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IBM Smarter Workforce Summit Toronto 2015: Changing Culture and Driving Performance


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IBM Smarter Workforce Summit Toronto 2015: FRHI Hotels & Resorts presentation, Changing Culture and Driving Performance

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IBM Smarter Workforce Summit Toronto 2015: Changing Culture and Driving Performance

  2. 2. FRHI HOTELS & RESORTS 2 Kyla Devereaux Director, Learning & Development
  3. 3. AGENDA • The New FRHI Hotels & Resorts • Our Vision, Mission, Values • Our Employee Value Proposition • ONE VOICE Colleague Engagement Survey 3
  4. 4. ONE FRHI VIDEO 4
  5. 5. FRHI REACHED A TURNING POINT IN 2013… 1998 - 1999 2005 Swissôtel founded by Nestlé and SwissAir Raffles International acquired Swissôtel Raffles founded with opening of Raffles Hotel, Singapore 1980 2001 2006 Fairmont acquired by Kingdom and Colony, merged with Raffles International CP Hotels, Princess Hotels and Fairmont Hotels combined under Fairmont name Colony Capital acquired Raffles International Canadian Pacific (CP) Hotels founded 1886 1887 Fairmont Hotels founded with opening of Fairmont San Francisco 1907 2010 2013 Colony Capital sold interest to affiliate of Qatar Investment Authority June 2013 Major ONE FRHI Reorganization
  6. 6. HR ALIGNED TO COMPANY STRATEGY 1.Prepare for Global Growth 2.Drive Current Performance 6
  7. 7. 7 Current Blue text - Hotels Grey text - Residential Future AMERICAS EUROPE MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA CHINA ASIA PACIFIC 44 8 47 10 33 5 25 1 22 3 26 230 10 18 2 16 9 45 8 45 8 AGGRESSIVE GROWTH STRATEGY AMERICAS EUROPE CHINA MIDDLE EAST, AFRICA & INDIA ASIA PACIFIC 7 Today - 112 2018 – 158 +
  8. 8. FRHI “BRANDS” OVERVIEW 11 Hotels 9 Countries 70 Hotels 22 Countries 31 Hotels 18 Countries
  9. 9. An oasis for the well-traveled offering emotional luxury Turning moments into memories Quality in Life We bring quality to our guests’ lives What Makes Our Brands Different: Brand Promises
  10. 10. CHANGING THE MAJOR ORGANIZING STRUCTURE OF THE COMPANY 10 Past From By Individual Brand Future To By Geography, Multi-Brand Americas Div. Europe MEAI APAC
  11. 11. Vision, Mission, Values
  12. 12. A SINGLE VISION 12
  13. 13. A SHARED MISSION 13
  15. 15. Employee Value Proposition
  16. 16. 16 DEFINITION: THE EMPLOYEE VALUE PROPOSITION (EVP) The EVP The set of attributes that the labor market and employees perceive as the value they gain through employment in the organization. Source: CEB Corporate Leadership Council: Refreshing Your Employment Brand 2013.
  17. 17. OUR EVP 17
  18. 18. ONE FRHI: EMPLOYEE VALUE PROPOSITION 18 CONNECT We share a pride and a passion for serving our guests, colleagues and communities. We believe in our mission and are inspired by sharing and celebrating stories of excellence. GROW We are open to learning and improving every day and seek to unlock our full potential. We know who we are, where we stand, and have clear plans in place to help us develop personally & professionally. LIVE We seek a higher quality of life and working here helps us achieve that goal. We are encouraged and supported to enrich our overall well-being and achieve our dreams.
  21. 21. Colleague Engagement Survey Confidential – Prepared by IBM
  22. 22. Talent Special Ability I know what to do & how to do it Capacity to do it well + Engagement Emotional Commitment I care about doing it Performance Focus on Accomplishment I bring my “best self” everyday DRIVING ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE = 22
  23. 23. New Perspective Engagement alone is not enough to ensure high performance. Energized Colleagues must also be enabled by the organizational commitment and practices to reach their full potential. NEW HIGH PERFORMANCE ENGAGEMENT MODEL
  24. 24. ENGAGEMENT – A DEFINITION When individual colleagues are truly engaged, they can tolerate limited periods of lower work satisfaction and stay highly committed. SATISFACTION Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my hotel/ FRHI Hotels & Resorts as a great place to work COMMITMENT I rarely think about looking for a new job with another company. PRIDE I am proud to work for my hotel/ FRHI Hotels & Resorts ADVOCACY I would recommend my hotel/ FRHI Hotels & Resorts as a great place to work
