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All That Jazz


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All That Jazz

  1. 1. ® IBM Software Group What’s that Jazz! Pat Flisher FSS Business Value Lead UKI IBM Rational © 2007 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM Software Group | Rational software Required Development Environment Productivity, Quality, Business Responsiveness, Return on Visibility, Optimal Use of IT Investment, Fit for Resource, Deadlines, Business Purpose Control, Management, Communication, Costs Development Project Manager Jazz Managet Awareness, Flexibility, Allocation, Reaction, Processes, Delivery Practitioner Team Working, Collaboration, Motivation, Accessibility, Rewarding, All that Jazz 2
  3. 3. IBM Software Group | Rational software Jazz – the Concept All that Jazz 3
  4. 4. IBM Software Group | Rational software Rational Team Concert and Jazz SCM Work Items Build Flow Browser Shows Developer Defects, Enhancements and Work Item and Change Set to Team Flow Conversations Traceability Integrated Stream Management Query Results View and Share Local or Remote Build Servers Component Level Baselines Queries with team or member Supports Ant and Command line Support for Approvals and Tools Server-based Sandboxes Discussions Integration with Build Forge Identifies Component in Streams and Available Baselines ClearQuest Connector Build Definitions for Team and Query Editor Interface Private Builds ClearCase Connector Integrated Iteration Planning and Execution Team Advisor for defining / refining “rules” and enabling continuous improvement Real-time Project Status Window Process Enactment and Enforcement Single Structure for Project Related Artifacts In-context Collaboration shows Team Members World-class Team On-boarding / Offf-boarding and Status of their Work including team membership, sub-teams and project inheritance Customizable Project Dashboard Role-based operational control for flexible Real-time Reporting and Queries definition of process and capabilities Jazz Team Server All that Jazz 4
  5. 5. IBM Software Group | Rational software A platform for the business process of software and systems delivery Collaborate Automate Report Drive organizational Lower costs and improve Continuously improve consensus on priorities quality by automating by measuring progress and improve workforce workflow based on against desired productivity real-time information business outcomes The Business Process of Software & Systems Delivery All that Jazz 5 5
  6. 6. IBM Software Group | Rational software The benefits of a unified software delivery platform Association Changes; notification Requirement linked Tester finds defects, Analyst to work item generates work item Tester REST API REST API Requirements Defects closed Defect status Quality Management against requirements Management REST API Change & Configuration Management Architect Developer Coordinate analysts, developers Track builds and the impact of defects and testers – What build is ready for test? – Collaborate in context and track status – What defects are blocking test from proceeding? Align teams on project plans Track status with C/ALM dashboard mashups – Which requirements are in the development plan? – Transparency across teams and artifacts All that Jazz 6 6
  7. 7. IBM Software Group | Rational software The Jazz technology platform for collaborative software delivery All that Jazz 7 7
  8. 8. IBM Software Group | Rational software Manage evolving requirements Define and manage requirements with traceability and improved alignment to business objectives Elicit, capture, elaborate, discuss and review requirements Create and manage software requirements and use cases Develop data and architectural models from business process models and software/systems requirements Use models and requirements to write code Use requirements and use cases to create test cases Link requirements with project plans, financials and status All that Jazz 8 8
  9. 9. IBM Software Group | Rational software Manage architecture Model, design and rapidly build resilient architectures for SOA, systems and applications Enable change against business goals – linking key stake holders (business, product development, IT) Simplify modeling with robust support for standards Integrate team planning and enable real-time team collaboration and project health Ensure visibility from business needs to solution deployment Build efficiency, consistency and repeatability of new service delivery Gain business intelligence for software assets and skills All that Jazz 9 9
  10. 10. IBM Software Group | Rational software Ensure security and compliance Protect data and meet regulatory and corporate compliance requirements Drive application security to support regulatory compliance (PCI), complex applications, etc. Avoid costs and lack of protection coverage associated with manual security testing Execute thorough application security analysis – single-step security testing and emphasis on accuracy of locating issues and actionable results Ensure regulatory compliance by using templates based on proven best practices Identify and repair a software defect in products before they go live Remove barriers for development and QA to test for security All that Jazz 10 10
