IBM Economic Vitality Thought Leadership Papers


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IBM’s Economic Development and Vitality Strategy is a new story about the value of IBM -- describing how smarter technologies can be used to:
- Create new models for economic agility
- Place individuals at the center of public service delivery models
- Scale the potential for both organic economic growth as well as a city’s, region’s or nation’s ability to attract new and expanding businesses.

This deck highlights the recently published thought leadership papers reflecting IBM's Economic Vitality messaging and core strategy.

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IBM Economic Vitality Thought Leadership Papers

  1. 1. © 2014 IBM Corporation Economic Vitality A Series of IBM Leadership Publications
  2. 2. © 2014 IBM Corporation2 The economy of security Tax revenue management & economic vitality 2014 2014 Economic Vitality: White Papers in 2013-2014 Improving economic competitiveness and vitality 2013 Creating attractive and competitive business environments is key to the success of cities, regions and nations. To accomplish this, governments and agencies must become agile – striking a delicate balance among business, talent and technology to facilitate sustainable growth – HOW? Read in this paper. This paper covers the connection between economic vitality and security. It also explains how security solutions can help government agencies drive economic vitality for their regions with security intelligence. Government agencies will always be limited by financial resources. What can be changed is the way technology is applied. Broader application of analytics, social, mobile and cloud technologies, can dramatically improve the effectiveness of tax Administration. Learn how! Click on the links in the blue boxes or images to access each publication
  3. 3. © 2014 IBM Corporation3 Economic Vitality: White Papers in 2013-2014 Sustainable employment: Youth, economic vitality & why government needs a new approach The future of learning: Enabling economic growth Unemployment and its ripple effects create challenges for governments and citizens worldwide. So, how can Governments foster sustainable employment and address the rising cost of not doing so? Read through this paper to learn more. Changes in demographics, methods, technology, funding and accountability will require educational systems to adapt to serve citizens and to contribute to the future economic success of nations, states and regions. Learn how! 2014 2014 2014 IBM Smarter Care: Impact at the point of care Health and social care systems are interdependent and each critically affects the other. In this paper learn how collaboration and moving beyond traditional boundaries enables holistic and individualized care to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs. Click on the links in the blue boxes or images to access each publication
  4. 4. © 2014 IBM Corporation4 Transportation and economic development Accelerating economic growth and vitality through smarter public safety management Opening up government 2011 2012 20122011 Economic Vitality: White Papers in 2011-2012 The paper examines the role of smart technologies in job creation and economic growth – how innovation helps address challenges like congestion, highway fatalities etc. The paper outlines how “open government” can better enable outcomes such as innovation, jobs and new economic growth while increasing revenues and avoiding costs. The paper talks about how a new, smarter approach to public safety is needed, from accessing and integrating the right data, to developing a unified response capability. This will help government agencies to be better positioned to improve public safety and enable enhanced growth and vitality. The global water system is suffering from stress, deteriorating quality, aging and insufficient infrastructure. Using information and analytics, governments, cities, utilities and businesses must take immediate action to deploy a smarter approach to water management to solve the world’s water crisis. Learn how! Fixing the Future – Smarter Water Management Click on the links in the blue boxes or images to access each publication
  5. 5. © 2014 IBM Corporation5 20142014 Economic Vitality: Videos Dan Pelino – GM Public Sector talks about IBM’s vision on Economic Vitality Click on the links in the blue boxes or images to access the videos Paul Dommel – Global Government Industry, Health & Human Services Sales Lead talks about technology and regional economic vitality
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