The future of data services delivery and management starts here


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Learn about how the future of data services delivery and management starts here. The use of IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureData System for Transactions provides a superior approach to meeting today’s changing data workload needs for both cloud and traditional environments. For more information on Pure Systems, visit

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The future of data services delivery and management starts here

  1. 1. The future of data servicesdelivery and managementstarts hereThe use of IBM PureApplication System and IBMPureData System for Transactions provides a superiorapproach to meeting today’s changing data workload needsfor both cloud and traditional environments
  2. 2. 2 The future of data services delivery and management starts hereContents Introduction Organizations must innovate and grow, or risk stagnating and 2 Introduction seeing their market share erode. However, as organizations 2 IBM systems provide a rapid, flexible data expand, they create more and more data to manage. If an services solution organization is unable to access this data, it often can’t conduct business. And since the pace of the market is only increasing, 3 Patterns of expertise simplify the delivery of data services speed of database deployment is critical. Another imperative is 4 Businesses can combine systems for maximum benefit to control the costs of adding and managing new data services as the number of applications and amount of data increase. 5 Spreading work across clusters provides higher data availability Adding to this challenge, the nature of today’s business 5 Managing data across storage tiers provides applications means data services must accommodate a variety higher performance of different usage scenarios. Organizations require quick-to- deploy databases that can be tailored to their diverse workloads. 5 Built-in data management expertise reduces administration costs To address these challenges, IBM offers database-as-a-service 5 Gaining the benefits using data management best-practices expertise built into IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureData System. An 6 Delivering a competitive edge organization can simply select its specific data requirements, and the IBM technology then builds all of the underlying topology to meet those requirements. The system createsWhen today’s businesses succeed, they can quickly outstrip the exactly the database required for the organization’s applicationscapabilities of their existing data systems. Companies that have and quickly deploys the database in the environment besta rapidly expanding user base and are continually developing suited to the organization’s applications can no longer afford to wait weeks before newdata services are provided. IBM systems provide a rapid, flexible data services solutionData workloads are also rapidly changing and evolving. Today’s IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureData Systementerprises have many different types of applications, with are designed to provide a fast, flexible and cost-effective datadifferent usage patterns, all constantly accessing data. As a services–based solution to meet an organization’s growingresult, data services need to be more robust and more scalable. business requirements. For applications that require standard levels of service, IBM PureApplication System is a highlyIBM® PureApplication System™ and IBM PureData™ efficient platform for deployment. When applications demandSystem for Transactions are designed to meet these needs. This higher levels of scalability, availability and performance, anpaper shows how the latest technology and expertise built into organization can specify this requirement in the databasethese systems gives businesses an innovative new approach for pattern and the system will automatically deploy the databaserapidly creating and managing highly scalable data services, to IBM PureData System to meet those needs. Used together,without the complexity of traditional approaches. IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureData System allow organizations to easily and dynamically increase performance and scale their solutions.
  3. 3. IBM PureSystems 3IBM PureApplication System is a complete platform system Alternatively, consider a financial services company thatthat provides hardware and middleware. Organizations is planning to expand its offerings to Asian markets. Oncecan drop applications into the system’s pre-configured the company reaches across the globe, 24-hour continuousmiddleware engine that includes an IBM DB2® database availability of its offerings will be mandatory. How will theand an IBM WebSphere® Application Server. The multiple company’s data systems deal with the dramatic increase inhardware and software components dynamically adjust to online business that will follow?demand spikes and reallocate system resources automatically.IBM PureData System is a ready-to-run database platform Most organizations have similarly demanding goals andthat enables IT departments to easily scale highly available cannot afford downtime for system upgrades or maintenance.databases and manage increasingly data-intensive workloads These organizations need to avoid incurring the additionalusing advanced software capabilities pre-built into the system. data center costs of a large number of individual systems to support their new requirements. They want to scaleAlso provided as part of the systems are multiple application vertically by making their systems larger and more powerfuland database patterns for optimally deploying and managing to handle greater transaction volumes. Plus, they want toapplications and resources in virtual and cloud environments. scale horizontally by acquiring more nodes for availability andThese patterns of expertise—consisting of proven best continuity requirements.practices and expertise for complex tasks learned from decadesof engagements—are captured, lab-tested, optimized and built With IBM PureData System and IBM PureApplicationinto the system. The database-as-a-service patterns provide System, organizations can meet these goals quickly andspeed and agility for deploying new databases, elastically efficiently without requiring extensive staff expertise. Usinggrowing those databases, and managing the availability and built-in patterns of expertise, the systems can automaticallyreliability of data services. provision the required database instances and database-as- a-service cloud environments based on business objectivesPatterns of expertise simplify the delivery selected by the organization. The result: flexible, scalable dataof data services services that support business success.To illustrate how the systems work, consider the example of aretail business that has introduced a new e-commerce mobileapplication. Assuming the improved features and designof the application make it more responsive to customerdemands, it may become very popular and lead to a massiveincrease in data usage. The business will need the ability todynamically scale performance and size without changing theapplication to keep up with demand.
