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IBM Entry Cloud Configuration for SAP Solutions on zEnterprise


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Learn about IBM Entry Cloud Configuration for SAP Solutions on zEnterprise. It automates, standardizes and speeds up day-to-day operations for SAP.It reduces time taken to refresh complete SAP systems from days to hours. Delivers higher operational efficiency, helping to slash costs and accelerate time to value for new workloads.To know more about System z, visit

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IBM Entry Cloud Configuration for SAP Solutions on zEnterprise

  1. 1. IBM Systems and Technology Group Solution Brief IBM Entry Cloud Configuration for SAP Solutions on zEnterprise The IBM® entry cloud configuration for SAP solutions on Highlights zEnterprise™ is a new member of the IBM cloud portfolio that works hand-in-hand with SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization • Automates, standardizes and speeds Management (LVM) to create an integrated end-to-end solution for up day-to-day operations for SAP managing complex SAP landscapes. • Reduces time taken to refresh complete SAP systems from days to The configuration consists of newly developed cloud software for hours IBM DB2® for z/OS®, including the IBM Database Provisioning • Delivers higher operational efficiency, System (DPS), the IBM DB2 Cloning Tool, and IBM implementation helping to slash costs and accelerate and support services that adapt the solution to your individual IT time to value for new workloads structure for SAP solutions. The IBM DB2 Recovery Expert for z/OS may be included as an additional feature. System integrators and IT organizations can also adapt DPS to act as a stand-alone automation solution, offering database provisioning for any application running on IBM DB2 for z/OS. This IBM cloud configuration automates complex tasks typically performed by administrators of databases, operating systems and storage systems, and by SAP Basis administrators. When combined with SAP NetWeaver LVM, the configuration can reduce the time it takes to refresh, clone or install complete SAP systems from days to hours. The high degree of automation also improves the quality and efficiency of SAP operations. The entry cloud configuration for SAP solutions is the ideal productivity tool for any IT organization running SAP Business Suite on zEnterprise with IBM DB2 for z/OS. It is well-suited for computer services organizations hosting SAP systems for their clients, and for any IT organization seeking to run its SAP operations with zEnterprise in an on-premise, self-managed cloud computing environment.
  2. 2. IBM Systems and Technology Group Solution BriefImproving efficiency of SAP operations Creating, refreshing, cloning and copying traditional SAPAs computing environments grow in size and complexity, systems deployments is therefore complex and labor-intensive,administrators are increasingly challenged to deliver timely, and can become a source of manual errors:cost-effective and flexible operations that meet the needs ofthe business. • Configuring operating systems and storage is not automatic and must comply with best-practice rules for namingA recent survey of IT organizations running SAP conducted directories and storage RAAD GmbH revealed that 40 percent of these companies • Configuring a database for SAP is a complex process. Aconsider “efficient SAP operations” to be a top priority, while typical SAP instance utilizes more than 80,000 tables, and the20 percent are also seeking “improved SAP infrastructure database subsystem needs to be prepared accordingly.maintenance.”1 In a nutshell, SAP operators want a much • Special configurations for network, database connection,shorter time to market for their new or renewed systems. application server instances and SAP Central Services must typically be created manually by the system administrator.Traditionally, SAP application lifecycle management has • SAP system copies need a multi-step post-processingrepresented a labor-intensive task for administrators. At procedure to adapt to unique SAP naming and addressseveral stages in the SAP application lifecycle, SAP Basis conventions, which can comprise more than 100 tasks.administrators need to perform system copies. Virtualizing SAP systems for development and test instancesThe system copy procedure is fundamental for SAP is a good method for streamlining operations andcustomers, and is required when creating new sandbox consolidating the number of dedicated servers. However, eachsystems for test/demo/training purposes (initial system copies) environment still needs to be created from scratch, and theor when performing regular refreshes of existing quality new SAP system or system copy must be installed andassurance, development, and test systems with the latest data customized before going into operation.from production systems (system refreshes). Manually operating and administrating a growing number ofFor all system copy use cases, the activities required to individual systems or system components is no longer anreconfigure copied systems are very time-consuming, error- option. Companies seeking to improve the efficiency of SAPprone, and complex. Computer services organizations are environments must go one step further.additionally challenged by the need to host various releaseversions of SAP applications, which considerably increases By leveraging cloud computing aspects such as standardizationoperational complexity. and automation, administrators can clone, copy and refresh SAP systems much more quickly and cost-effectively, and gain greater operational flexibility. 2
  3. 3. IBM Systems and Technology Group Solution BriefSimplifying SAP application deploymentSAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management isdesigned to cut data center complexity and costs by offering “Deploying the IBM entry cloudcentralized management of entire SAP software landscapes. configuration for SAP solutions onIt relies on underlying infrastructure management tools and zEnterprise enables us to automate routinehypervisors to fulfill resource management requests. IT tasks. ... Cloud service automation allowsThe solution provides a single point of control that allows us to focus on the SAP service qualities wesystem administrators to visualize, monitor, and manage need for our business, rather than thedata center tasks for deployed SAP solutions. complexities and costs of managing theSAP NetWeaver LVM masks the underlying infrastructure underlying technologies.”complexity, enabling customers to manage virtualizeddatabase and application instances without the need to Hansjörg Klaiber, Department Manager Computer Center, Endress + Hauserperform manual customization of the software each and InfoServe GmbH + Co. KG.every time.SAP NetWeaver LVM uses the services provided by the Boosting efficiency of SAP infrastructureIBM Database Provisioning System and its companion operationsproducts to support the zEnterprise platform and DB2 for The IBM Database Provisioning System (DPS) was developedz/OS. The enterprise edition of SAP NetWeaver LVM is to reduce the operational complexity involved in creating,required to run the IBM entry cloud configuration for SAP managing and copying SAP database server environments onsolutions on zEnterprise. zEnterprise. The solution enables IBM DB2 for z/OS database administrators, z/OS operating system programmers and zEnterprise attached storage administrators to configure and fully automate the standard tasks needed to deploy an SAP database server environment. Configuration database Script Engine DB2 for z/OS Administration task DPS administrator Deliver SAP Script Script Script Script ERP 6.0 Request Consume Script Database administrator End userFigure 1: Architecture of the IBM Database Provisioning System 3
