IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure with VMware for branch offices


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Learn about the IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure with Vmware for branch offices is a powerful architecture solution that enables a consistent and reliable desktop experience for users located in branch offices. For more information on IBM Systems, visit

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IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure with VMware for branch offices

  1. 1. IBM Systems and Technology Banking, retail, financial services, healthcare and governmentIBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructurewith VMware for branch officesDesktops from VMware and IBM
  2. 2. 2 IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure with VMware for branch officesCentral image management for branch Mirage centralizes complete copies of endpoint images in theoffice workers data center, where they are protected and managed, while endThe IBM® SmartCloud™ Desktop Infrastructure with VMware users continue to enjoy the power of their local PC.for branch offices is a powerful architecture solution that enablesa consistent and reliable desktop experience for users located in By providing continuous synchronization over the wide areabranch offices. The SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure solution network (WAN) between the local and central copies, Mirageis based on a joint reference architecture with VMware that ensures endpoint images are easily managed, maintained andsupports a wide range of hardware and software. updated. The IT organization manages a single image across a diverse range of devices that can be easily recovered in case ofHosted virtual desktops provide a streamlined, cost-effective and disaster, moved when hardware is refreshed, or migrated to asecure way to manage branch users who access their applications newer operating system. By decoupling the individual compo-and data from remote locations. With SmartCloud Desktop nents of the image into different layers, Mirage ensures ITInfrastructure, you have the flexibility to choose what you need staff can easily maintain core images in compliance withoutto meet your unique business requirements while giving your disrupting user data or profiles, while still allowing branchemployees more flexible, secure and productive ways to work. employees to install applications to personalize their PCs.This solution simply, securely and cost effectively addresses therequirements of branch office employees while maximizing Mirage can also be used to manage VMware View persistentworker uptime and efficiency. Where wide area networks are desktops for disaster recovery. An employee on a physical devicerobust and reliable, VMware View with VMware vShield and that is centrally managed by Mirage can have their personavCenter Operations Manager for View enable organizations to restored onto a virtual machine. Mirage can be effectively useddo more with less and to adopt an automated, policy driven alongside View Composer and vCenter clones as part of thisapproach to managing end users in their branches. design, depending on user requirements.By using VMware View physical appliances from the VMware Flexible architecture and designRapid Desktop Program, IT organizations that need a more The SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure with VMwaredistributed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) model can move View and VMware Mirage includes these core components:the infrastructure closer to end users to optimize applicationresponse times and improve performance. IT can, in turn, VMware vSphere and vCenterremotely manage, patch and back up user information in the The solution is built on top of vSphere, a virtualizationdata center. platform that enables you to run business-critical applications. VMware ViewFor end users with laptops, desktops or unmanaged virtual This central component of the solution architecture is a VDImachines, where VDI is not a good fit because of sporadic or product, with which desktop administrators can virtualize thepoor connectivity, IT staff can use VMware Mirage. VMware operating system, applications and user data to deliver modern desktops to end users.
  3. 3. IBM Systems and Technology 3VMware Mirage the profile persistence, some use cases also require support forThis can quickly and easily distribute a single image to a group user-installed applications, which can be achieved using partnerof PCs anywhere on the network. These images are seamlessly products.merged into a Microsoft Windows end point. With just a fewclicks in the Mirage Management Console, an IT administratorcan initiate a base layer enforce operation that brings any desk-top back into full compliance, without affecting user profiles or HQ site Branch sitedata. The administrator can maintain or remove user-installed HQ Branch users usersapplications during this operation as well. Client Access Networks Client Access NetworksVMware vCloud Networking and Security F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager F5 BIG-IP Global Traffic ManagerThis is a software-defined networking and security solution APP APP IBM System Networking APP APPthat enhances operational efficiency, unlocks agility and enables OS OS OS OS View Security Site link View Security View Security View Security Server 1 Server 2 Server 1 Server 2extensibility in order to help organizations rapidly respond to APP APP APP APPbusiness needs. It provides a broad range of services in a single OS OS OS OS View Connection View Connection View Connection View Connection Manager 1 Manager 2 Manager 1 Manager 2solution, including virtual firewall, virtual private network, load APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OSbalancing and VMware VXLAN extended networks. AD APP RADIUS APP CA APP SQL APP Synchronization AD APP Radius APP APP CA SQL APP OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS vCENTER VCNS VCOPS Mirage Branch VCNS VCOPS vCENTER Mirage CVD Store Cache ReflectorVMware vCOps APP OS APP OS Active Directory DFS APP OS APP OS APP OS Active Directory DFSOne of the biggest challenges faced by an IT organization is Persona File Persona data Persona data Persona File V4V and print and print Corp data Corp dataon-demand management of the entire environment and the APP APP APP APP APP APP O O O O O O APP APP APP APP APP APP O APP O APP O O APP O APP O APP APPability to proactively identify and plan the infrastructure. OS OS OS OS OS OS Persistent Stateless Stateless Persistent Stateless Stateless virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual desktops desktops desktops desktops desktops desktopsVMware vCOps for View provides the management VMware vSphere VMware vSphereinfrastructure required for the environment.Persona management and user-installed applications IBM x240 Compute Node IBM x240 Compute Node IBM Rapid Desktop ApplianceMany use cases defined in the solution require persistent user (X3650 M4)information across sessions. The biggest cost savings, both in IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassisterms of capital expenditures and operating expenditures, canbe achieved by using “stateless” desktops. VMware View has afeature called “persona management” which maintains user dataand profile persistence across stateless sessions. In addition to Figure 1. This simplified network diagram represents a typical branch office deployment using VMware View, VMware Mirage and the IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure.