  4. 4. 4 The future of data services delivery and management starts hereBusinesses can combine systems for high performance. The database pattern automatically creates,maximum benefit configures and deploys databases optimized for transactional orGrowing organizations can maximize efficiency by starting data mart workloads.with IBM PureApplication System and adding IBM PureDataSystem as the demands of the business increase. The database Organizations can use IBM PureApplication System as thefunctionality in IBM PureApplication System will then work in solution front end and IBM PureData System for the backconcert with the more powerful capabilities of IBM PureData end. IBM PureApplication System provides a high-availabilitySystem. For example, an organization can benefit from both the (HA) proxy server, application server and caching server formanagement capabilities of IBM PureApplication System and applications deployed on the combined platform, while IBMthe clustering capabilities built into IBM PureData System. PureData System provides highly available database server and storage resources.Combining IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureDataSystem enables simplified, one-step deployment across the An organization can use IBM PureApplication System to runsystems (Figure 1). The selectable deployment patterns include the web tier, scaling it up or down as customer demands andpredefined configurations that streamline database instance response times change. Sitting behind it, IBM PureDatasetup and operating system tuning. Administrators can deploy System can be used to run highly scalable, robust databases toboth a database instance and a database in minutes using support all of the applications. New databases can be deployedpatterns. A topology pattern automatically creates, configures to IBM PureData System automatically from IBMand deploys a database system with built-in redundancy and PureApplication System. IBM PureApplication System HA proxy server HA proxy server Application server Caching server Software Application Deploy server application Caching Database server Database IBM PureData SystemFigure 1: Simplified deployment across IBM PureApplication and IBM PureData Systems.
  5. 5. IBM PureSystems 5Spreading work across clusters provides Built-in data management expertisehigher data availability reduces administration costsAdding IBM PureData System offers several advanced Tuning data systems to meet performance requirements iscapabilities. For example, software preinstalled in IBM PureData an ongoing process that traditionally requires a great dealSystem provides a built-in database clustering capability to spread of effort and expertise. IBM PureApplication System andwork across multiple nodes for high availability and thoughput. IBM PureData System are both pre-configured to supportThe nodes act as a single database system with storage shared high server performance based on the patterns selected byacross all clusters. Deployment, management and monitoring of the organization. IBM PureData System also helps simplifydatabase clusters are automatic, with no database clustering skills performance management through automatic functions suchrequired to supervise the system. as resource management, load-balancing data access requests and selecting the most efficient data access plan.This clustering capability offers multiple advantages comparedto traditional database systems that run on a single node. The In addition, IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureDatasystem supports fast, seamless failover—if one node fails, work System ship with dual components to handle system failures andis automatically and transparently directed to other nodes, and support continuous uptime. Redundancies are built into thethe system automatically recovers and restarts the failed physical system for networking, switches and system management.engine. Automatic workload balancing across the multiplenodes in a cluster helps boost throughput for optimum Gaining the benefitsperformance. Higher utilization is provided through shared For companies seeing online demand grow rapidly, dataresource management and can help lower costs. services on IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureData System offer multiple benefits. As the company attracts newManaging data across storage tiers users and requests, databases can scale rapidly in real time toprovides higher performance meet those demands. With patterns to streamline databaseThe virtualized storage in IBM PureData System is designed deployments for the application, data services can be deliveredwith built-in, automated tiering powered by IBM Easy Tier® faster and By automatically managing data placement acrosstiers of storage based on frequency of access, the system These systems provide an excellent vehicle for database serverdelivers consistently higher performance even as workloads consolidation. The company no longer has to worry aboutand resources change. managing individual servers or other hardware. By overseeing systems rather than their many parts, the company’s databaseThe system automatically manages hot, warm and cold data experts are freed for more innovative work. At the same time,without sacrificing data accessibility. Active (hot) data is placed since the new applications have proper database support,on high-performance, high-speed disks. Less-frequently customers can enjoy better service without increasing theaccessed (warm and cold) data is moved to less-costly, high- company’s costs each time demand grows.capacity drives. As cold data transitions to the lower-tierstorage, more upper-tier space is available to enable fast accessto critical data when needed. The system also automaticallycompresses data to efficiently use all available storage.
  6. 6. Simplified deployment saves time, potentially increasing theability to respond to new business opportunities. What mayhave previously taken months—starting with bringing in newhardware, cabling it, installing operating systems and installingsoftware—now can be completed in four hours or less.To deploy IBM PureApplication System or IBM PureData © Copyright IBM Corporation 2013System, IT needs only to connect power and connect networks IBM Corporationfor the system to be up and running, ready for the business to Systems and Technology Groupadd its data. Route 100 Somers, NY 10589The system also provides nondisruptive scalability. Administrators Produced in the United States of America February 2013can add more nodes with no application changes required.Organizations can start small and easily grow, with no need to IBM, the IBM logo,, DB2, Easy Tier, PureApplication, PureData and WebSphere are trademarks of International Business Machines Corp.,over-purchase or over-provision. registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. Other product and service names might be trademarks of IBM or other companies. A current list ofDelivering a competitive edge IBM trademarks is available on the web at “Copyright and trademark information” at the continued demand for new databases to supportmore diverse applications, a fast, flexible solution is needed This document is current as of the initial date of publication and may be changed by IBM at any time. Not all offerings are available in every countryto manage data effectively and keep businesses thriving. in which IBM operates.IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureData System THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED “AS IS”offer quickly deployed databases, integrated with best- WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED,practice expertise and customizable to the specific needs of an INCLUDING WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES OForganization’s applications—for a decisive business advantage. MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND ANY WARRANTY OR CONDITION OF NON- INFRINGEMENT. IBM products are warranted according to the termsDifferentiating your company from the competition depends on and conditions of the agreements under which they are quickly you can respond to changing business conditions.The elasticity and dynamic flexibility of IBM database-as-a- Please Recycleservice is designed to deliver that competitive edge.For more informationTo learn more about IBM PureApplication System and IBMPureData System, please contact your IBM representative orvisit: WAW12360-USEN-00