduce emergencyresponse times for amajor city by25%GovernmentIBM helped government agencies…Jim LiebNew York State Dept ofTaxation and Finance600+sessionsin the Technical Program and35 in the Business ProgramAt Impact 2013, there will be…reduce questionabletax refunds$1.6 billionsince 2004 by detectingproblems sooner…achieve a96%reduction in the timeneeded for an immigrationagency to modify screeningcriteria (from weeks to hours)…reduce the timerequired to process socialservices benefit claims by25%…enable social servicesbenefits staff to focus onexceptional casesImpact2013Business. In Motion.IBM SoftwareThe Venetian, Las Vegas, NV | April 28–May more