  4. 4. IBM Systems and Technology Group Solution BriefThe DPS solution includes all necessary sets of scripts and End-to-end platform managementtemplates required by an SAP database server environment. End-to-end SAP deployment operation scenarios are enabledAdministrators can send their resource requests to the DPS through the co-ordination and integration of IBM DPS andworkflow engine, which delivers the new database server SAP NetWeaver LVM. The integrated entry cloudinstance. DPS supports standard IBM DB2 for z/OS configuration for SAP solutions brings together the best ofsubsystems, as well as shared DB2 members in an both companies:IBM System z Sysplex cluster environment. 1. SAP knows best how to manage SAP components andIBM DPS builds on a system originally developed by the applications. Since the tasks used to create, copy and clonezEnterprise porting team for SAP to transform the complex SAP instances are common to all supported computingSAP product test environment on IBM DB2 for z/OS into a platforms, the SAP NetWeaver LVM solution is optimized toself-service cloud environment. These test teams have since handle complex SAP-specific workflows.deployed more than 1,000 SAP infrastructures using the 2. IBM knows best how to manage the infrastructureself-service interface. components consisting of IBM servers, storage, virtualization technology and operating systems. For this reason, IBM DPS, the DB2 for z/OS cloning tool and the IBM DB2 Recovery Expert for z/OS combine to support the specific requirements of the SAP database server environment on zEnterprise. SAP System Refresh Comparison Project Manager DB2 Admin SAP Basis Admin Storage Admin z/OS System Programmer Prep Manual Post Copy Tasks Project Manager DB2 Admin SAP Basis Admin Storage Admin z/OS System Programmer Automatic DB Clone JobFigure 2: Simplifying operations with the IBM entry cloud configuration for SAP solutions on zEnterprise — System Refresh example 4
  5. 5. IBM Systems and Technology Group Solution BriefHow IT organizations can benefit from As all requests are handled through the solution’s self-servicethis innovative cloud solution interface, there is no need for additional system programmers,Through a high degree of automation, the entry cloud storage administrators or IBM DB2 administrators.configuration for SAP solutions can significantly lower theoperational effort and improve the quality of maintenance With IBM DPS in place, system programmers are able toand operations. focus on the customization of the rules for newly released hardware and software products or versions.For example, the configuration helps to simplify the SAPSystem Refresh process, streamlining a number of labor- By combining technology and services to automate,intensive jobs – each comprising numerous administrative standardize, and speed up day-to-day operations for SAP, thetasks – into a single, automatic end-to-end workflow. configuration helps to reduce operational costs and accelerate time to value.In addition, the configuration can help to significantlyaccelerate the time taken to deploy new systems. Fig. 4 The bottom line: The IBM entry cloud configuration for SAPillustrates the delivery speed improvements that the solutions on zEnterprise releases SAP system administratorszEnterprise test team for SAP experienced with the from routine tasks, allowing them to focus on the creativepredecessor of IBM DPS. innovation needed to deliver outstanding business results.With IBM DPS enabling faster system deployment, the testteam was able to manage several hundred more systemrequests per year. Value Delivered: From traditional To cloud Install DB2 1 day 12 mins Maintain database libraries ½ day 8 mins Clone database 2-3 days 20-180 mins Install operating system 1 day 30-60 mins Prepare upgrade/provide SAP system 2-3 days 40-200 mins Add application server 1 day 10 minsFigure 3: IBM zEnterprise test team for SAP experience with cloud 2 5
  6. 6. For more informationTo learn more about the IBM entry cloud configurationfor SAP solutions on zEnterprise, contact your IBM salesrepresentative or IBM Business Partner, or© Copyright IBM Corporation 2012IBM CorporationSystems and Technology GroupRoute 100Somers, NY 10589Produced in the United States of AmericaNovember 2012IBM, the IBM logo,, DB2, System z, zEnterprise and z/OSare trademarks of International Business Machines Corp., registered inmany jurisdictions worldwide. Other product and service names mightbe trademarks of IBM or other companies. A current list of IBMtrademarks is available on the Web at “Copyright and trademarkinformation” at product, company or service names may be trademarks orservice marks of others.This document is current as of the initial date of publication and maybe changed by IBM at any time. Not all offerings are available in everycountry in which IBM operates.References in this publication to IBM products or servicesdo not imply that IBM intends to make them available in all countriesin which IBM operates.The performance data discussed herein is presented as derived underspecific operating conditions. Actual results may vary. THEINFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED “AS IS”WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED,INCLUDING WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES OFMERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULARPURPOSE AND ANY WARRANTY OR CONDITION OFNON-INFRINGEMENT. IBM products are warranted according tothe terms and conditions of the agreements under which they areprovided.Statements regarding IBM’s future direction and intent are subject tochange or withdrawal without notice, and represent goals andobjectives only. Please Recycle1. Kostenoptimierung bei SAP-Kunden: Betrieb frisst Innovation, RAAD Research, March 3, 20102. As each SAP environment varies, organizations using the IBM DPS solution may experience different results depending on individual configuration. ZSS03074-USEN-00