  4. 4. 4 IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure with VMware for branch officesBackup and restore costs and power consumption. The versatile BladeCenter HS22Backup and restore capabilities are added as a core component in blade server provides flexible options to support a broad rangethe design to protect the data at each branch site. The solution of workloads, including virtualization and enterprise applica-incorporates two types of backup: image-level protection and tions. The two-socket BladeCenter HS23 blade server is idealguest-level protection. Image-level protection enables backup for virtualization. It is optimized for performance and highlyclients to make a copy of all the virtual disks and configuration scalable I/O with the combination of integrated 10 GbE Virtualfiles associated with the particular virtual desktop in the event of Fabric, 16 memory slots and the latest Intel Xeon processorhardware failure, corruption or accidental deletion of a virtual technology.desktop. IBM PureFlex SystemHigh availability and reliability Ideal for a virtual desktop environment, the PureFlex SystemIndustry-recognized for quality, reliability and innovation, combines compute, storage, networking, virtualization andIBM System x® servers and the IBM PureFlex™ System, along management into a single infrastructure system that senseswith robust IBM storage systems, offer powerful building blocks and anticipates resource needs to optimize your infrastructure.for the SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure. A broad portfolio Multiple configurations include:of flexible configurations offer enhanced memory, high-speedI/O and industry-leading availability and reliability features. ●● ● Express. The most affordable PureFlex System, Express isThis combination is designed to reduce operating costs, simplify designed for small and medium and keep your virtualized desktop infrastructure up ●● ● Standard. Optimized for application servers with supportingand running. The SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure includes storage and networking, Standard is designed to support keythe following components: vendor solutions. ●● ● Enterprise. Optimized for scalable cloud deployments,IBM System x servers Enterprise has built-in redundancy for more reliable andSystem x offerings include rack servers with the latest Intel Xeon resilient operation to support critical applications and cloudprocessor technology, advanced memory designs and solid-state that can deliver up to 40 percent better performancefor virtualized workloads.1 The System x3650 M3 offers an Storageenergy-efficient design that supports more cores, memory and IBM Storwize® V7000 Unified complements virtual desktopdata capacity in a scalable 2U package that is easy to service environments. It is a virtualized storage system that providesand manage. With outstanding uptime, performance and I/O both block and file volumes. The Storwize V7000 Unifiedf lexibility for cost efficiency and rock-solid reliability, the offers robust enterprise-class storage capabilities includingSystem x3650 M4 server provides an energy-smart, affordable thin provisioning, automated tiering, internal and externaland easy-to-use rack solution with a pay-as-you-grow design that virtualization, clustering, replication, multiprotocol supporthelps reduce costs and manage risks. and a next-generation graphical user interface. The system is flexible enough to support entry virtual desktop environments,IBM BladeCenter but can also be scaled to support enterprise virtual desktopIn blade environments, the IBM BladeCenter® platform deliv- environments.ers an open platform that can simplify management, networkingand complexity, with enhanced energy efficiency to help reduce
  5. 5. IBM Systems and Technology 5Networking and security IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-on letsF5 BIG-IP Application Delivery Networking solutions for intel- you log into all your applications with a single password. Theseligent local and global traffic management include BIG-IP Local features can be incorporated to ensure streamlined user accessTraffic Manager (LTM), which offers an application-centric per- with automated sign-on and sign-off. Having a single passwordspective to traffic management. BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager for all applications can reduce help desk costs, improve produc-(GTM) can direct traffic to the closest or best performing data tivity and strengthen security for virtualized Together, LTM and GTM can offer scalability, securityand availability to virtual desktops deployments of any size. IBM Tivoli® Endpoint Manager is built on IBM BigFix® technology and helps you achieve smarter, faster endpointTrend Micro Deep Security server security platform includes management. It combines endpoint and security managementtightly integrated modules for anti-malware, intrusion detection into a single solution that enables your team to see and manageand protection, applications and firewalls to help ensure server, physical and virtual endpoints, such as servers, desktops, roamingapplication and data security across physical, virtual and cloud laptops, mobile devices and specialized equipment such as point-servers, as well as virtual desktops. of-sale devices, ATMs and self-service kiosks. IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure Best Practices and Services s ss essme D e i gn m plemen er Op ate I A nt t & Ma Pla nning nage Planning Proof of Workshop Concept Business needs Data gathering and Detailed solution design Set up production Adjustments of the analysis system environment User requirements Set up of pre-production Application testing Findings Administration Technical requirements Application testing Piloting High level solution Support Possible scenarios design Verification of time and Changes due to piloting cost estimate Cloud services TCO (high level) Solution interfaces Rollout Order Hardware and Labor and cost software Handing over of solution estimates Project Management Project Management Project Management Develop Preliminary Create Analysis and Create a Design Implement Provide Ongoing Business Case Strategy Document Document the Solution ServicesFigure 2. IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure
