Radware Alteon VA for the IBM PureFlex System


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Radware Alteon VA for IBM PureFlex System ensures
24×7 uptime and effective disaster recovery (DR) for local
and globally dispersed applications, at all times. By utilizing
advanced health checks, traffic redirection, persistency, and
content modification capabilities, it guarantees transaction
completion through real-time identification and bypassing
of any faulty element along the transaction path. In addition,
Radware’s global server load balancing (GSLB) service ensures
the global availability of all applications.

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Radware Alteon VA for the IBM PureFlex System

  1. 1. Radware Alteon VA for the IBM PureFlex System Application acceleration deeper within the data center It’s a familiar, painful equation: Rising IT management costs plus Highlights increasing data center costs equals enormous strain on static IT budgets. As the efficiencies that were gained through virtualization reach a thresh- Gives IT organizations the ability to●● ● ● old, most companies still need a way to reduce costs, reduce complexity provide integrated application delivery controller (ADC) services for their and increase business agility—while ensuring fast performance for their mission critical applications running mission-critical applications. To continue to improve IT economics, com- on IBM PureFlex Systems. panies need the ability to simplify the deployment methodology of new●● ● ● Simplifies deployment and streamlines applications, and all their related components, through infrastructure administration with pre-integrated, standardization. pre-optimized PureFlex Systems.●● ● ● Ensure non-stop business availability The Radware Alteon Virtual Appliance (Alteon VA™) for the and fastest application response time IBM® PureFlex System™ allows businesses to further standardize●● ● ● Allows for consistent and simple applica- their application deployment and add Application Delivery Controller tion deployment methodology for both (ADC) services over the same PureFlex System used for the other appli- the application virtual machines and the cation components. Radware’s Alteon VA for the PureFlex System is a associated ADC services. fully-functional ADC solution packaged as a virtual appliance that can be rapidly deployed on the PureFlex System, leveraging the integrated systems management of the FSM for KVM virtualization. This provides an application-aware approach to deploying and managing applications, allowing full application availability, maximum performance and complete security while extracting more value from IT investments in PureFlex Systems.
  2. 2. Alteon VA provides identical functionality to Alteon physical The result is higher quality of experience (QoE) and improvedADC devices, including local and global server load balancing, employee productivity.Layer 7 capabilities and application acceleration. Alteon VA isalso available for additional server virtualization infrastructures Maximum ADC agilitysuch as VMware ESX/ESXi, OpenXen, and Red Hat Enterprise Alteon VA for IBM PureFlex System is designed to provideVirtualization (RHEV). maximum ADC agility for PureFlex System-based data centers. While taking advantage of the virtual infrastructure dynamicUndisrupted availability via local and global server service provisioning, decommissioning, and migration, Alteonload balancing VA virtual appliances can be rapidly provisioned and deployedRadware Alteon VA for IBM PureFlex System ensures in the data center to perform application delivery services and24×7 uptime and effective disaster recovery (DR) for local provide greater business agility. Yossi Vardi, Vice President ofand globally dispersed applications, at all times. By utilizing Global Business Development, Radware, agrees: “Radware’sadvanced health checks, traffic redirection, persistency, and ADC solution on the IBM PureFlex delivers simplicity, repeat-content modification capabilities, it guarantees transaction ability and functional convergence of the deployment of man-completion through real-time identification and bypassing datory application delivery services as well as the high efficiencyof any faulty element along the transaction path. In addition, maintained through the migration from physical to virtualRadware’s global server load balancing (GSLB) service ensures infrastructure.”the global availability of all applications. Simplified, fast application rolloutAccelerate application performance for best quality With Radware’s AppShape™, customers can manage the ADCof experience from an application perspective. It provides application configu-Alteon VA for IBM PureFlex System provides accelerated ration templates, automatic configuration synchronization andapplication response time and ensures application SLAs are full reporting, compliance and logging, enabling fast applicationmet at all times through various application acceleration roll-out and simplified operations over PureFlex System infra-features, such as: structure for greater cost reduction. SSL acceleration—offloading SSL encryption and decryption IBM PureFlex System: Transform your●● ● form the application server●● ● Web content caching and compression—reducing the traffic business with efficiency, flexibility and bandwidth per transaction. simplicity●● ● TCP connection multiplexing and reuse towards the servers The IBM PureFlex System is an integrated computing system●● ● TCP protocol optimization towards the users that combines compute, storage, networking, virtualization and management into a single structure. It has built-in expertise that allows you to simply manage and flexibly deploy integrated patterns of virtual and hardware resources through integrated 2
  3. 3. management across multiple operating platforms. Relentless Why IBM?testing by IBM means a PureFlex System can reduce IT com- IBM has built on knowledge, expertise and technology gainedplexity without compromising the flexibility you need. from decades of experience and investment in IT solutions for business problems and integrated it into the PureFlex System.The PureFlex System has a single management interface for And with a commitment to open standards you can integratecompute, storage and networking resources to minimize your IBM solutions with other elements of your own environmenthardware configuration and setup time. It comes out of the box with your network of partners, customers and supplierswith expertise encapsulated in patterns that IBM has developedbased on decades of expertise. The PureFlex System enables With the technical and industry expertise of IBM Businessdeep integration and central management of the comprehen- Partners like Radware and our combined ability and skill tosive, open-choice infrastructure system. This dramatically cuts integrate it all together for you—along with an unwaveringdown on the skills and training required for managing and commitment to your success—you can rely on IBM and yourdeploying the system. It is a workload-aware, flexible platform IBM PureFlex System for your Radware solutions.designed to be easy to deploy, customize, safeguard and managein a traditional or private cloud environment—ultimately For more informationproviding superior IT economics. To learn more about Radware Alteon VA for the PureFlex System, please contact your IBM representative orCompared to traditional environments, running the Radware IBM Business Partner, or visit the following websites:Alteon VA on the PureFlex System delivers: ●● ● ibm.com/pureflex ●● ● http://www.radware.com/Products/ApplicationDelivery/●● ● Agility, with accelerated cloud implementations and the abil- Alteonva.aspx ity to automatically redirect traffic to best available instances, servers and farms in the data center or between redundant Additionally, IBM Global Financing can help you acquire the sites for optimal user experience IT solutions that your business needs in the most cost-effective●● ● Efficiency, with consolidated IT resources that deliver better and strategic way possible. We’ll partner with credit-qualified ROI and an agile and scalable application delivery virtualiza- clients to customize an IT financing solution to suit your busi- tion infrastructure ness goals, enable effective cash management, and improve your●● ● Simplicity, with streamlined administration and integrated total cost of ownership. IBM Global Financing is your smartest management, along with the consolidation and virtualization choice to fund critical IT investments and propel your business of ADCs forward. For more information, visit: ibm.com/financing●● ● Control, with expertly tuned systems for reduced risk and seamless integration of the ADC into the cloud eco-system 3
  4. 4. Please Recycle WAS12355-USEN-00