Combined storage and real-time compression solution from IBM


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Combined storage and real-time compression solution from IBM. Visit to know more.

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Combined storage and real-time compression solution from IBM

  1. 1. IBM Systems and TechnologySolution Brief Combined storage and real-time compression solution from IBM Maximize primary storage performance, utilization and efficiency while reducing TCO Data storage capacity requirements in almost every industry are rising Highlights dramatically, compelling IT and systems managers to reassess their options for cost-effective and efficient storage solutions. Generic primary ●● ● ● Benefit from a single solution for both file storage systems are typically underutilized because they provide storage and real-time compression average or low performance, are complex to manage, and can have very ●● ● ● Get high levels of performance, reliability expensive total cost of ownership. These few factors lead to the conclu- and availability for your business-critical sion that file storage owners are receiving poor return on their investment application environments in storage systems. There are two key inhibitors to storing primary ●● ● ● Optimize NAS file production data using file data efficiently: storing each file in the smallest space possible and real-time compression—store up to five maximizing the truly usable space of the storage subsystem. times more capacity in the same space ●● ● ● Lower TCO throughout the data lifecycle Combining the IBM® XIV® Storage System’s high-end storage array with real-time data compression performance and reliability, IBM System Storage® N series Gateway’s ●● ● ● Gain easier provisioning and the flexibility high-availability and the data optimization achieved with the IBM Real- to optimize virtual environments and cloud time Compression Appliance™ provides users with significant cost sav- services ings while delivering better application performance and availability. This solution helps minimize capital expenditures on storage hardware while reducing operating expenditures by lowering power, cooling, rack space and systems administration requirements.
  2. 2. IBM Systems and TechnologySolution BriefEfficient file storage solution forprimary data Solution ArchitectureWhen IBM designed this integrated primary file storage Clients or Application Servers Storage Infrastructuresolution, we had a few goals in mind. The system should: IBM Real-time Compression●● ● Provide unparalleled performance and reliability.●● ● Deliver the highest levels of data protection and availability.●● ● Lower capital and operating expenditures compared to other solutions. IP NetworkIn order to deliver a solution that achieves these challenginggoals, components with unique, leading-edge architectureswere required. For this, IBM chose to take the best-of-breedapproach and designed this solution using three of its award-winning and successful products: XIV Storage, N SeriesGateway, and the Real-time Compression Appliance. Eachproduct in this solution has a unique role that leverages its corearchitecture to address challenges triggered by the goals set. ●● ● Data optimization appliance—the Real-time Compression Appliance can shrink primary, online data by up to five times1●● ● Back-end storage—the XIV Storage System architecture in real-time, without impacting application performance. By provides the predictable and consistently high performance significantly reducing storage requirements, it can increase back end that enterprise-class applications require. The the effective capacity of the storage infrastructure to help you XIV architecture eliminates the need for frequent and time- meet the demands of rapid data growth and enhance storage consuming performance tuning by providing consistent performance and utilization. Tier-1 performance across applications.●● ● NAS file gateway—System Storage N series Gateways pro- By looking into a more detailed view of the characteristic of a vide network-attached storage (NAS) with a comprehensive single solution for both storage and real-time compression, you suite of advanced data management capabilities designed can better understand the nature of the building blocks of this to help in consolidating, protecting and recovering mission- solution and how together they can achieve the demanding critical data for enterprise applications and users. goals set by IBM’s customers. 2
