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DataPower Operations Dashboard


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IBM DataPower Operations Dashboard delivers an advanced operations console for centralized problem determination and advance monitoring of the DataPower infrastructure. To learn more visit us at

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DataPower Operations Dashboard

  1. 1. ® Smart Insights, Visibility and Troubleshooting for IBM DataPower Gateways IBM DataPower Gateways are a high-performance, multi-channel gateway solution that secure and optimize API, Mobile,Web, SOA, B2B and Cloud workloads. IBM DataPower Gateway is used in mission-critical applications and a part of critical transactions. Operational insight into the infrastructure can help identify security issues and provide quicker time to resolution Ensuring enterprise compliance and SLAs are met. ! IBM DataPower Operations Dashboard provides advanced operations console for real-time visibility of transactions and centralized operations to enable quicker problem determination and operational resiliency. Visibility with self-service console for developers Customizable dashboard for displaying key operational data Troubleshooting for real time and historical with detailed logs Dashboard, scheduled & ad-hoc reports and more Fast full text search for everything Non-Intrusive completely asynchronous IBM Datapower Operations Dashboard is designed for multiple roles, freeing administrators, operators, and developers to focus on other tasks by speeding up the troubleshooting process. Enable developer productivity with Self service console Help administrators diagnose errors with full-text search Help business owners ensure SLAs are met with automated reports Learn more about IBM DataPower Operations Dashboard at