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IBM XIV Storage Systems                                                                                             Consum...
IBM XIV Storage Systems                                                                                 Consumer productsC...
IBM XIV Storage Systems                                                                                   Consumer product...
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XIV Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated Case Study


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Published in: Technology, Business
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XIV Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated Case Study

  1. 1. IBM XIV Storage Systems Consumer productsCase Study Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated quenches thirst for performance 200 - 300% performance boost at a tier-two price with the IBM XIV Storage System Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC) is the largest independ- Overview ent Coca-Cola bottler in the United States. The company is a leader in manufacturing, selling, and distributing soft drinks. With corporate The need offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, the company does business in Virtualizing 500 Windows servers tripled eleven states, primarily in the southeast. CCBCC’s product offerings CCBCC’s storage requirements. Expanding its tier-one storage systems include carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, teas, juices, isotonics, and would have been too costly, but its tier- energy drinks. two systems could not provide enough performance. In the fiercely competitive beverage industry, controlling operating costs The solution is a sink-or-swim issue. Tom DeJuneas, IT Manager at CCBCC, explains: Deployed an IBM XIV® Storage System “In our industry, there’s not a lot of room to raise prices, so instead we for VMware servers, with an have to keep our expenses down. IT has a major role to play: we can cut IBM System Storage® N6040 NAS our own operating costs, but also we can help the whole business by Gateway for file serving; moved SAP systems to a second XIV, accelerating their business processes and improving the availability and soon to be asynchronously performance of key systems. A lot of that depends on fast, reliable, mirrored to a third. low-cost storage: I’m always trying to get the price per gigabyte down The benefit as I add storage and manage it.” A single enterprise-proven platform for all storage, seamlessly integrated with Aiming to act faster and smarter, CCBCC decided to migrate approxi- VMware, giving a 200 to 300 percent per- mately 500 Microsoft Windows Servers into a VMware ESX Server envi- formance boost over existing tier-two ronment. This virtualization program caused explosive growth in storage storage, at one-third of the tier-one price. volumes on the SAN which, in turn, produced rising costs and falling performance. In two years, the SAN storage requirements grew from 25 TB to 70 TB, and were predicted to grow to 90 TB or more within the following 12 months. “We had four different requirements—tier-one, tier-two, NAS and DR— but we didn’t want four different solutions,” explains DeJuneas. “We wanted to keep things simple and standardize our storage landscape as much as possible; the IBM XIV Storage System really ticked all the boxes.
  2. 2. IBM XIV Storage Systems Consumer productsCase Study We were also very impressed with the agility of the IBM team: they pulled together a contract in less than a day and a half, which enabled “The primary benefit of us to close the deal before the end of our financial year.” the IBM XIV solution is its ability to deliver Sparkling performance improvements IBM recommended implementing the IBM XIV Storage System—a tier-one performance at a storage solution that perfectly complements a virtualization environment tier-two price. Compared through its use of a virtualized grid architecture. This enables the XIV system to deliver tier-one performance at a tier-two price, with consistent to our old tier-two stor- performance and availability as well as simplicity. age, we are seeing a 200 to 300 percent “For CCBCC, the primary benefit of the IBM XIV solution is its ability to deliver tier-one performance at a tier-two price,” concludes DeJuneas. increase in I/O perform- “Compared to our old tier-two storage, we are seeing a 200 to ance for a similar price 300 percent increase in I/O performance for a similar price per TB. And compared to our tier-one systems, the XIV delivers an equal level of per TB.” performance for one third of the cost. Virtualization has delivered a great performance improvement for our customer management system—and —Tom DeJuneas, IT Manager at CCBCC when you’re selling Coke, every customer is vitally important!” Refreshing simplicity The first step was to implement an IBM XIV Storage System with 79 TB, and to migrate existing VMware servers from the existing SAN. The IT team also set up a large number of new VMware servers to replace older dedicated Windows servers. So far, around 300 virtual machines are up and running on the XIV, and this should rise to 500 within the next 12 months. “It’s stunningly easy to provision new storage on the XIV,” says DeJuneas. “The interface is simple and hides all the complexity from the user, so we don’t need to think about RAID arrays or other technicalities. The XIV system also enables thin provisioning, so even if we don’t know exactly how large a system is going to become, we can set it up without worrying about sizing issues. We have a relatively small team and everyone needs to wear several hats, so it’s a huge advantage in terms of IT operational costs that the VMware guys can manage their own storage without needing help from a specialist storage administrator.” The majority of the VMware virtual servers at CCBCC run applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft SQL Server databases for the company’s customer management system. For these servers, the IBM XIV delivers tier-one performance at tier-two 2
  3. 3. IBM XIV Storage Systems Consumer productsCase Study pricing, ensuring that all batch processes now complete within the avail- Solution components: able windows. The solution has also eliminated the need to put VMware servers on tier-one storage, which was previously happening as CCBCC Hardware ran out of capacity on its old SAN. G IBM® XIV® Storage System G IBM System Storage® N6040 Gateway “We have been able to replace three of our tier-two machines with a sin- gle XIV, which saves on space, power and cooling in the data center,” says DeJuneas. “This should also help to keep operational costs low, as well as IT Environment supporting our Green IT objectives. Overall, the XIV system will reduce Operating systems our cost of storage dramatically, enabling CCBCC to continue to grow in G IBM AIX® the face of tough competition.” G Microsoft Windows Server Databases Delivering huge savings G IBM DB2® for Linux, Unix and By integrating a second XIV system with an IBM System Storage Windows N6040 Gateway, CCBCC gained both SAN and NAS functionalities G Microsoft SQL Server in a single footprint. The N6040 Gateway provides NAS storage for the Applications company’s file system, and the second XIV system is also used for some of the company’s tier-one applications, including IBM AIX®-based G Microsoft Exchange Server G Microsoft SharePoint systems such as SAP ERP and IBM DB2®. G SAP ERP “The combination of the XIV and N6040 was really compelling, because Virtualization it meant that we could standardize on XIV as the storage platform for VMware ESX Server all our business needs,” comments DeJuneas. “For VMware, we did the G G VMware vSphere migration using VMotion, but for SAP we used the XIV migration tool. We are now running our entire SAP environment on the XIV, and we love the ability to use snapshots to create test environments quickly. Our SAP team was really impressed when we showed them how it works—it’s amazing how quickly you can get the system back up when you don’t need to restore from tape!” One of the business goals for the new solution is to improve disaster readiness by enhancing Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives. CCBCC will deploy a third IBM XIV Storage System at its disaster recovery site, and use the built-in asynchronous remote mirroring capa- bility to protect systems and data in the event of a major outage at the main data center. “The range of software that comes as standard with the XIV is very impressive, and the remote mirroring capability is particularly valuable,” says DeJuneas. “We looked at some alternatives, and remote mirroring alone would have cost us between $100k and $300k—so getting the same functionality at no extra cost with the XIV equates to a huge saving.” 3
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