  3. 3. IBM Systems and TechnologySolution BriefHigh performance, reliable back-end ●● ● Automatic optimization and management. Unlike traditionalstorage—IBM XIV storage solutions, XIV automatically optimizes data distribu-High performance is a critical requirement for enterprise-class tion through hardware configuration changes such as compo-storage systems. However, maintaining high performance nent additions, replacements or failure. This helps eliminateconsistently for all applications over time has become especially the need for manual tuning or optimization.challenging in recent years. This is because traditional storagesystem architectures have often proven unsuccessful in meeting Choosing the XIV system’s product architecture to providethe challenge of scaling performance in line with the unprece- the back-end storage for this solution provides a solid, high-dented growth rates of storage data. performance, and reliable foundation for the entire solution. Having such high levels of performance and efficiency availableThe XIV Storage System is a groundbreaking, high perfor- in the back end enables sustaining end-to-end performancemance storage product designed to help enterprises overcome and efficiency.this challenge through an exceptional mix of game-changingcharacteristics and capabilities: Combining the advantages of IBM XIV●● ● Breakthrough architecture and design. The revolutionary design storage, IBM N series Gateway and of XIV storage enables exceptional performance optimization IBM Real-time Compression Appliance typically unattainable by traditional architectures for the same can reduce data management, power, or higher price.●● ● Consistent, predictable performance and scalability. The XIV cooling and space demands while system’s ability to optimize load distribution across all disks improving storage efficiency. for all workloads, coupled with a powerful distributed cache implementation, facilitates high performance that scales Enterprise-class network attached linearly with added storage enclosures. Because this high storage—IBM N series Gateway performance is consistent—without the need for manual The N series Gateway product line is a network-based file tuning—users can enjoy the same high performance during storage system designed to provide IP and FCP access to the typical peaks and troughs associated with data usage SAN-attached heterogeneous storage arrays. The System patterns, even after a component failure. Storage N6000 and System Storage N7000 series systems●● ● Resilience and self-healing. XIV maintains resilience during ordered with the Gateway feature help make the most of the hardware failures, continuing to function with minimal dynamic provisioning capabilities of Data ONTAP software performance impact. Additionally, the solution’s advanced while using high-performance, reliable back-end XIV storage. self-healing capabilities allow it to withstand additional hardware failures once it recovers from the initial failure. 3
  4. 4. IBM Systems and TechnologySolution BriefN series Gateways are designed to deliver the performance and Primary, active data optimization—capacity needed to meet file access requirements for enterprises IBM Real-time Compression Applianceof all sizes. They deliver outstanding performance, offer pet- The Real-time Compression Appliance is the only storage opti-abytes of managed capacity and can be configured for simulta- mization solution that can shrink primary online data in realneous active/active access with secure failover across two time, without impacting application performance. By signifi-independent systems in a cluster. cantly reducing storage requirements, organizations can keep up to five times more information online, use the improvedYou can take advantage of the N series Gateway capabilities to efficiency to reduce storage costs or achieve a combination ofimprove business efficiency and reduce file data management greater capacity and reduced cost. By transparently compressingcomplexity using the following capabilities and characteristics primary data by up to 80 percent, the Real-time Compressionof N series Gateways. Appliance helps control the growth of storage, reducing the amount of storage to be managed, powered and cooled.●● ● High availability: Takes advantage of proven features including a high-performing and scalable operating system, data management software and redundancy features Compression savings in primary NAS●● ● Simplified replication, backup and recovery: Supports disk-based data results in additional efficiencies backup, with file or application-level recovery with throughout the data lifecycle since smaller SnapMirror, Snapshot and SnapRestore software features●● ● Management simplicity: Includes self-diagnosing systems data sets have to be backed up, replicated designed to enable on-the-fly provisioning and protected●● ● Comprehensive software suite: Offers robust system manage- ment, copy services, virtualization technologies, and disaster The Real-time Compression Appliance increases the effective recovery and backup capabilities across storage resources capacity of the existing storage infrastructure, helping enter-●● ● Versatility: Provides a single, integrated architecture designed prises meet the demands of rapid data growth while maintain- to support multi-protocol data access ing or enhancing storage performance. All IBM Real-time Compression Appliance systems use our patented real-timeAdding N series Gateway to the XIV back-end storage used data compression techniques for primary storage, deliveringin this solution preserves the inherent characteristics of both optimization and savings throughout the entire data lifecycle.products and their architectures across the solution stack. This The results can be rapid ROI, reduced operating expenses andprovides the availability, data-protection and performance bene- lower environmental impact.fits of both systems, delivering a greater all-around experiencefor your storage environment. 4
