IBM tiered storage management helps reduce costs and complexity


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One thing holds true in the modern
storage environment—data fills all available
space. And as organizations
across all industries are adding daily to
the mountains of customer data, financial
records, e-mails, images and other
electronic content, many are realizing
that these heaps of data are actually
driving every decision and process
throughout the enterprise.

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IBM tiered storage management helps reduce costs and complexity

  1. 1. Simplifying storage lifecycle management IBM tiered storage management helps reduce costs and complexity One thing holds true in the modern storage environment—data fills all avail- able space. And as organizations across all industries are adding daily to the mountains of customer data, finan- cial records, e-mails, images and other electronic content, many are realizing that these heaps of data are actually driving every decision and process throughout the enterprise. Not all data is created equal, however, and deriving business value from infor- mation dispersed over many different sources means integrating, analyzing and optimizing heterogeneous types and sources of information throughout its lifecycle. This type of Information Highlights On Demand strategy can help compa- nies create new business insight and ■ Deployed together in the same ■ IBM storage software provides manage risk—key advantages for busi- environment, IBM TotalStorage® powerful capabilities to manage nesses faced with increased regulatory Productivity Center, IBM System information through its lifecycle and global competitive pressures. Storage™ SAN Volume Controller and IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager ■ Customers can align data value deliver the core technologies with storage costs and required needed to help customers tier service levels their storage based on classes of service ■ Centralized storage can help improve resource planning and utilization
  2. 2. products, the IBM tiered storage solu- tion made up of IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center, IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager deployed together creates an architecture for managing data growth and introduces highly automated practices. This helps lower manual intervention costs and reduces risks. By classifying and segmenting data into a multi-tiered structure, companies can create services and service level poli- cies that support each tier and leverage IBM storage software to not only struc- ture the tiers but also do operational management once the tiers are estab-Yet many companies are overwhelmed Increasingly, customers want to organ- lished. This involves three stages:by the explosion of data growth and ize their storage environment into tierslack storage management strategies of storage based on the value of the Stage 1—Classify and rationalizeand disciplines to ensure effective disk data. datautilization. Many are uncertain aboutwhat should be kept or deleted, result- IBM tiered storage aligns data value Stage 2—Establish storage tiersing in unnecessary expense, access and storage cost in a three stagedelays and high retrieval costs. And process Stage 3—Determine policies towith many experts predicting exponen- To help companies meet this challenge, manage datatial data growth rates, efficiently manag- IBM has designed information lifecycleing and protecting information assets management solutions for the process To help you through each stage of thiscontinue to be huge challenges for of managing information—from creation process, IBM provides powerful, provenIT departments. And, managing storage to disposal—in a manner that aligns tools that fully integrate to simplify yourservice levels is a growing requirement cost with the changing value of infor- architecture and effectively consolidatethat will require better organization of mation. As part of this portfolio of resources.the storage to reflect different servicelevel requirements.
  3. 3. IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center This helps you align ownership and resource utilization because the singlejumpstarts data classification in access authorization in accordance with pool of data can be managed from aStage 1 security policies, then determine the central point with only one interface toFor the first stage of the tiered storage business value and service level of spe- learn.approach, IBM TotalStorage cific data so it can be placed appropri-Productivity Center provides a single ately and moved if the status later IBM System Storage SAN Volumemanagement platform to manage per- changes. Controller is designed to be quick toformance, availability and capacity of implement and supports a phasedyour storage infrastructure. TotalStorage IBM System Storage SAN Volume implementation starting with a smallProductivity Center offers centralized Controller simplifies tiered storage in from a single console, Stage 2which allows you to monitor, plan, con- IBM System Storage SAN Volume IBM Tivoli Storage Manager datafigure, troubleshoot and report on the Controller can help simplify storage protection in Stage 3storage environment. infrastructure through virtualization of As you move to the third stage of the both IBM and non-IBM products and migration to a tiered storage environ-IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center establish storage tiers that can be pro- ment, Tivoli Storage Manager allowscan help centralize the management of visioned to applications and users as you to