Reliable and efficient backup and recovery for IBM i on IBM Power Systems servers


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Many businesses today rely on IBM® Power Systems™ servers running IBM i to help them meet the challenges of managing rapid change, reducing business risk and achieving higher service levels in a more cost-effective manner. IBM i can support the data protection needs that small, midsized and large organiza-tions face as they deal with backup for today’s explosive growth in data and information. Learn more:

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Reliable and efficient backup and recovery for IBM i on IBM Power Systems servers

  1. 1. IBM Systems and TechnologyReliable and efficient backupand recovery for IBM i onIBM Power Systems serversProtect More. Store Less®.
  2. 2. 2 Reliable and efficient backup and recovery for IBM i on IBM Power Systems serversTackle tough backup and recoveryrequirements in IBM i environmentsMany businesses today rely on IBM® Power Systems™ serversrunning IBM i to help them meet the challenges of managingrapid change, reducing business risk and achieving higher servicelevels in a more cost-effective manner. IBM i can support thedata protection needs that small, midsized and large organiza-tions face as they deal with backup for today’s explosive growthin data and information.In this scenario, IBM System Storage® ProtecTIER® solutionscan deliver inline deduplication and can protect and retain datalonger and save money by helping to reduce energy, floor spaceand maintenance requirements. Fully qualified and certified forIBM i environments, ProtecTIER solutions can support busi-nesses of different sizes to harness the power of deduplication tomanage increasingly complex backup demands.Help accelerate both data backupand recoveryWith data growing at an exponential rate and backup windows IBM System Storage TS7650shrinking, businesses need deduplication solutions that cansupport both high-performance data backup and rapid datarecovery. Solutions from other vendors may deliver impressive Capacity to more efficiently respond tobackup performance, but they are known to be slow in restoring growing data demandsdata. With its revolutionary and patented inline deduplication ProtecTIER has a unique deduplication technology that helpsalgorithm, ProtecTIER helps eliminate redundant data in the disk repository of a single ProtecTIER server to scale up tonear-real-time that is at the same time as data is being received 1 PB without affecting performance. With a deduplication ratiofrom the IBM i server. As a result, a single ProtecTIER solution of 25:1, as much as 25 PB of backup data can be stored on a sin-can provide up to 2500 MB/sec sustained backup throughput gle ProtecTIER server. Unlike hash-based deduplication prod-and faster restores at up to 3200 MB/sec sustained recovery ucts whose hash table grows linearly with the amount of dataperformance. stored, ProtecTIER can manage a petabyte repository with only a 4 GB index file. The ProtecTIER non-hash-based approach also helps reduce the risk of data corruption resulting from unique data being discarded due to a potential hash collision.
  3. 3. IBM Systems and Technology 3Tested in production environments and ProtecTIER can significantly lower the total cost of ownershipcertified for IBM i for the complete backup and recovery solution by up toSince the introduction of ProtecTIER in 2005, IBM has 96 percent by helping to reduce the costs associated with movingdeployed more than 182 PB of physical capacity behind and storing physical tape cartridges. Furthermore, the combina-ProtecTIER servers around the world, in various production tion of IP replication and deduplication can significantly reduceenvironments representing a broad range of performance and the bandwidth requirements between the primary and DR sites,capacity requirements that signify more deployed physical which represent significantly lower cost compared to a tradi-capacity than any other vendor in the market today. ProtecTIER tional replication operation.has also been specifically qualified and certified for IBM i envi-ronments in testing conducted by the IBM i development team Extending the benefits of ProtecTIERin Rochester, Minnesota. IBM i testing has shown deduplication IBM i support extends the benefits of deduplication to a broaderratios to be comparable to or better than open systems. set of users and environments. From its June 2009 introduction,ProtecTIER presents a TS3500 virtual library to IBM i hosts the ProtecTIER IBM i support has included native replication,using the same fibre channel connectivity available for physical and it can offer key advantages such as support for IBM i 7.1 andtape. A single ProtecTIER server can be shared between open VIOS with NPIV. With our global network of employees andsystems hosts and IBM i hosts. ProtecTIER can integrate more IBM Business Partner, we can deliver the expertise and resourcessmoothly into each Backup Recovery and Media Services needed to design, integrate and support this technology for(BRMS) environment and helps provide complete support for organizations of various sizes around the globe.BRMS and native IBM i save commands, although BRMS isstrongly recommended. For more information To learn more about how IBM ProtecTIER deduplication solu-Making ProtecTIER more effective in an tions can help you protect data more efficiently and reliably inIBM i environment environments where IBM i is running on IBM Power SystemsThe ProtecTIER native replication technology helps enable the servers, contact your IBM representative or IBM Businessautomated electronic replication of backup data between a Partner, or visit: location and off-site storage locations for moreenhanced disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity. By Additionally, IBM Global Financing can help you acquire theeliminating the need to transport physical tape cartridges, IT solutions that your business needs in the most cost-effectiveProtecTIER solutions can support faster and more reliable data and strategic way possible. We can partner with credit-qualifiedrecovery, allowing systems to get back online more quickly in clients to customize an IT financing solution to suit your busi-the event of a disaster or major system outage. ness goals, support enable effective cash management and help improve your total cost of ownership. IBM Global Financing isThis type of a DR solution is especially effective in large envi- one of the smartest choices to fund critical IT investments andronments with many small systems or logical partitions (LPARs) propel your business forward. For more information, visit:where a physical tape would be inappropriate as a backup device to the labor requirements for handling tape. Instead, theprimary ProtecTIER can be set up with smaller virtual tapes.Using native IP replication, each of these tapes is designed toreplicate to a remote site forming an effective DR solution.
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