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Go Voyages sails in front of the competition


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Go Voyages relies on a set of around 100
IBM® System x® servers to deliver frontoffice
and consumer-facing web access
to its holiday packages, linked to IBM
Power® servers that deliver high-speed
cache services and connections to all four
worldwide travel reservation systems – an
industry-beating combination

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Go Voyages sails in front of the competition

  1. 1. IBM Systems & Technology Group Travel and TransportationSmarter Computing Go Voyages sails in front of the competition With smarter computing from IBM Online travel company Go Voyages of Paris, France, originally Overview specialized in airline tickets. The company has extended its offerings to include accommodation, train travel, insurance, cruises and short- The need and long-term vacation packages. Go Voyages has 450 employees Go Voyages, an online travel operator, needed the ability to manage annual supporting web sites in English, French, German, Italian and web-based business growth of up to Portuguese, among others. 30 percent with intensive behavioral analytics. Managing business growth The solution Against industry growth of around 5 percent a year, Go Voyages Go Voyages relies on a set of around 100 achieves growth of up to 30 percent annually, which places huge strains IBM® System x® servers to deliver front- office and consumer-facing web access on its IT infrastructure. Part of the Go Voyages business model is to to its holiday packages, linked to IBM analyze customer behavior based on response to specific travel offers Power® servers that deliver high-speed and discounts, and the volume of data threatened to overwhelm the cache services and connections to all four existing systems. Go Voyages wanted to create a solution that would worldwide travel reservation systems – an industry-beating combination. solve the immediate challenges and scale continuously to deal with future growth, and offer the widest possible choice by connecting The benefit – unusually in the industry – to all four global reservations systems Being able to connect its four global reservations systems means that Go (Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and WorldSpan). Voyages is able to offer a far greater choice to its consumers, while the IBM Power servers provide super-quick cache Giving customers more choice services to more than 2 million daily Go Voyages now offers its customers an improved search interface with unique web searches on the System x over 700 parameters, connecting to all four major Global Distribution servers. Even with 700 query parameters, Systems (GDS) (Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and WorldSpan) for travel the new IBM solution is able to process customer requests twice as quickly. booking, which provides a great competitive differentiator. Behavioral analytics enable marketing teams to create campaigns that increase As enquiries arrive from the web sites, the company replicates flight successfully completed sales. data and requests real-time from the GDS services, including hotels, car agents, holiday providers and many more, to help create complete customer holiday packages. The IBM solution makes it possible to interact with these huge databases and deliver super-fast customer response at the same time. The IBM solution allows Go Voyages to compare prices internally from the GDS providers to propose the best price to online customers. For example, during the air travel disruptions caused by the Iceland volcanic ash, Go Voyages was able to find flights for stranded clients when many other travel agencies could not.
  2. 2. IBM Systems & Technology Group Travel and TransportationSmarter Computing Responding to customer behavior Designed for Data Go Voyages deployed a business intelligence solution, built on • Customer behavioral analysis with IBM hardware and software technologies, to create and support a advanced IBM tools including IBM comprehensive data storage environment for the company’s travel Cognos software and IBM InfoSphere Information Server, Information Analyzer, data and payment records, and enable system-wide customer data to DataStage and Change Data Capture be integrated and analyzed using the software’s predictive modeling allows Go Voyages to interpret huge and capability. growing quantities of web transaction data and convert enquiries to larger numbers of completed sales. For example, customers looking to purchase an airline ticket from Paris to New York may be discouraged by the high price. Using behavioral Tuned to the Task • Web services are assigned to IBM analytics based on the IBM solution, Go Voyages prompts alternative System x servers, while the flights engine routes with a short layover with substantial savings. The analysis allows and back-office business systems are Go Voyages to tailor the response to flight enquiries and increase the handled by the IBM POWER platform. probability of ticket sales. Managed in the Cloud • Go Voyages has created a single, Powerful, reliable IBM hardware flexible and scalable pool of computing Customer-facing web, interactive and business intelligence services are resources, and with IBM SAN Volume Controller providing shared storage supported by 120 IBM System x3550 M2 and IBM System x3650 M2 capacity and simplified data management servers running the Microsoft Windows 2003 operating system. regardless of the underlying storage device. The heavy-duty back-end “flights engine” management solution, as Driving Innovation well as accounting, finance and payroll solutions, are run on six IBM • The IBM technologies enable Go Voyages Power 520 and IBM Power 570 platforms, running the IBM i operating to sustain its 30 percent growth rates and win business ahead of the competition system. with integrated real-time flight data. Three IBM System Storage DS4800 and two IBM System Storage DS5020 devices store the company’s data, controlled through two IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller clusters. For both application servers and the storage, advanced IBM virtualization technology insulates the users from the physical devices themselves, which are managed automatically by the IBM software. The IBM System x servers offer the potential to deal with web transaction continuous growth, while heavy-duty database processing is handled by the ultra-scalable IBM Power Systems platform. The IBM SAN Volume Controller brings all the available storage capacity, including the IBM System Storage DS4800 and DS5020 devices, into a single, easily-managed storage pool controlled from a single interface. The solution includes IBM Cognos TM1 software, which analyzes the performance of the company’s offerings and provides reporting capabilities for customer transactions along with financial and accounting processes. IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture and IBM InfoSphere DataStage software solutions ensure data quality to enable efficient data exchanges and synchronization between customer-facing and back-end systems to provide real-time flight status information to the web.
  3. 3. IBM Systems & Technology Group Travel and TransportationSmarter Computing Based on the data from IBM InfoSphere Information Server (Information Analyzer, DataStage and Change Data Capture), Go Solution Components Voyages uses IBM Cognos software to analyze customer activity and Software behavior, tracking the enquiry and sales stages to discover why he or • IBM® Cognos® she stopped searching and did not purchase a ticket. • IBM InfoSphere® Change Data Capture • IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer • IBM InfoSphere Information Server Real-time synchronization between the back-end flights engine and • IBM InfoSphere DataStage customer-facing web sites ensures that travel bookings are confirmed • IBM PowerVM™ with valid data, and payments are transferred immediately to the • IBM i • IBM System Storage® SAN Volume company accounting systems. Controller • Microsoft Windows InfoSphere Change Data Capture software provides real-time Servers replication of flight data between systems, and eliminated the need for • IBM System x3550 M2 what had been forecast as a four-month data integration program. • IBM System x3650 M2 • IBM Power® 520 Express • IBM Power 570 Boosting performance and sales numbers • IBM System Storage DS4800 Even with growing enquiry volumes, 700 query parameters and • IBM System Storage DS5020 connection to all four GDS providers, the new IBM solution is able to process customer requests twice as quickly, thus handling twice the number of travel enquiries from within the same IT landscape. The insight generated from behavioral analysis is used by the Go Voyages marketing team to develop better marketing promotions. This helps to ensure that more customers complete their ticket bookings, generating increased sales, which are rising annually by 30 percent – 25 percent more than the industry average. For more information To learn more about smarter computing from IBM and how we can help you integrate, automate, protect and transform your IT, contact your IBM sales representative or IBM business partner, or visit:
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