logically pool capacity based oneach tier, measure capacity growth and needed. Because tiered storage infra- your criteria. A set of policies specifiesmonitor service levels. Working with structures commonly include different how and when files should be automat-IBM System Storage SAN Volume types of storage, often from different ically moved among storage pools dur-Controller, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager vendors, this ability is crucial to organiz- ing their lifetime and, optionally,and IBM Tivoli Storage Process ing the environment. Provisioning virtu- specifies when files should be deleted.Manager, Productivity Center also can alized tiers of storage can help These policies can be based on filehelp automate operational management companies match data storage require- size, on the amount of time since thetasks and provide important information ments and costs with existing invest- file was last accessed and on whichabout the storage capacity and storage ments in SAN fabric. pool contains the file, enabling you toinfrastructure to other management treat storage pools differently accordingtools customers use. By combining the capacity of multiple to your needs. All of this feature-rich disk arrays into a single pool of storage, activity is automated to reduce manualIBM TotalStorage Productivity Center IBM System Storage SAN Volume intervention, enabling you to improveenables you to classify data, pool this Controller enables clients to manage both storage and resource with IBM System Storage SAN storage as a business resource avail-Volume Controller and clean up storage able for deployment as required, andfiles based on pre-established policies. not as sets of boxes that require indi- vidual attention. This helps improve
  4. 4. Fully integrated functionality improves backed up. TotalStorage Productivityefficiency for managing tiered storage Center can automatically drive TivoliWorking with other products such as Storage Manager to back up desig-the IBM Tivoli Storage Process nated files. TotalStorage ProductivityManager, Tivoli Storage Manager and Center can also identify duplicate files, © Copyright IBM Corporation 2007IBM TotalStorage Productivity can start files that have not been accessed and IBM Systems and Technology Groupto streamline key storage management temporary files that should be deleted. Route 100 Somers, NY 10589processes to help improve the produc- This information can be used to drive Produced in the United Statestivity of storage teams. And, customers Tivoli Storage Manager to archive or January 2007 delete them and move them from All Rights Reservedcan leverage the IBM Tivoli Change and IBM, the IBM logo, System Storage, Tivoli andConfiguration Management Database to active, online storage, to inactive, offline TotalStorage are trademarks or registereddo automated discovery, mapping and storage. trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, othervisualization capabilities to facilitate a countries or both.comprehensive view of the attributes Centralized control reduces complexity Other company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.and interrelationships between the stor- as you grow All statements regarding IBM future direction orage environment and business applica- The three-stage approach to imple- intent are subject to change or withdrawaltions and processes. menting tiered storage provides a sim- without notice and represent goals and objectives only. ALL INFORMATION IS plified model of centralized storage PROVIDED ON AN “AS-IS” BASIS, WITHOUTTotalStorage Productivity Center can management and provides the founda- ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. IBM shall not be responsible for any damages arising out ofmanage the configuration and perform- tion for an IT Service Management the use of, or otherwise related to, thisance of System Storage SAN Volume model for storage. By creating a virtual- documentation or any other documentation. Nothing contained in this documentation isController, SAN switches and attached ized environment that centralizes stor- intended to, nor shall have the effect of, creatingdisk systems and works with Tivoli age management, businesses can align any warranties or representations from IBM (or its suppliers or licensors), or altering the termsStorage Manager to monitor backups the value of the data to the cost of the and conditions of the applicable licenseand archives. This level of integration is media and reduce complexity, so you agreement governing the use of IBM software.critical to improving efficiency and low- have quick and easy access to data References in this publication to IBM products or services do not imply that IBM intends toering costs. when you need it. Furthermore, organ- make them available in all countries in which izing your storage environment in a IBM operates. All customer examples described are presentedTotalStorage Productivity Center and focused, tiered way enables you to cre- as illustrations of how those customers haveTivoli Storage Manager can be used ate an architecture that can scale effi- used IBM products and the results they may have achieved. Actual environmental costs andtogether to keep files backed up or to ciently as data grows to your available performance characteristics may vary byremove or delete them if no longer space. customer.needed. TotalStorage ProductivityCenter can scan your file systems and For more informationdetermine how much storage is being Contact your IBM representative orconsumed, provide reports on capacity IBM Business Partner or visit:and help identify at-risk files to be TSS03002-USEN-01