Baldor Electric opts for IBM ProtecTIER and IBM XIV


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Baldor Electric Company integrated an IBM System Storage TS7680 ProtecTIER Deduplication Gateway for System z and an IBMXIV Storage System into an existing heterogeneous storage infrastructure. The IBM solution shortens backup cycles by 40 percent, reduces restore times by 50 percent, enables a deduplication ratio of 14:1 and frees up about 100 square feet of physical space in the data center.

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Baldor Electric opts for IBM ProtecTIER and IBM XIV

  1. 1. IBM Systems and Technology ElectronicsCase Study Baldor Electric opts for IBM ProtecTIER and IBM XIV Protect More. Store Less.® Baldor Electric Company is a global leader in the design, manufacture Overview and marketing of industrial electric motors, mechanical power transmis- sion products, drives and generators. With headquarters in Fort Smith, The need Ark., Baldor products are sold to distributors and original equipment Baldor needed to upgrade its backup manufacturers in more than 70 countries. A division of ABB, a leading and storage infrastructure to a virtual tape solution that could support power and automation technology group based in Zurich, Switzerland, deduplication, replication and disaster Baldor has about 6,800 employees. recovery efforts while meeting budget requirements. With this global footprint, the responsibilities for Baldor’s IT department The solution include managing, backing up and replicating a vast storage infrastructure Baldor integrated an IBM® System on a very limited budget. Over time, Baldor’s ability to conduct timely Storage® TS7680 ProtecTIER® backups and restores across its vast network had become problematic Deduplication Gateway for System z® using physical tapes. and an IBM XIV® Storage System into an existing heterogeneous storage infrastructure. Reaching the limits of physical tape According to Eric Breuer, Systems Manager at Baldor, the main issues The benefit with the company’s aging physical tape solution included the cumbersome The IBM solution shortens backup cycles by 40 percent, reduces restore times by process of managing thousands of tapes, and having them shipped and 50 percent, enables a deduplication ratio transported to an offsite vaulting service. There was also the inconven- of 14:1 and frees up about 100 square ience of actually having to retrieve data from a vaulted tape, sometimes feet of physical space in the data center. in the middle of the night. The company also needed to replace a number of aging tapes, which would have been a significant cost. “All of that weighed into our decision of getting rid of any physical tape,” says Breuer. “It was time to make a move to replace that technology.”
  2. 2. IBM Systems and Technology ElectronicsCase Study Seamless integration with existing “We were sold on infrastructure An essential element of any new tapeless backup solution was making ProtecTIER the first sure it could integrate with Baldor’s existing IT operations, which uses time we looked at it. an IBM System z10® mainframe as its primary workhorse. Running a comprehensive suite of SAP software, the z10 supports and manages We read the tech specs all aspects of Baldor’s business, from manufacturing and marketing to and we thought that engineering and accounting. this is a perfect fit for Multiple logical partitions (LPARs) are running IBM z/OS®, what we’re doing.” IBM z/VM® and Linux on System z, and these are further divided into production, testing and data sharing/failover instances. The storage —Eric Breuer, Systems Manager, infrastructure also includes multiple System Storage DS8000® systems. Baldor Electric Company Closing the circuit with ProtecTIER, XIV Breuer tapped his longstanding relationship with IBM for a tapeless solution that could support replication, deduplication and disaster recov- ery while integrating cleanly with the existing storage array. The new virtual tape library (VTL) solution includes two IBM System Storage TS7680 ProtecTIER Deduplication Gateways for System z each with an attached IBM XIV Storage System with 36.4 terabytes of physical storage space. Breuer says the decision to go with ProtecTIER and XIV was further bolstered by some fact-finding and support from the storage experts at IBM, who indicated that the IBM DB2® compression schemes used by Baldor made it an excellent candidate for maximizing deduplication ratios. “IBM is the hardware of choice in our realm,” says Breuer. “We were sold on it the first time we looked at it. We read the tech specs and we thought that this is a perfect fit for what we’re doing.” Making it work—with IBM Initial tests ran ProtecTIER on Baldor’s premises, alongside the legacy tape system, to make sure the backups were performing as expected. Initial replication testing was performed onsite as well, with both systems installed and connected by local IP links in order to load and synchronize the contents of both systems prior to relocating the second unit to the disaster recovery site. Eventually, Baldor set up its second ProtecTIER device at IBM’s Business Continuity and Resiliency Services facility, in Boulder, Colo., to further test replication capabilities. Once it was at the DR site, the contents of the two machines were fully synchronized within three days. After the ProtecTIER solution went live, Breuer says he was able to phase out physical tape in a matter of weeks. 2
  3. 3. IBM Systems and Technology ElectronicsCase Study With the new solution, Baldor can now back up its five production data- Solution components: bases twice a day and keep the data for 14 days, for a total of 28 copies. This strategy enables far more coverage than what was possible with the ● IBM® System Storage® TS7680 ProtecTIER® Deduplication Gateway previous solution, which could only save seven copies at any given time. for System z® IBM XIV® ● ● IBM System z10® Performance gains across the board The resulting performance gains have been significant for Breuer and his team. The IBM solution, which is connected over four FICON® chan- nels, has written 152 terabytes so far. Thanks to a 14:1 deduplication ratio, only 10 terabytes out of the XIV’s 36.4 terabytes has been used. Daily backup times have shrunk by about 40 percent and restore times have been slashed from about eight hours with the previous solution to about five hours with ProtecTIER. Backup times on Baldor’s production database, which comprises about 95 percent of the company’s data, have been reduced from four and a half hours to two and a half hours. One of the added benefits of the solution, adds Breuer, is how quickly the backup data can now be replicated offsite. With a daily change rate of about seven percent, data being sent to the IBM site in Boulder is completely replicated 30 minutes after the backups jobs have finished in Fort Smith. “It’s replicating as I’m backing up,” says Breuer. “When I discovered that, it was like a light bulb turned on. We never had that option under real tape.” Beyond performance metrics, the new solution has freed up about 100 square feet of data center floor space, which Breuer says “is definitely something we’re looking forward to getting back.” IBM—a partner for success From initial research to final implementation, Breuer says working with IBM Premier Business Partner® Sirius Computer Solutions and IBM has been a critical part of the project’s overall success. “In one word, our working relationship with our IBM team has been exceptional,” says Breuer. “They’ve always given us the support and resources we needed to do anything we’ve ever asked them to do. All I can say is that it has been exceptional.” For more information Contact your IBM sales representative or IBM Business Partner. Visit us at For more information about Baldor Electric Company, visit: 3
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