  11. 11. IBM Software Group | Rational software Accelerate change and delivery Improve software delivery and lifecycle traceability from requirements through deployment Reduce the total cost of ownership for globally distributed teams through the use of high-quality web interfaces Leverage a high-performing server-based deployment model Benefit from enhanced deployment management Increase developer and team productivity Use job process optimization to increase capabilities for managing dependencies Leverage project snapshots to improve consumability by enabling reuse and reproducibility Measure and report progress against project and business objectives across various products All that Jazz 11 11
  12. 12. IBM Software Group | Rational software Deliver enduring quality Ensure software functionality, reliability and performance in development and production Collaborate across the test lifecycle to mitigate business risk Govern with immediate access to quality metrics Traceability across test assets Customized based on industry best practices Automated data gathering and pattern analysis Automate labor-intensive test planning tasks based on prioritization and management of virtual and physical test lab assets Reuse existing test assets by employing an open, extensible test platform Improve manual testing with data assist and asset reuse via keywords All that Jazz 12 12
  13. 13. IBM Software Group | Rational software Improve project success Align business goals, best practices and projects for improved productivity and predictability Enable “real-time, in-context” collaboration for distributed program and project teams Make software delivery projects more automated, transparent and predictable Allow domain-specific processes, practices and components to support Software and Systems Delivery Integrate with other Jazz products and other products in the market Equip geographically distributed teams with an architecture to enable horizontal scalability and distributed deployment for thousands of users All that Jazz 13 13
  14. 14. IBM Software Group | Rational software The first wave of Jazz offerings Rational Insight – Lifecycle Metrics and Analysis Rational Rational Rational Requirements Composer Team Concert Quality Manager Business expert collaboration Core team collaboration Quality team collaboration Elicit, capture, elaborate, discuss quot;Think and workquot; in unison and provide Coordinate quality assurance and review requirements real-time project heath plans, processes and resources Association Changes; notification Requirement linked Tester finds defects, Analyst to work item generates work item Tester REST API REST API Requirements Defects closed Defect status Quality Management against requirements Management REST API Change & Configuration Management Architect Developer All that Jazz 14 14
  15. 15. IBM Software Group | Rational software Rational Quality Manager - Centralized test management hub allowing full lifecycle support across all types of testing and platforms IBM Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management Rational Quality Manager Quality Dashboard Requirements Test Management and Execution Defect Management Management Create Build Manage Report Plan Tests Test Lab Results Open Platform Best Practice Processes JAZZ TEAM SERVER SAP System z, i Java Open Lifecycle Service Integrations .NET Functional Security and Testing Performance Code Compliance Web Service Testing Quality Quality Homegrown Partner Driven All that Jazz 15 15
  16. 16. IBM Software Group | Rational software The road ahead Jazz offerings in 2009 and beyond Rational Rational Rational Rational ClearQuest, Rational Enterprise Project Method Build Forge ClearCase Reporting Management Composer & RequisitePro Gain insight based on Manage global Dynamic process, Realize the strengths Extend real-time and historical projects and enactment and of ALM through Jazz collaboration trend information resources management integrations capabilities Offerings Web 2.0 Rational Integrations Rational Rational Rational Rational Software Architect ClearQuest Asset Build Forge Powered by Manager Rational Application Developer Rational Rational More dynamic integration leveraging Rational AppScan & Tester portfolio RequisitePro ClearCase Jazz “Open Services for Lifecycle Rational Enterprise Modernization Collaboration” services including System z and IBM i support All that Jazz 16 16
  17. 17. IBM Software Group | Rational software Starting at MCIF Requirements Composer Quality Jazz Manager Insight Team Concert Portfolio New Products Amortise MCIF Investment Update Rationalise System s Focal Application Re-Write Architect Point Modernisation Convert All that Jazz 17
  18. 18. IBM Software Group | Rational Software Page 18