  6. 6. 6 IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure with VMware for branch officesImplementation assistance from Through SmartCloud Desktop services, everyone from powerIBM SmartCloud Desktop services users to disconnected users can have faster, more security-richTransitioning to a virtualized environment from traditional desk- access to resources, which can improve productivity and increasetops can be a time-consuming effort. It often requires specialized business flexibility.skills that are not readily available in-house. Implementationsmust be carefully managed to support a wide variety of users, Validation testingapplications and complementary software to help provide the The IBM VDI Center of Excellence tested thesecurity and management functions necessary to succeed. IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure solution to validate the functional capabilities of the solution. The labUsing time-tested methodologies, proprietary tools and exten- extended coverage of VMware View and Mirage, combiningsive expertise developed through real-world client implementa- and exploring networking and interactions among products in ations, IBM SmartCloud Desktop services can accelerate your typical customer environment.transition to a less complex, virtualized desktop environment.The robust services include assessment and planning, design User Experienceand implementation, as well as operation and management. The lab validation users were connected to VMware View desk-A phased delivery approach also helps speed your return tops running PCoIP, with physical endpoints managed centrallyon investment and reduces the risk of business disruption. by the VMware Mirage infrastructure. A physical endpoint in the branch site was selected and restored onto a persistent view desktop located in the headquarters site, and successfully demon- strated disaster recovery with Mirage over the infrastructure.A Bank Goes VirtualA large Japanese bank with a domestic network of more than Management600 branches, sub-branches and agencies has approximately VMware vSphere auto-deploy and host profile management100 facilities located in all of the major financial and commercial were used to standardize the host configuration in the headquar-centers of the world. The bank had been renewing contracts for ters site. VMware Mirage was configured centrally in the head-leasing client PCs every 3.5 years and was facing increasing costs. quarters site and the Mirage Branch Reflector was used in theUsing System x servers running VMware View software, the bank branch site. All Mirage configuration and administration tookimplemented a SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure environment that place in the headquarters site. Role-based access was configuredincluded virtual desktops to create easy-to-use terminals. The goal in both the vCenter and View administration elements, and suc-was to reduce costs related to the leased client PCs, and deploy smart cessfully demonstrated delegation of authority over the distrib-and secure desktop environments that support a variety of work styles uted headquarters and branch infrastructure.and business applications. SecurityThe bank has replaced 65,000 PCs with 50,000 thin clients runningVMware View software. According to the bank management, company To provide the secure infrastructure around intra- and inter-VMstudies showed that the virtual desktop offering offered two key communications, vCloud Networking and Security was imple-advantages. It made it possible to support more types of software mented. Data loss prevention with vShield was applied to test aand gave them the ability to prevent an application failure from bringing use case with the PCI-DSS compliance template with successfuldown the entire system. results, ultimately verifying that the combination of VMware software running on IBM hardware worked as designed.
  7. 7. IBM Systems and Technology 7Why IBM? For more informationThe SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure solution can provide To learn more about IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructurecost-effective and manageable capabilities for a wide range of solution, System x and BladeCenter solutions, please contactindustries. IBM has been a leader in large-scale virtualization for your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, or visit:four decades, building strong intellectual capital and experience a trusted adviser to more than 4,000 companies and an exten-sive network of virtualization partners. For more information about VMware vSphere and vCenter, visit: www. IBM PartnersIntel Learn more about VMware View atIntel Xeon processor E5-4600/2600/2400/1600 product families designed to deliver a combination of performance, built-incapabilities, and cost-effectiveness. They are the heart of a More information on VMware vCOps can be found atf lexible and efficient data center that can meet diverse needs— virtualization and cloud computing to design automation vcenter-operations-manager-view/overview.html.or real-time financial transactions. Offering excellent perfor-mance, I/O latency is dramatically reduced with Intel Integrated Additionally, IBM Global Financing can help you acquire the ITI/O, which helps you eliminate data bottlenecks, streamline solutions that your business needs in the most cost-effective andoperations and increase agility. More information is available strategic way possible. We’ll partner with credit-qualified clientsat to customize an IT financing solution to suit your business goals, enable effective cash management, and improve your total costTrend Micro of ownership. IBM Global Financing is your smartest choice toTrend Micro Incorporated is a global virtualization and fund critical IT investments and propel your business security leader. It helps create safer ways to exchange For more information, visit: information with Internet content security andthreat management solutions for businesses and consumers.Additional information about Deep Security can be found
  8. 8. Please Recycle XSB03031-USEN-00