  25. 25. PERFORMANCE ENABLEMENT BEYOND ENGAGEMENT, PEOPLE NEED CERTAIN FACTORS TO BE HIGH PERFORMING QUALITY • Senior managers at my hotel are committed to providing high quality products and services to our guest and customers / stakeholders (i.e. colleagues, guests, owners). • Where I work, we set clear performance standards for product and service quality. GUEST SERVICE • We regularly use guest/ stakeholder (i.e. colleagues, guests, owners) feedback to improve our processes. • Guest/ Stakeholder (i.e. colleagues, guests, owners) problems are dealt with quickly. TRAINING • At my hotel, colleagues receive the training and development needed to anticipate guests' needs and exceed their expectations/ meet our stakeholders' (i.e. colleagues, guests, owners) needs.. TEAMWORK • In my department, colleagues are encouraged to participate in making decisions that affect their work. • The people I work with cooperate to get the job done.
  26. 26. Performance Enablement Index Colleague Engagement Index INDICES ITEMS Total 49 Items + Open Ended Comments SCORE Organizational Excellence Score DIMENSIONS Well-being Leadership Service Workplace Behavior Change Accountability SURVEY STRUCTURE
  27. 27. 27 ONE VOICE COLLEAGUE ENGAGEMENT PROGRAM • It’s not a survey, it’s a program! • Annual and mid- year pulse survey supported by a formalized, integrated action planning process • Annual business impact studies links colleague engagement to desired business results. Team Performance Service Quality Guest Satisfaction, Loyalty, Advocacy Market Share Financial Performance Business Growth Driving Organization Impact
  28. 28. How Did We Do? Confidential – Prepared by IBM
  29. 29. ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE SCORE (OES) 29 88 86 89 50 60 70 80 90 100 FRHI OVERALL OES EI PEI N=35,227 -------- 82 -------- 80 IBM Top 10% ---- -------- 83
  30. 30. WHAT DRIVES ENGAGEMENT WITHIN OUR CULTURE? Quality of Life Vision that Inspires Place to Grow Desire to Improve
  31. 31. ONE FRHI: CONNECT, GROW, LIVE • I regularly enjoy a sense of fun, family or friendship at work (my social well-being). • My job makes good use of my talents/skills and abilities (my mental well-being). 31 87% 87% (+4) Score - % Percent Favourable (4’s & 5’s) Score in ( ) - points above IBM Top 10%
  32. 32. ONE FRHI: CONNECT, GROW, LIVE • My hotel provides me with opportunities for learning and development. • I am satisfied with my opportunities for advancement. • I am encouraged to develop new and better ways of serving guests. 32 87% (+7) 78% (+6) 87% (+5) Score - % Percent Favourable (4’s & 5’s) Score in ( ) - points above IBM Top 10%
  33. 33. ONE FRHI: CONNECT, GROW, LIVE • Working here helps me improve my quality of life and achieve my dreams (my overall well-being). • My immediate supervisor/manager supports my efforts to balance my work and personal life. 33 84% #1 Global Driver of Engagement 83% Score - % Percent Favourable (4’s & 5’s) Score in ( ) - points above IBM Top 10%
  34. 34. VISION/MISSION/VALUES • Leadership Dimension – 85% • Accountability Dimension – 85% • Service Dimension – 88% 34Score - % Percent Favourable (4’s & 5’s)
  36. 36. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION DRIVEN BY AGILITY IN SOLVING GUEST PROBLEMS, A STRONG SENSE OF PRIDE, AND GUEST-CENTRIC TRAINING. GSE scores Guest problems are dealt with quickly. Where I work, we set clear performance standards for product and service quality. Senior managers at my hotel are committed to providing high quality products and services to our guests and customers I am proud of the condition of our employee facilities. I am proud to work for my hotel. At my hotel, colleagues get the training and development needed to anticipate guests’ needs and exceed their expectations. I would recommend my hotel as a great place to work. Leading predictor Engagement item Enablement item Engagement item Enablement item drivers
  37. 37. HIGH OES = HIGHER GUEST SATISFACTION INDEX 8.26 8.17 Top 25% Bottom 25% GSI by OE quartile Organizational Excellence Score: 79%Organizational Excellence Score: 96%
  41. 41. UNITING & FOCUSING 42, 000 COLLEAGUES 41
  42. 42. THANK YOU! Kyla Devereaux (416) 874-2734