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With the help of IBM, the CAS created acloud storage solution featuring theIBM®XIV®Storage System, IBM ScaleOut File Services, IBM Tivoli®StorageManager, IBM Power Systems™ serversand IBM System x®servers.

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Computer Network Info. Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  1. 1. IBM XIV Storage Systems GovernmentCase Study Computer Network Info. Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences Robust IBM XIV storage solution empowers and safeguards China’s inroads in science Founded in 1949, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is the Overview chief scientific institution of the State Council of China, and serves as a national hub for scientific innovation. A well-known and respected The need entity, the Academy is a driving force in the ongoing reform of China’s With data growth rates exceeding the national scientific and technological systems. Based in Beijing, with CAS’ ability to manage critical informa- tion, the Academy required a solution that 1,000 field stations across the country, it has a workforce of more than would support present and future storage 50,000 individuals. requirements with performance and relia- bility while also lowering costs. The CAS has experienced enormous growth in its data volumes in The solution recent years, due in part to its research teams’ increasing use of advanced With the help of IBM, the CAS created a technology tools, fueling sophisticated research and data collection. Its cloud storage solution featuring the scientists also needed quick access to the stored data for analysis. The IBM® XIV® Storage System, IBM Scale institution’s existing storage architecture lacked the performance and reli- Out File Services, IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager, IBM Power Systems™ servers ability to meet those needs, and was unable to scale sufficiently to cope and IBM System x® servers. with current and projected future data growth. The benefit To address the challenge, the Academy’s Computer Network Information High storage availability and perform- Center decided to create a cloud storage architecture of two levels—disk ance; powerful scalability; easy manage- ment, for optimal price-performance storage and tape archiving—with intelligent, policy-based data migration ratio; improved productivity for scientists; for moving older, lower-value data to tape. ability to launch new services rapidly. “The safe-guarding of highly important research data was our main priority—we wanted to ensure that the new storage architecture would be extremely robust and reliable,” says Li Jian Hui, Director of Scientific Data Center of the Computer Network Information Center at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. “We needed to enable Academy scientists to access and share research data more effectively—we planned to do this using IP-based file services that would support multiple file service nodes sharing the same name space.”
  2. 2. IBM XIV Storage Systems GovernmentCase Study Discovering the optimal solution After reviewing and testing other options, the CAS chose to build its “We carefully tested new storage cloud around the IBM XIV® Storage System. The Academy and compared several repurposed its existing mid-range storage devices to serve as a second tier high-end storage arrays under the XIV system, and installed an IBM System Storage® TS3500 Tape Library for data backup and offline archive. To enable global from different vendors, name space and simultaneous parallel file access from multiple nodes, and our tests showed the CAS implemented IBM Scale Out File Services (SOFS), based on IBM General Parallel File System™ (GPFS™). The CAS is the that the IBM XIV first organization in China to use the XIV system with IBM SOFS. Storage System had IBM TivoliStorage Manager enables policy-based storage management, the best architecture, allowing the CAS to move data that is used less frequently from the high-speed XIV system to the lower disk tier and, ultimately, to the scalability and security tape archive. performance.” “We carefully tested and compared several high-end storage arrays from —Li Jian Hui, Director of the Computer different vendors, and our tests showed that the IBM XIV Storage System Network Information Center at the Chinese had the best architecture, scalability and security performance,” said Li. Academy of Sciences “We were also confident that the XIV system would deliver the high I/O we needed. Thirdly - and this was the most attractive feature—we felt that the user-friendly management interface on the XIV system would provide low total cost of ownership.” The IBM SOFS environment is hosted on five IBM Power Systems servers running IBM AIX® and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and also on four IBM System x3650 M2 servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This environment provides high-speed simultaneous access to files, regardless of the client operating system, and virtually unlimited scalabil- ity. IBM Global Technology Services assisted the CAS in designing and deploying the new cloud storage solution. Smooth integration With the IBM XIV Storage System as the top tier in its storage cloud, the CAS has achieved its objectives of extremely high performance and availability for storage at low management cost. Equally, the advanced grid architecture of the XIV system is a perfect fit with IBM SOFS, supporting high-speed parallel access from multiple nodes. 2
  3. 3. IBM XIV Storage Systems GovernmentCase Study “One of the major challenges we faced was how to integrate all the differ- Solution components: ent functions we required into just one storage environment,” said Li. “The combination of IBM Scale Out File Services and the IBM XIV Hardware Storage System helped us create a cloud solution that is both powerful ● IBM® XIV® Storage System and easy to manage. We know that many high-end disk arrays are ● IBM System Storage® TS3500 Tape Library difficult to configure and manage—that’s certainly not the case with the ● IBM System Storage SAN80B-4 Fibre XIV system.” Channel SAN switches ● IBM Power Systems™ ● IBM System x® 3650 M2 Including the tape library, the storage capacity of the IBM storage cloud at the CAS is 6 PB (6,000 TB), giving the Academy’s scientists ample Software space to store their data and results. For newly created information and ● IBM AIX® data that is actively required for analysis, the CAS benefits from the ● IBM Scale Out File Services extremely high I/O performance and availability of the IBM XIV Storage ● IBM General Parallel File System™ (GPFS™) System. When data is no longer required for high-speed analysis, it is ● IBM PowerVM™ moved to the lower tier of disk storage and, eventually, archived to tape ● IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager for cost-effective long-term storage. ● Red Hat Enterprise Linux Delighted with the performance and cost-effectiveness of the solution, the Academy has invested in a second XIV system to meet an unrelated “The combination of storage requirement outside the cloud. IBM Scale Out File Ser- High performance and manageability vices and the IBM XIV The CAS currently uses the XIV system to store databases that support Storage System helped us large numbers of concurrent users, as well as the most critical part of its external storage environment: the source data service. to create a cloud solution that is both powerful and “Overall, I am personally satisfied with the IBM XIV system and feel that it has met our professional requirements,” Li comments. “I’m particularly easy to manage.” satisfied with its reliable performance. Our IT technicians have found the system to be highly manageable—that the XIV system allows them to —Li Jian Hui, Director of the Computer Network Information Center at the Chinese construct and support different services more freely and smoothly. What’s Academy of Sciences more, our management costs have decreased now that we can configure and manage the system in line with our requirements.” 3
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