  5. 5. IBM Systems and TechnologySolution Brief●● ● Enterprise ready: The Real-time Compression Appliance leverages the core value of each to achieve a combined best-in- design offloads compression processing from both applica- class capability. XIV storage performance and reliability lay the tion servers and storage systems, helping to improve foundation to meet enterprise-class requirements, providing efficiency and performance at the same time. high levels of availability, reliability, performance and scalability●● ● Complete transparency: The Real-time Compression Appliance at very low overall cost. N series Gateways provide the capabil- installs between N series systems using UNIX (NFS) and ity to manage petabytes of storage coupled with management Microsoft Windows (CIFS) protocols and the network simplicity to provide versatile file support for all enterprise switches, for completely transparent operations. Also, no applications environments. With its comprehensive software application or IT process changes are necessary. suite, you get leading edge data-protection and storage manage-●● ● Downstream operational efficiency: Because the Real-time ment capabilities that support mission-critical availability, Compression Appliance compresses primary storage, it enterprise level backup and disaster recovery, and a wide reduces all IT processes and data such as NDMP backup/ range of compliance and regulation tools. restore, replication bandwidth, snapshots and deduplication.●● ● High availability: The Real-time Compression Appliance The combination of XIV, N series and the Real-time includes redundant and hot-swap components and is typically Compression Appliance provide a superior solution. First, it deployed in pairs for nondisruptive failover. It seamlessly enables customers to lower capital and operating expenditures deploys into existing high-availability configurations of the dramatically. In addition to helping lower your effective price storage and network. per terabyte, the Real-time Compression Appliance increases efficiency on the N series and the XIV by reducing the amountOne of the most valuable benefits provided by the Real-time of data they have to store, access, cache and manage by up toCompression Appliance is the downstream efficiency. The five times. These efficiencies flow downstream across the datacapacity and data size savings you achieve in primary storage lifecycle and create an even greater impact on data-protectioncascade throughout the data lifecycle, so each copy or backup/ environments. Because the Real-time Compression Appliancerestore operation can benefit from the reduced size of data. is completely transparent to the environment and complementsThis means you can keep more data online, keep more snap- other data reduction technologies, your current and futureshots and copies of your data, speed backups and restores (with storage investments are protected.better RPO and RTO) and reduce bandwidth for site-to-sitereplication of data. For more information To learn more about the combined storage and real-time com-Conclusion pression solution from IBM, please contact your IBM represen-The solution described in this document presents a new tative or IBM Business Partner, or visit the following website:approach to storing file data in primary storage environments. components of this solution have a unique role that 5
  6. 6. Additionally, IBM Global Financing can help you acquire theIT solutions that your business needs in the most cost-effectiveand strategic way possible. We’ll partner with credit-qualifiedclients to customize an IT financing solution to suit your busi-ness goals, enable effective cash management, and improve yourtotal cost of ownership. IBM Global Financing is your smartest © Copyright IBM Corporation 2012choice to fund critical IT investments and propel your business IBM Corporationforward. For more information, visit: IBM Systems and Technology Group Route 100 Somers, NY 10589 U.S.A. Produced in the United States of America March 2012 IBM, the IBM logo,, XIV, System Storage, and Real-time Compression Appliance are trademarks of International Business Machines Corp., registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. Other product and service names might be trademarks of IBM or other companies. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the web at “Copyright and trademark information” at Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries. This document is current as of the initial date of publication and may be changed by IBM at any time. Not all offerings are available in every country in which IBM operates. The performance data discussed herein is presented as derived under specific operating conditions. Actual results may vary. It is the user’s responsibility to evaluate and verify the operation of any other products or programs with IBM products and programs. THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND ANY WARRANTY OR CONDITION OF NON-INFRINGEMENT. IBM products are warranted according to the terms and conditions of the agreements under which they are provided. 1 Compression data collected from installed systems. Compression rates vary by file type and content. Please Recycle TSS03099-USEN-00